Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ed Skilling Photon Genie

I wanted to do a write up to share one side of my research into health and longevity. I have shared some about breathing, about diet, and about resting in the primordial state. But there is an intermediate modality and awareness that has to do with our energy field. According to esoteric science we have seven bodies, only the last one is really know well by humans and by conventional science and is called the "physical body". The next one deeper is called the "energy body", the next one "the emotional body" or "astral body", the next one the "mental body", the next one "the soul", the next one "the cosmic body", and the last one "the nirvanic body". The last two are sometimes not considered bodies, because there are only one of each them and they are shared by all sentient beings. The last two can also be considered the manifest and unmanifest side of the same macro-body.

The lower five bodies interpenetrate each other and some teachers, like Gurdjieff, do not consider the inner bodies to be fully developed and therefore consider them to be more like potential bodies, rather than fully functional bodies. The main body that seems to be fully functional is the adult physical body with the inner bodies in a kind of growth process that is usually stunted at some point. The emotional body in many humans does not evolve much past what a 14 year child on another world might attain through normal emotional development. Ordinary human psychology is in its infancy still and most humans, as result of trauma, learned emotional repression, and mood altering drugs, do not learn to honor and evolve their emotional life beyond a certain point. Many humans do not want to much emotional inner work to get in touch with repressed emotions and sometimes want to keep them repressed. The popularity of addictive substances, addictive habits, and mood altering drugs, both prescription and nonprescription, prevent a certain kind of emotional evolution from happening. Part of the culture of meditation is to breathe, relax chronic muscle tensions, open up to our repressed emotions, reown them, let them flow again, and ride with them until emotional resolution and completion. When we are able to do this, then our emotions can be considered resources, food for growth, rather than things we have trouble with and want to repress and disown.

If we do reown and flow with our emotions, then we evolve our astral body or dream body. Our physical body will feel better also, since the emotions that are repressed and disowned get pushed into chronic muscle tensions in our physical body. The four bodies below the soul body interpenetrate each other and influence each other. Many illnesses are the result of things happening in the inner bodies. One esoteric teacher said that 70 percent of our illness is the result of the inner bodies and only about 30 percent are the result of physical causes (like diet and falling and hurting our knees). At a certain point, develop our dream body to the maturity where we have lucid dreams and learn how to navigate them. We can also see that ordinary waking life is a sub-dimension of a larger dream world and that the physical body is a kind of dream body in its own special dream. When we first navigate the dream world, it seems wild and chaotic, because our emotions tend to be more turbulent and intense. Repression actually makes our emotions stronger, more rigid, and more intense. They are meant to grow within the light of awareness, just as plants grow under a warm and nourishing sun.

The mental body evolves through mental discipline, logic, empiricism, scholarly study, intellectual games and puzzles, reading high quality literature, having deep discussions, etc. It matures when it learns to question dogma, question social conditioning, form a philosophy of life, sense contradictions and learn how to resolve them, know how to derive valid data from observations and how to test hypothesizes, and learn how to go beyond either/or thinking. It is also necessary to evolve a kind of ethical idealism and live it. Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism, Gnostic Christianity, and Qabalistic Judaism are examples of evolved and mature systems of thought that have much to share. Even so, unless they become integrated and become our personal life philosophy, they will not evolve the mental body. Every time we see a truth for ourself, from our own eyes, and from our own experience, we evolve the mental body. What we learn, too, is carried with us, from lifetime to lifetime, as a kind of intuitive knowing that takes on the language cloak of the next society we are born in. I found, for instance, in this lifetime that I solved a lot of Zen koans very rapidly and was puzzled why others had so much trouble with them. I later understood that the reason why they were easy for me was because I had undergone my learning process with them already, in another lifetime. It is like you remember having solved them in the next lifetime, rather than actually solving them. Shifts in the mental body will affect the emotional body, energy body, and physical body. learning in the mental body often happens with tingling energy sensations in the energy body, a feeling of lightness infusing physical body, and a feeling of warmth and coming home in the emotional body.

