Friday, February 25, 2011

Buddha and Mahadakini in Yab-Yum Meditation Pose

I got inspired to take a picture of a small two inch statue of a Buddha and Mahadakini in the Yab-Yum meditation pose. The rainbow lights are emanating out of the third eye of the Buddha and a highly focused "hreeh" fire is being generated at the sacrum of the Mahadakini. Energy is rippling as waves in all directions.

I have written about this dual vehicle meditation in some earlier blogs, but thought this picture would be a good supplement to the written material. As a reminder, I prefer the "ascension circuit" mudra (middle hold of three interlocking holds) where both the male and the female place their right hand at the sacrum of their partner and the left hand at the base of the neck (near C1) and then do rebirthing breathing. It is rare that the heights match up so that the female is face to face with the male when she is on his lap. But both people can be sitting on the ground, or near to this, and be closer to matching up. Both of them can have the legs wrap around the partner. It helps to have mastered rebirthing breathing to the point where you get reliable tingling sensations within about 15 minutes of solo breathing, to visualize the "hreeh" symbol at the sacrum, be able to pulse the symbol in neon red in sync with the exhale, let go of going to orgasm (it will probably happen anyway) in order to be fully present centered, and either understand the Tumo Yoga teaching of the "hollow body" or understand the body as "the unity of appearance and emptiness".

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  1. I have been meditating for some time now but this is totally new to me. I found it quite fascinating. And the photo is incredible. Thank you very much for this post. Namaste.



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