Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doha for the 12 Levels of Consciousness

hand touching tree
eye seeing clouds
ear hearing wind
tongue tasting fruit
nose smelling blossoms

sense organ
sense object
sense experience

five senses
joining together
within the sixth
"the synthesizer"
the feeling of a human body
walking in
a beautiful natural world

seventh consciousness
the interpreter arises
adds thoughts about
the sensory landscape

when afflicted
thinks and believes "I"
is real and separate
and lives in loneliness
sometimes happy
uniting with another
or with a pleasant sensation
forming attachments, addictions,
aversions, judgments, delusions,
projections, conditioning, and confusion

when not afflicted
dissolves into silence
speaks in thoughts
to talk with others
humbly not knowing
bowing down to
primal intuition
that feels the truth of life

all experience forming
impressions pouring into
the eighth consciousness
the storehouse
subtle seeds of unresolved experience
stored karma waiting for sensations
to sprout and grow into sorrow and joy
subtly attracting their destiny and fulfillment
organizing synchronicities
that secretly make everything unfold perfectly
everyone secretly making their world
colluding behind every shared experience
even when roles seem unbalanced
and everything balancing eventually
in the flow of time

ninth consciousness
the watcher, the mirror
silent and in the background
unless the lamp of attention
rests within it
and then it illuminates everything
and knows everything
simply by feeling it
no judgment here
not a trace of interpretation
though interpretations
are merely seen
and are seen to have no self

when subtle trace
of interpretative duality ends
the ninth becomes the tenth
unity with experience
is merely felt
though no experience is binding
all is transitory, empty, and wonderful
subtle primordial presence
touching everywhere simultaneously

faster than the speed of thought
is already being everywhere

vast luminosity
gently returning
to body, heart, and mind
radiant point focusing
the vastness
into individual wave

nonlocal quantum flux
in transitory holographic brain
heart pumping
bioelectrically charged red cells
through watery tubes
to nourish trillions of cells
forming hands, eyes, ears,
tongue, and nose
wrapping around the five senses
and all the other consciousnesses
birthing the eleventh consciousness
from the tenth

seventh consciousness
becomes sacred I AM
the six sensory consciousnesses
become unity
the eighth consciousness
holder of karmaic seeds
becomes transformed
into the twelfth consciousness
able now to produce miracles
walking through fire and not burning
walking on water and not drowning
walking through walls
flying across the sky
visualizing and materializing
having faith in life

child like wonder
about the mystery of life
humility meeting infinity
yet intimately knowing life
by being life

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