Thursday, June 10, 2010

Karma, Equations, Physics, and the Five Buddha Mandala

I wanted to continue a theme that I had started with in two previous articles. One was on E=MC2 and other was about karma. I have a tentative correspondence between the Five Buddha Mandala, karma, and some equations. The equivalences are as follows:

Buddha Family: Ratnasambhava
Element: Earth
Seed Mantra: Tram (changing frequency to less dense)
Equation: F(gravity)=(GMf1Mf2)/D2

The equation governs karmaic attraction of events towards us. It is roughly the same as the Newtonian law of gravity, where G=the gravitation constant, M1 and M2 are the masses that are attracted to each other, and D is the distance between them (squared). The "f" qualifies the M in this manner: It is mass with respect to frequency or vibration (I am choosing "f" over "v" because "v" is already used for "velocity" or momentum). The two masses need to have a frequency match, much like some things are attracted by magnetism and some things are not (because there is no common frequency). This "f" is "like attracts like". There may be a victim(-) and abuser(+) polarity behind the attraction, but there is also a common frequency, something in common to the polarities that allows them to attract each other. The polarities may reverse in the next encounter, where the victim and abuser switch roles (unless forgiveness depolarizes the whole situation). The mass would be the karmaic samskara seeds held within the subconscious mind.

Buddha family: Aksobya
Element: Fire
Seed Mantra: Ah (dissolving fixation)
Equation: F(a>b)=F(b>a)

The equation in this case is an expression of "for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction". There is an implied common frequency that is no woven into this equation. There is also an implied role reversal or polarity shift. If "a" impacts on "b", then "b" is equally impacting on "a". This is the balancing karma, the best known karmaic principle, that would you put out is what you receive back.

Buddha family: Amogasiddhi
Element: Air
Seed Mantra: Hum (grounding energy)
Equation: Mv@T1=Mv@T2

This equation is expressing, "an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion". Friction eventually slows down the momentum, but in the absence of friction the momentum of an object would make it go forever in the same direction. Mv is "mass with respect to velocity". T1 is one point in the time line and T2 is a future point in the time line. If Mv=0 at T1, then Mv=0 at T2. If Mv=4mps at T1, then it will equal 4mps at T2. This is habit karma.

Buddha family: Amitabah
Element: Water
Seed Mantra: Hreeh (transmuting heaviness)
Equation: F=MA

This equation is the classic "force equals mass times acceleration". Acceleration is the amount of intention, feeling, faith, and energy we put into our thought mass to create a causal force. This is the beginning of a karmaic cause. This would be original or new karma. It can be used to create good karma to neutralize bad karma. Or it can be used to reinforce and re-energize old patterns of karma.

Buddha family: Buddha
Element: Space
Equation: E=MC2 (manifesting emptiness)

This equation is really the law of grace dissolving the karma by converting it back into useful neutral energy again. C2 is awareness aware of itself and interfusing with matter. This converts karmaic mass into energy.

This is a loose outline that I could explain in further detail. But through this there is a deep explanation of karma that stays within the understanding of classical Buddhism. I mention this because it is not so linear as only one law. It is not like I punch someone in the face (a>b) and then later on get punched in the face (b>a). Sometimes it is that linear, but usually masses are affected by the totality of laws governing space, matter, energy, and time unfoldment. For instance, I may regret punching someone and apologize, and make amends, and the karma could be neutralized. Or I could do a lot of good works and have this soften the karma from what it would have been. There mixings and convergences of all these forces playing out, making whole events for us to experience. These interactions can form the vast complexity that we see in life. It is exactly like conventional physics, but applies also to free choice initiated events, mental matter, emotional matter, and physical matter, and not just physical matter (the modern science view). Meditators get an energetic feeling for the workings of karma by intuiting how these laws and how active forces shape events. This kind of intuitive seeing is natural when the third eye awakens.

I hope to fill in more of the implied chart in later writings. One caveat is that the Five Buddha Mandalas used in Tibetan Buddhism are somewhat different from each other. Each sect has a different take in the designations. Much has to do with how they form their practices and which Dakinis and Bodhisattvas are invoked. Sometimes Tara is used for all the Dakinis and differs in aspect, using a different color to symbolize her varying functions, others use different dakinis who more directly symbolize the varying functions and varying elements. Even the seed mantras can be different, though there is more agreement about them. Sometimes the differences are like the same parts being arranged differently to support a different overall magical intent. Sometimes the differences are like devotees of Amida Buddha putting Amida Buddha in the center of their practical mandalas, while devotees of Ratnasambhava putting Ratna Buddha in the center of their practical mandalas. This is not considered any kind of competition, but is natural to organize the practice for different types of students with different goals and different core karmas to transmute. Eventually everyone masters the whole mandala and becomes a member of all the energy families. The sounds are not arbitrary. "Ah" is an expansive sound that does dissolve fixation and gives an open field conducive to insight. "Hreeh" is a focused sound that elevates energy upwards. "Hum" (pronounced in Tibetan as hh-uh-ng) is grounding sound, useful for airy types to focus their energy. "Tram" is a quiet energizer useful for already grounded Earth types. "Om" is the basic vibration of the Quantum field, it circulates and interacts with everything as intelligent spaciousness.


  1. I've discovered that the Mandala is a secret blueprint of the universe with far-reaching consequences for modern physics.
    The Dual Parametrization of c is one of them.
    May be you will find this research somehow interesting...
    More Details can be found on following website:

    Many Tashi Deleks

  2. Helmut, thank you for your post. After getting initiated into the 7 line prayer of Padmasambhava, about 3 nights later, I felt the mantra "Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Padme Siddhi Hung" start chanting itself inside me. With eyes literally open, I saw the 5 Buddha Mandala appear in my room and show itself to be a blueprint of the galaxy, a chart about how to heal the human body, and many other layers, like it was revealing something akin to a fractal substructure to everything. I found that the effect on my consciousness was to synthesize what I felt I knew into a coherent whole within me, like a whole lot of isolated fragments converging into single vision and then dissolving into a quiet feeling of peace. Blessings, Will


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