Monday, April 12, 2010

A Parable

A starship descends upon an ancient human landscape. The humans of this time period have newly emerged from the primates. They mainly live near the giant seas and dwell in caves created by the cooled volcanoes of the previous geological era. They have already begun their rapid cortical growth through voice, hand, hearing, touch, and eye coordination. They have already tamed the energy of fire to some extent and are able to place fire in chambers for cooking food, warming themselves, and to keep predator animals away. They have developed many kinds of simple tools for various purposes. They use a crude form of painting to record events symbolically. Their vocabularies have a few thousand words. They have organized into tribes with usually a male leader to the tribe, though sometimes there are female leaders. There is a gender division of labor based on the need to reproduce as many humans as possible. The expected lifespan is about 40 years, though there are some who have lived to about 90 years, and a few rare beings have already lived beyond 300 years. There are no accurate birth records yet among them to record the exact birth, longevity, aging factors, and death rates yet. There word for generation presupposes that a person has lived about 40 years. A person is called a sage if they live about 70 to 120 years old. A person is called a "long traveler" if he or she lives beyond 150 and is called an "ancient of days" if he or she lives beyond 300 years. This last category of longevity is considered so long by their generational standards that it is considered "beyond death". It is like infinity to modern humans, since most of the human civilizations at this time rarely have numbers going beyond 100 and have to make up phrases like "10 generations" to extend their counts beyond this. There is a weak idea of death by natural causes and death by accidents, disease, wounding, and predators. Diseases are mysterious afflictions to them. The sudden appearance of rashes on the skin followed by death are attributed to invisible demons. Since so many of them die by visible predators, invisible predators seem logical to them and are sometimes called "wind creatures", since even the idea of invisibility is hard for them to grasp, and the wind is considered the most invisible thing they can comprehend as existing, though some use the words "space" and "sky" already to describe more subtle levels of existence. They are already discovering the medicinal use of herbs, but have yet to classify them in a systematic way.

The beings who come down from the sky in starships are from the Sirian star system. They are the watchers of the progress of the "seed" that they planted on Earth. It was a genetic boost to the primate genetic code. It has to do with dissolving histones to activate latent portions of the genetic code which hold abilities that humans will do in the future. As each histone dissolves, through the use of sound currents, the body activates new abilities that the individual human must develop to a certain point for the next histone layer to open up. When all the histones have dissolved, then the physical body becomes a light body. It is programmed into the genetic code to undergo this evoluton.

One of the Sirians is accidentally wounded by a predator and saved by a human. This person is a shaman and healer who nurses the Sirian back to full health. The Sirian quickly masters the entire vocubulary of the human tribe. The shaman and the Sirian have many conversations. The shaman memorizes as much as he can to pass on to future generations of his tribe. The female sage of the tribe visits the Sirian often and memorizes the uses of herbs. The Sirian describes how every plant has an aura that can be felt and that often you can know which plant is healing by placing your hand in the air surrounding the plant and sensing how it feels. The atmosphere or aura around plants and humans gives a clue to the healing relationships that can form. The human aura of a sick person will brighten merely by the subtle sound that the plant emanates in the aura field and extends a few feet away from the body. The herbs are classified by the elements of earth, fire, air, and water. The roots are earth, the fruit is air and sometimes water, flowers and leaves are air, and water circulates through the whole plant and carries the medicine out of the plant and into the human. The Sirian says that later on that plants and parts of plants will be more deeply classified in turns of a musical tone scale called an octave with 7 steps, 5 half steps, and two shock points where some sound note vibration outside the progression, different for each circumstance, must be introduced to keep the flow going, usually a conscious inhale, and sometimes a holding a breath while looking at the brightness of the sky. The Sirian says he can barely describe these things now. There is not enough basis for this next stage of understanding. But he wants to point to this possibility because it is inside the seed. Knowledge is structured in the living library of the genetic code. The Sirian says that this same knowledge is inside every animal species. Some of the animals are more in touch with this knowledge instinctively, because they do not have the burden of all their life force energy moving into cortical evolution. So he advises the humans of this time period to study the animals and learn their ways. They have an understanding of the uses of the many herbs. Many of the herbs of the humans will later have the names of animals associated with them because of what this Sirian said to them then.

