Friday, August 19, 2011

Transition Time Checklist

Transition Time Checklist

I wanted to share some things that might be of help during this present transitional time.

1. The bottom line is trusting life to take of us and resting in that more than money.  To paraphrase Jesus in this regard, you either trust life or trust money, but you cannot really trust both.

I have always thought insurance was an odd thing.  It only kicks in when you are already damaged and insurance does not help you to not get damaged in the first place.  If you are too damaged, insurance also does not help.  If you get damaged below your deductible, then it does not help.  If you get damaged within a certain exact range, then they paid a certain amount, but maybe not enough to cover the costs of the damage.  Once damaged, then your policy may get rejected as too high a risk.  If you are likely to get damaged, as in a forest fire in a dry valley, then you will most like not get covered at all.

My insurance is to chant to Amida Buddha and continue to burn accident causing karma away.  To visualize "hreeh" in the sacrum and have this purifying fire raise up the spine as a tingling energy and then mix it in the heart chakra with white "om" drips coming from the third eye, turning the energy into a silvery blue elixir that radiates out from an "ah".

2. Focus on community and serving in love.  Real economics will be about this, about being true neighbors to each other, brothers and sisters in one consciousness, and generating a life worth living with each other, trading products and services that will fulfill the four purposes of life:  survival, healing, growth, and celebration.

3. Get out of debt and stay out of debt.  Some people are not going to be able to do this one.  A person can be "locked into debt".  In this case, do not add debt to debt and see if you can at least finance to systematically reduce the debt or at least pay off the principal.  The current economic system thrives on debt.

4. Drop out.  The old word for dropping out is "renunciation".  You renounce the world.  You give up ambition and success in this world.  You are then "in the world but not of it".  If you do not drop out, you tie your star to a sinking ship.

5. Drop TV.  Switch to the internet for your news and even your fun shows.  It is all there and free for the most part.  The regular news is apparently owned by 4 corporations and they do avoid publishing certain news items at all.

6. Drop higher education.  Unless you feel called into a profession, just decide to take a path of self learning and avoid one of the most popular methods of getting into debt.  We have tons of books, youtube videos, and tutors who are a lot more reasonable than a university education.  Plus if you go university, you will have a lot of mandatory classes that route you into official views which are one sided.  History, for instance, is about money and war dates for the most part, not the emergence of powerful ideas, like Sahraj's discovery the the tantric principle ("you only transcend the things you first accept") and the Zen principle of "immediate enlightenment".  If you do like a certain university teacher, it might be possible to audit the class and simply not get "credit" for it, and still get exposed to the same learning information.  The same goes for setting aside money for the education of children.  It is better to give them learning experiences all their life and help them to create their own wealth through their own creativity.

7. Shift some savings out of the dollar and into silver.  This, again, may not be possible for everyone.  One analyst I trust says that silver will eventually be worth $500 per an ounce, once its real value is not affected by economic manipulation.  This means that only a few ounces of silver can be a protection against dollar devaluation.  This is happening every time the government prints money without any backing by precious metals.  This is called fiat currency and it is going terminal.  It is not about hoarding silver or even investing in silver.  It is about shifting your savings into a reliable currency that will not collapse.  Pull out of all the paper fiat currency "investments" and put it into real silver (not certificates, which is more paper).  Keep enough paper money to pay bills and cover expenses.  This might be most of the money.  But if you can, see if you can put about 10 percent in.

8. Grow a garden.  One economic principle that saves money is to eliminate the middle person and deal direct.  When you grow a garden, you eliminate the need for food to get shipped to you via ships, planes, trucks, sprayed with chemicals which also need to get shipped and trucked, grown in fertilizers that need to get shipped and trucked, bought in grocery stores where the stuff is shipping and trucked to reach, and brought home in a car whose gas is shipped and trucked to the local gas station.  While we cannot eliminate interdependence, we can simplify the web a little by focusing on getting needs locally met.

9. Wildcraft for edibles and medicines.  I am amazed at how much food is around even in this wounded valley.  Get some books, get a guide to show you what is out there, and start to explore.  Also, when you have found some plants that are highly nutritious, take their seeds and help to spread them around.  Help nature to become the lush grocery store that it once was.

10. Go organic, gluten free, alkaline, non-GMO, and vegan.  Most people will not be able to do this, especially in one leap.  But take it in stages, eliminate sugar and flour products first, get away from anything with MSG (autolyzed yeast, autolyzed corn protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and natural flavor are all synonyms for it, natural flavor may or may be it, but the only safe way to know is if the label says "no MSG", soups are notorious for having MSG as "natural flavor") or Aspartame (both MSG and this tend to fry the brain and have addictive qualities), then eliminate cheese (has casein aka Elmer's glue), then do some cleansing routines, starting with an intestinal cleanse and then a liver flush.  Many people brag about being healthy without a good diet, but I want my diet to actually help me be healthy.  A diet is not something that we should be surviving, it should be helping us.

11. Master pranic breathing and practice it to the point where you feel pranic waves going through your body.  Enlist an energy healer or trade energy healing sessions with someone to help unblock the energy flows and keep them unblocked.  Master energy chants too.  Master meditation.

12. Follow your heart.  If you do not live in fear, you will be able to hear deep guidance and follow it.  You might be guided to special places of safety in during this time, when and if they are needed.  Sometimes the safest place, though, is right in the thick of what is happening, helping others in compassion.  Follow your vision and start building the next world now.

13. Go alternative energy.  Get off the electric grid.  Get solar panels.  Research zero point energy.  Use wind, tides, rivers, and geothermal for energy.  Move away from petro-dollars.

14. Get a musical instrument and learn to play it.  Learn the principles of sound healing and play music with this awareness.

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