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About Conspiracy Theories

One of my favorite books is called THE MASTERS OF WISDOM by J. G. Bennett. John Bennett was one of the students of Gurdjieff. Unlike most of the students of Gurdjieff, Bennett found some of the teachers of Gurdjieff and worked with them. I consider the teachings of Gurdjieff to be very important ones to integrate. IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS by Ouspensky is probably the best summary of his ideas.

In the book THE MASTERS OF WISDOM, John Bennett talks about what I feel is the original conspiracy in the real sense of the word. The root of the word "conspiracy" means "to breathe together". The word points directly to a meditation method based on conscious breathing and an advanced one. It would take some time to go into the method, because it would assume that many preliminaries are mastered. It is beyond the simple conscious awareness of breathing that Guatama Buddha taught and which, in itself, has tremendous depth. It is even beyond the third eye nourishing breathing that is mentioned in the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra of Shiva. Both of these breath processes would need to be mastered to some extent first, before "conspiracy breathing" can be sustained. You would have needed to already have gotten a sense of what I call "telepathic link yoga" and use the breathing to sustain this connection. You can get some sense of this breathing by being with someone in a dark room, palms touching the palms of the other person, right palm touching left with right palm face down and left palm touching right with left palm face up. You do Ujjayi Breathing, whispering "ha" across the entire slow exhale and inhaling without hurrying, filling the lungs as completely as possible without strain. After a while, you synchronize your breathing pattern with the person who is with you. A mild magnetic pulsation should be felt arcing between the palms. You want to breathe in such a way that you stay synchronized with the other person and in such a way that the pranic pulsation gets slightly stronger over time.

When I was teaching some neural net body repatterning, where conscious touch is used to make contact with the body and synchronized breathing is used to interlink the two neural nets (healer and client), I had everyone be aware of the breathing of each other and then synchronize with each other, while moving the body consciously and slowly in a way that the extensions synchronized with the exhale and the flexions synchronized with the inhale. There was a shift where everyone was, for a short time, telepathic with each other, and felt united with each other within a larger consciousness which had a "we feeling". It did not annihilate individuality, but it did end a feeling of separateness. Identity did feel different, more like waves in the same ocean rather than rocks in the same room. Our usual way of thinking "I" sustains a feeling of separateness and usually our breathing is desynchronized with each other. It is partly deliberate. I find when I track the breathing of another and synchronize with him or her that he or she will unconsciously desynchronize to maintain separateness and not feel an emotion inside himself or herself. There is a lot of observation and study that is possible on this horizon.

The key thing that relates to this essay is that there are enlightened beings who have mastered "unity breathing" and who function as a true conspiracy. They do not need to have a hierarchical pecking order mammalian government structure to organize their activity in the world. They are telepathically and energetically linked to each other through a dreamtime connection, united in a living wisdom that they pool into each other and draw from, and which they sustain through breathing. Jesus initiates his disciples into this breath link in John 20:21-23, and says to them, "Peace be with you, as Abwoon has sent me, I also send you. Receive you the holy breath. If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them." Jesus exhales on the disciples and gives them an initiation into a deeper aspect of the holy breath, the level of unity. This initiation is sometimes still done by Sufi masters on their disciples. I had written before about this. When John the Baptist sees Jesus, he says, "Behold the lamb of god who takes away the sin (singular) of the world." The deepest core of all sins is one sin which is the feeling of separation from god or love. Forgiving this sin is entering into unity again and this heals the core of all illness, including the inability to act from love behind all the breaches of all the commandments. Jesus enters the feeling of agonized separateness and heals this on the cross ("My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?") he moves through the cruxifixion (cross-i-fiction) to atonement (at-one-ment). Because of this deep initiation, he is able to unite with his disciples through breathing and confer the power to forgive/heal to them. It is a breath of peace and it blesses those with peace. The word "father" (abwoon) is really both genders conjoined in creative spiritual energy and is a breath mantra.

In the book, Bennett presents a summary of the historical movement of the conspiracy of love across a few thousand years. Although he gives a lot of information, it is far from a complete picture of the conspiracy and all that it has done for the people of the Earth during this time. You can fill in the gaps when you get the feeling for the group, how they work, what they have done, and what they will do. They do not care about making a name for themselves or calling attention to themselves. They prefer to work silently, do what needs to be done, and go on to the next assignment. Occasionally, one of them, like Jesus and Buddha, has to do something that brings some level of public attention. But this is not their prefered mode.