The Sirian then said that the evolution of this world is programmed "into the seed", that at certain a times, a sound would come from the stars, during alignments of star bodies with the galactic center, channeled through many intermediate star bodies of many kinds, including meteors or rocks coming to Earth with new elements and compounds. These things would have subtle sounds to them that would stimulate resonance with various parts of the genetic code. Some would dissolve histones and further mutate humans along their evolutionary path. Some would temporarily light up parts of the code so that certain specific things could be understood and transmitted to others. Some of these sound currents could be embedded in material objects and emanate as a subtle radiance. Other code activations could be downloaded from human to human and merely conducted to a code activated human simply through touch or an eye to eye concentration, or through chanting a mantra.

The Sirian described a living universe with millions of worlds. The Sirian had to make up new numbers, very large numbers, to communicate these things. Even thinking about such numbers stretched the brains of the humans in this tribe. They could feel new genetic potentials stimulated to awakening just by the sharing of these "Sirian memories". The story of the Sirian, the star brother, had a reminding factor that helped their evolution. These stories would later on be written down and passed on through sutras and texts. Those who carried the activations of codes would be called tertons.

The Sirian said that, from time to time, members of his tribe would come to help. If the evolutonary process ever moved too far off course, one of them or more of them would come to teach the humans, to guide them back on the path of balanced evolutionary growth, as best they could. They said that this help would always be withdrawn, too, when the gift was delivered and its right use was taught. The evolution needed to be open ended and self directed to a certain extent, because free choice and intentionality was what was being grown. Again, these terms were hard to comprehend for the early humans, so many metaphors were given instead. Some of the metaphors lost the original sense of the early communication and some did not.

The Sirian said that the evolutionary growth of humans was going to be vast, that some day humans would even travel the sky in giant metal birds and roll across the landscape in fast moving metal turtles with wheels instead of legs. Many of these things would happen when each force of nature was understood and harnessed. Many of the things he described would happen when lightning could be put into bottles and drawn out when needed. Other changes would happen when everything was seen to be composed on tiny particles and these tiny particles were seen to build everything that is seen, including the air, and that only about 200 particles would be needed to build everything by combining in different ways. There were ways these particles could be broken down and build up again to make "powders" which could then be used for every manner of purpose, some healing, and some could be made into food to drive the metal bird that would travel across the sky.

The Sirian then taught the humans to build a calendar that would mark celestial events, showed them time cycles when certain celestial alignments would take place. He showed how certain infusions of sound, sung by the sun, would wake up the code inside them. When the song of the galaxy was sung to the Sirian star and then the song was sung again to the Sun to reach the Earth, then another infusion would awaken the new potentials of the code that were meant to awaken at that time. It was an evolutionary signal that would stimulate a change in consciousness. It would take some time for the song to be memorized and lived by the affected humans. This sound was the "evolutionary call" that would be heard by those humans who had rightly used and integrated the learning of the previous phase of growth. The rest would stay at the previous stage until they had completed their growth. It was important to use all the gifts that were given to be ready for the next gift. Failure to do this usually attracted adverse karmas that would force the gifts to be used in self defense. It would be wiser to embrace and live the gifts that were given to follow the evolutionary call.

The shaman was overwhelmed by this vision of the future and of the potential of humans to evolve to such wonderful beings. The Sirian showed the shaman where his metal bird had crashed to the ground when it was hurt. He said to the shaman that he was going soon, returning to the stars. A larger metal bird, shining in the sky, came down to pick him up. The shaman said, "How can we compare to the wonders that you have shown." The Sirian said, "Just as the entire tree is inside a single seed, so too are all the wonders inside you. Have faith in your selves. We are your future." And then he left.

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