Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Core Affirmation of the Heart Sutra

through Tenabah, c2010

I am letting go, letting go,
really letting go,
totally letting go,
even letting go
of the effort to let go.

letting go of craving,
letting go of negativity,
letting go of delusion,
deeply letting go
of all self clinging,
seeing that
what I had thought of
as my self
to be a creation
of thought and fear.

relaxing into seeing
the material world
as transitory, interdependent,
empty of solid existence,
empty of separate objects,
subject to cause and effect,
and ultimately unreal.

relaxing into seeing
thoughts, emotions, and sensations
as also transitory,
empty of solid existence,
subject to cause and effect,
empty of self,
and ultimately unreal.

relaxing into floating
in the movement of the now,
no longer clinging to anything
for security,
no longer resisting anything
to protect myself,
no longer identifying with anything
to define myself,
and simply trusting life
to take care of me.

no longer needing to analyze sorrow
no longer needing to walk the path
no longer needing to become enlightened
not even clinging to the path
taking refuge only in life itself.

not even holding on to
the wisdom that sees
all this

but moment to moment
simply flowing with life,
breathing freely,
arising in unity with all life everywhere,
and loving all sentient beings

awakening to freedom,
awakening to bliss,
awakening to the eternal,
awakening to my true self
which is pure awareness
and simple presence,
far beyond thought
and sorrow,
so be it.

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