There is another problem in sharing the complete historical movement of these beings. This is the regular history has a lot of spin and bias. Certain groups are branded as bad relative to the interests of a mammalian primate tribe that has political power at some point in history. If you look at the history of angels and demons in the dark ages, you might notice that some angels get demoted to demons and some demons get promoted to angels. In modern times, some conspiracies are considered sinister and other ones are considered good, and the many conspiracies, like the Free Masons, shuttle between the evil and good conspiracy lists. The current fad seems to be to assume that all conspiracies are bad. Another complication is that the unity conspiracy does not need a label and does not attach to labels. It has created whole religious movements and then dropped out of them to let them move on their own, occasionally visiting these groups and inviting the more advanced students to be initiated into deeper levels of the mahasangha. When the groups go on their own, their effect on the world is usually mixed, some good and some bad. It starts lacking the precision of wisdom in action. It takes a very mature being to know how to not use power. Jesus could have called in legions of angels to prevent his crucifixion, but does not. He sees through wisdom that is necessary to undergo this shift and stays aligned with it. There is, to the very end, a temptation to misuse power and many higher beings fall at this time. When historians try to analyze these groups, they usually do not see them as front groups for a deeper operation. Even the people in those groups do not see their groups this way. This is partly because of the ego, because many humans want to believe that their club is the best in the world and not a kindergarten for a whole level of evolution that they have not even begun.

One beautiful word in the Old Testament is the word "altrea" which is usually translated as "remnant". The word means a small group of people who are the ekklesia (normally translated as "church"), the people "called" (klesia) "out" (ek) of the ordinary world and into the Abwoon through the breath, through initiation, and through their development reaching a maturity where they can serve the higher evolution. Part of Judaism is about a small number of truly righteous people who are needed to keep uplifting humankind and to keep it generally on track. Nearly every spiritual tradition talks about advanced saints who keep reminding the people of a tradition to be true to the essence of the teachings. What is often not always understood is that these saints are united with each other beyond the boundaries of any religion, that all the religions of the world, in their essence, point to the same evolution, and are really part of one religion. These many religions usually get co-opted by political powers and even turned upside down and inside out compared to their original intent. I am still amazed that some versions of Christianity have somehow translated Jesus's basic message of "Bless those who curse you, turn the other cheek, pray for those who persecute you, walk the second mile, judge not, and love your enemies" into "nuke the nonbelievers". But it is no worse than some versions of Islam forgetting that Mohamed was a pacifist who only fought back after one of his disciples got killed and called the need to fight back a hateful but necessary thing to do, and even then when he was victorious marched into Mecca without weopons once again, and then said, "The outer holy war is over, now the inner holy war begins." It seems that the deepest struggle is letting a love to emerge inside us that is greater than all the anger and vengefulness that humans hold there.

I mention this, because if one is into the usual political emotions of humankind, it is hard to even see the operation of a group of people who have no anger towards anyone and who indeed love enemies so much that they are not seen as enemies. Such a group would uplift humankind through love, education, and patience, and only use power minimally when it is the only thing that works. There is a story where two kingdoms were about to fight each other in what would have been a high casualty war with two relatively advanced cultures wiping each other out and moving back to a more primitive state. A Sufi master and two advanced disciples came out on the battlefield during the morning when these two armies decided to fight. They "prayed" and, although it started as a sunny day, giant thunder clouds rolled by, blanketed the sky, and shot lightning so fierce that both armies fled the battlefield in terror, never to try to fight each other again. Without killing one person, a battle that would have started a long and bloody war had ended. Was it a coincidence that the storm came at the same time the three had prayed? Why the prayer of these people and not others? I feel that it was their alignment with a wisdom about what was possible and what wanted to happen in the name of peace. They became a conduit for a wisdom that even the biosphere wanted to make happen. This is one of the stories in the book.