The energy level, one step deeper than the physical level, has what is also sometimes called "the etheric body". This body can sometimes appear and look exactly like the physical body, because that is the picture of how we see ourselves in our mental body. Sometimes, this etheric body, after death, will appear to others, look and feel physical to them, and is even able to be touched and to touch back. It can become "dense" enough to interact with the physical realm, but it does not like to stay at that density and prefers the freedom and lightness of its usual realm. It takes a kind of concentrated intentionality to "move" things in the physical dimension. This etheric body indirectly shows up with magnetic resonance scans and thermal scans. My sense is that these tools might be used later on to evolve "energy anatomy" and help people to heal more quickly. We might then evolve those star trek like healing devices we see in sci fi movies and we be able to understand people who exist now we can lay hands on people and send healing energy through them, and maybe even understand the Master Jesus and why he considered healing miracles to be a sign of the divine dimension (Kingdom of God).

I wish to share more about a technology that relates to physical healing through the energy body that called the Photon Genie by Ed Skilling. This researcher went further than Rife, taking advantage of the new frequency ranges that Rife did not have available to work with at his time, and also developed his technology from Rife's later notes. Rife found that certain frequencies would "blow up pathogens" by finding their resonance frequencies. Later Rife followers, including Rife, started to compile lists of pathogen blow up frequencies. But Rife noticed that certain frequencies were starting to recur on many lists. He concluded that these frequencies were not blowing up any pathogens, but were boosting the ability of the body to heal itself. He later called them, "universal healing frequencies". Many of them were the Solfeggio scale used in some music and others were not. Ed Skilling compiled a number of them and created a machine that would cycle through them. They are like honing signals that our immune system and regeneration system can use to improve its function. They create an energy matrix that allows the body to more easily go back into homeostasis and balance. They feed the energy body actual energy and in turn produce healing effects in the physical body, like the blood stream alkalizing, the lympathetic system cleansing, cell membranes repolarizing and able to repell junk proteins, ADP converting to ATP (stored muscular energy), and recharging our cellular bio-electric charge. When we are infants, our bio-electric charge is about 120 microvolts, an adult can have it drop to 70 microvolts, and then in old age it can go down to 20 to 30 microvolts. When it goes too low, then our cells cannot repell the junk proteins and the cleansing routes can become congested. Without properly cleansing channels, the cellular debri accumulates and we age/die.

There are perhaps a number of Rife type technologies that can assist in balancing the energy field. I felt grateful to find this one. When I had studied these things online, I found that they were selling for about $3k. It was a bit much for me, especially at that juncture of my life. But then I had a vivid dream where the number 1499 appeared in neon lights. I immediately got up from the dream, went to Ebay, and found that one had appeared for that price. I put my bid on it and was confident that I would get it, and did get it. The Skilling device has been working ever since and helping lots of people. I feel it treats what the holistic nurses diagnostic manual calls "energy field disturbance". It is good for energy healings like myself to use for self treatment.

I find it interesting that it is very compatible with laying on of hands energy healing, though when I am using this tech on someone, I will wave my hands in Tai Chi fashion over the person and move the energies that way. The tech and energy healing seem to synergize well, overlap a little. The tech does not replace the energy healing. The latter is more focused on blocks, resistances, cysts, confusions, knots, chords, and artifacts embedded in the aura and what kind of process is needed to release things formations. They sometimes can be released by just moving energy and other times that person needs to involve his or her conscious intention to complete a process.

There is also a kind of "basic tune up" that is possible with the Skilling device, supported by a far infrared thermal mat (Skilling found that at 106 degrees the body activates certain deep healing processes) and a far infrared reflecting blanket (from Nikken). I rub some essential oils neet (undiluted) on the spine (lavender, clove, and peppermint). Do 15 minutes of energy work over the key meridians and release all the big blocks, turn on some ambient healing music, and have the person do deep, slow, and full rebirthing breathing for about one hour. I give them a glass of ionic fizz and microclustered water beforehand so that the body can use the water to cleanse itself of toxins. I place some extra sheets, because sometimes they get drenched. This has been powerful healing cocoon. There is a variation where a person chants key bija mantras rather than does rebirthing breathing (though these can be combined by maintain the basic breathing flow and only chanting on the natural exhales).

