Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anthem to the Holy Breath

through Tenabah (c2010)

breathing in
receiving love
from Sun charged air
breathing out
relaxing into
the embrace of the Earth

breathing in
fully experiencing
this moment
breathing out
letting go
of the past

breathing in
gently expanding
belly and chest
breathing out
softening belly

breathing in
being a body
and self
breathing out
being nobody
and no self

breathing in
with sound whisper "eh"
breathing out
with sound whisper "vah"

fully receiving inhale
ending all resistance

fully relaxing exhale
ending all clinging

pause between
inhale and exhale
centered within

pause between
exhale and inhale
disappearing into space

pauseless circle
of endless breathing
fusing eternity and time
fusing space and wakefulness
entering wonderful moment
always here and now

circle of breathing
generating prana
flowing in nerve channels
tingling sensations
subtle spinal wave
surrendering tension
into body bliss

upward movement
purifying the senses
opening the crown

ordinary life becomes
a lucid waking dream

creation seen arising
from transparent luminosity

endless celebration


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