I wanted to share this essay and this book as another perspective on conspiracies and mainly to assert that the longest, oldest, and most important one is a positive one, and is the one which will eventually be seen as the active force in human social and biological evolution, and will eventually allow humans to rise up from their primate barbarity to a level of compassion that is even hard for us to imagine right now, and through this create a society which will be a kind of heaven on earth. If you want to read just one chapter of his book, the one entitled, "One thousand years of love," summarizes a slice of this history.

There is another historical summary of the unity conspiracy in THE MASKS OF THE ILLUMINATI by Robert Anton Wilson. It is embedded within a fictional story where Karl Jung, James Joyce, and Albert Einstein synchronistically meet on a train and help a person who is undergoing some deep spiritual initiations, and eventually meet with Aleister Crowley who is the leader of both a "white" lodge and a "dark" lodge, and helps the person to go beyond duality, beyond the struggle between "the imaginary mongoose and the imaginary snake".

There are number of books that try to take smaller time slices and talk about the Sufis and a few other groups. Sufism is one of the current names for the unity breathing conspiracy, assuming that Sufism is not reduced to merely being Islamic mysticism, but is seen as something spanning at least 7,000 years and which only took home in Islam for a part of its history and is still behind some groups that are now left to themselves, occasionally making contact with them to re-inspire them if they are open. Again, this group is one step removed from the public eye and from popular movements.

I have shared this unity breathing conspiracy conversation with a lot of friends who have been gripped with the illuminoid conspiracies or whatever you want to call them. These are various groups from alien grays, to carnivorous reptile like aliens, to big business corporations who are "really in control", to a small number of elite families who have been controlling humankind, to certain national or culture conspiracy theories, like a hidden group of Jews, to some mafia type groups, to a hidden part of the government, to something to do with the Harvard Skull and Bones frat, something to do with the CIA, with the US Military, with the Arab Oil consortium, and probably a few others that may have slipped my immediate memory. They are usually called "they" or "them" when in conversation, in such phrases as "you know what THEY are like" and "THEY are in control". My favorite one is about a group of superwealthy families who have coopted alien technology and who have been in control so long that they do not flex their power very often any more and who have a base on the dark side of the moon. They are apparently so advanced that they do not need to control things on Earth any more and are relaxing their grip on things.

What I notice, though, is that my friends who talk about this evil conspiracy seem to weaken their aura and disempower themselves when they are talking about THEM. They become like an evil god who is running their lives and they forget to live according to a higher power that is ultimately really in control. What I am clear about is that all those conspiracies are the usual primate tribes still in mammalian level evolution and still competing with each other with no one conspiracy/tribe really being fully in control, and no tribe being greater than or above Universal Law and Karma, and usually those beings seem to age and die, so that other beings may be able to enter into their families and guide them from within to some extent.

It took me a long time to understand why my friends are under the "mental grip" of these negative conspiracy stories and give them more power than the older and vaster mahasangha conspiracy. I got that it is part of a primate circuit to view the world in terms of competing factions and tribes, rather than seeing the world from a trans-tribal view where all of humankind may be preparing for a leap. Perhaps such conspiracy awareness might, once it is freed from fear based primate perception, might allow humans to recognize the other tribes and discern the mahasangha's patient guidance through time and history.

I do find it interesting that when I share about these things how little emotional influence these ideas have about how they think and feel their life right now. I saw that it takes a certain activation of an inner process inside oneself to feel beyond this way of structuring political events, this "us" versus "them" away of seeing what is happening. Nicholas of Cusa, a Russian Orthodox mystic, created a term called "complexio appositiva" which roughly translates as a coincidence of opposites. Applied to the current political situation, the rival tribal conspiracies kind of cancel each other out so that no one is really in control. There is still a bit of barbarism and brutality in the process which will be healed by compassion. But the primate "might is right" evolutionary phase will eventually end when this compassion is more strongly present in this world.

It is really an amazing thing that the mahasangha is active in our world and uplifting humanity in stages. I wish I could communicate more of a sense of what this means than merely to give a review of the best single book that I have found about this. The other thing about the mahasangha is that, while some of them are in light bodies, many of them are in physical bodies and doing their part of heal planetary life even on the physical plane. Sometimes they have even seeded discoveries that make for good medical care and building the equivalent of hospitals earlier than the high tech era that we are now in. They are not merely nice ghosts that just talk good things to people. The ones that John Bennett met were 500 years old in physical bodies that had conquered aging and death.

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