Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Five Elements Breathing

five elements breathing
tenabah c2011

earth breath

inhale again expanding belly
inhale again expanding chest forwards
inhale again expanding chest upwards
inhale again raising shoulders lightly
holding a deep pause
slowly exhaling
relaxing shoulders
relaxing rib cage
relaxing belly
keeping spine
loose and erect
feeling each vertebra
gently support
the one above
with relaxed strength
like a peaceful mountain
holding a deep pause
sinking deeper into
hatha yoga asanas
cycling again and again

water breath

intentionally receiving
the prana that surrounds us
gently expanding the belly
gently filling the lungs
inhaling pouring into exhaling
relaxing out the apana
softening the belly
softening the lungs
exhaling pouring into inhaling
spine pulsing and waving
responding to the breath
moving gently
with the breath
tensions and stiffness dissolve
tai chi movements
flow from here
cycling again and again

fire breath

belly moving in
quickly pushes the air out
natural expansion of belly
quickly brings air in
panting like dogs
pumping like a bellows
fanning the inner fire
fast movement
concentrated attention
focused intention
sacrum rocking
tumo heat generated
from red bindu
in sacrum
electric fire
rising up the spine
vertebra by vertebra
cycling again and again

air breath

gentle deep full inhale
receiving shanti peace
cool and calm
white light liquid
drips down from 3rd eye point
relaxing and renewing the brain
flowing down spine
healing and nourishing
the body
slowly expanding belly
gentle turning
of inhale into exhale
in the center of the belly
whispering "ha" sound
riding and guiding the exhale
sound of relaxation
slowly flowing outwards
sharing peace with the world
sound mixing with prana
alchemy of the wind
chin slightly lowering
back of neck expanding
cycling again and again

space breath

allowing inhale
allowing exhale
allowing pauses
no control
pure passive watching
feeling the center
of the breathing
when not touching
the breathing tube anywhere
red fire and liquid light
mixing in the silvery blue energy
of serene luminous space
vibrating ancient "ah" choir
sound of one hand clapping
pure cosmic energy
easily received everywhere
filled with awareness
filled with knowing
this is what we are
samadhi gentle immersion
concentrated thoughtless abiding
pure wakefulness
inside hollow body
spine floating
flute of krishna
singing our lives
no duality
one life living itself
infinity intersecting itself
looping in each cycle
of breathing
at the point called
"i am"
the empty gate
between inhale and exhale

earth, fire, air,
and water forming
the vast display
of visible life

all those elements
their corresponding breath
each breath controlled
by a subtle thought intention
taking the outer shape
of body mudras
invoking formative energies
shaping events and karmas
five buddhas
five wisdoms
five dakinis
four elements dancing
one dakini holding space
selfless primordial presence
prajna parmita
birthing everything everywhere
from her spacious womb
sending forth
sentient beings, stars, planets,
moons, and comets
with a relaxed "ah"
even she is breathing

all elements regulated
by luminous space
infused with the mood
of surrender and allowing
gently nourishing
good seeds into manifestation
outgrown energies
dissolving within
the fires of creation
recycled back
through the radiance
of a thousand suns
mahamudra alive
as everything and ourselves

heart breath

breathing in as grey clouds
all the sorrow of the world
feeling the natural compassion
of our beating heart
transmute this energy
into gratitude, appreciation,
and kind wishes,
sending out this love
as light and warmth to all,
raising the vibration
of this planet,
sowing the seeds
of its becoming
a pure land

communal breathing

joining together
breathing together
you and i
here and now
through these words,
through your listening,
feeling intention,
and breathing,
and my feeling intention,
sharing, and breathing,
breathing with
all the buddhas
and dakinis
of the three times,
forming the mahasangha,
the great community,
which will heal this world,
and all worlds,
of every sorrow,
bringing indeed
a new day, and new year,
as a deep enlightenment rises
like the sun,
upon the landscape
of this world

breathing in
the warm breath
of the mahadakinis
and breathing out
healing compassion
as joyful prana

breath by breath
we transform this world
joining the sigh
of prajna parmita
as a new world
emerges from her womb

om namo amida buddha hreeh
om namo mahadakini prajna parmita ah
om namo mahadakini sohra saganah itaho hreeh
om namo dharmakaya anapanasati yoga om
svaha svaha svaha

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