[Just a quick caveat: This technology is still experimental and is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment or visits to conventional doctors. It also may not be what any specific person needs, since some people are not ready for the heat part of the cocoon and/or may need other kinds of care first before they are ready to use this kind of tech. If you have any doubts, you may wish to consult a qualified medical health professional. I personally have assumed personal responsibility for my health and am willing to assume the risks and responsibilities for choosing which healing modalities work for me. I have found this technology to be more than merely useful, very safe as long as you respect a technology based on high voltage, and have felt it shift me into feeling good many many times. But I have also realized that not everyone has committed themselves to their own healing process and may still need to check in with a doctor that they trust, even though the beliefs and worldview of the doctor may not be able to wrap around this kind of healing modality. Choosing which doctors to entrust oneself to is still part of our responsibility and is part of the risks we take with our own health. When one commits to one's own healing process in the right way, it means that you honor the knowledge that you already have and do what you know you need to do. If you know you have a habit that hurts you, then you work on letting it go. If you know something you are eating is not healthy for you, then you do not eat it. If you know that you need to exercise to stay healthy, then you find something that works for you here. Once you have those things down, then more knowledge comes to do it better. When something does not work, you do not blame others, but look at your own program and fix it.]


  1. I'm a bit confused between the Photon Genie as sold at and the Photon Sound Beam XII sold by

    A healer I know has been the Photon Sound Beam since model VII and swears by them. He says he tried the Photon Genie and while it's good, it's not as good as the PSB XII. I contacted the PSB manufacturer and they said the PG is old technology that hasn't evolved, while they kept improving theirs.

    The Photon Genie is actually more expensive than the PSB XII. If you've tried both, I would appreciate your feedback on it.

    Thank you.

  2. As far as I understand, both the Sound Beam and the Photon Genie were invented by Ed Skilling. The Sound Beam was a previous invention which was superseded by the Photon Genie. I have had one of the Photon Sound Beam versions and have a Photon Genie. I have liked both of them and do consider the Photon Genie to be superior. I sold the former to a friend of mine, because it felt redundant to keep both. Both will accomplish a certain level of healing results. The Photon Genie has, as far as I know, new healing frequencies added, mainly from the solfeggio healing scale and certain gigahertz frequencies that Raymond Rife could not yet discover with his methodology because the tech of the time did not have this range available. The friend who I sold the Soundbeam to likes the Photon Genie better also, he feels the frequency generation is smoother and less coarse than the Soundbeam. My feeling is that either machine is good and will do good, I prefer the Photon Genie and can feel it working in ways that I have not felt the other one to work. The effects of both are subtle. They do not cure any illness or try to, but boost our own ability to fight illness and to regenerate.

    I am not surprised at your confusion, though. It seems that Ed Skilling has not shared as much about his machines, because several people took his ideas and repackaged them. I tried to call his group and found that they were reserved about giving info to me and even asked if I was a reporter. I think that the group needs to share more information than they do so that people like you can have an easier time evaluating the many levels of tech that Ed Skilling has created. It is because of this tight control of info that I am guessing somewhat on what the difference really is.

    I would guess that the manufacturer you called may have been confusing one of the earlier versions of the Sound Beam with the Photon Genie (even the one I have is an older version than the present one). I would also guess that your healer friend may prefer the Soundbeam just because it keys in better to his own personal energy needs. If I surmise correctly, the Soundbeam (and I could be wrong, there have been a lot of versions) cycles the "big three" Rife universal healing frequencies. This means you get a bigger dose of those versus the wider cycling of the Photon Genie. I think the oldest version of the Sound Beam just used 728, the cellular regeneration frequency.

    Hope all this helps. Blessings.

  3. Thank you Will. Your mail re-assures me. I bought a used Photon Genie and haven't had it shipped to me yet since I'm currently located outside the US. I was thinking of selling it to buy the PSB XII instead. I'll have the Photon Genie shipped now.

    I've been looking for electro acupuncture devices that go in the gigahertz range, to help my dad recover from his ischemic stroke (right side affected, 70% recovered - limps now and can't use his right hand much).

    The only device I found that could get in this range is Norman Shealy's "Sheli Pain Pro" which operates in the 54 - 78 GHz range between 0-4 milliamps. His device is based on the Russian Electreat:

    I heard this frequency can only be produced on devices which use a spark gap. If the Photon Genie goes into the GHz, I'll definitely be keen to test it.

    I tried Bob Beck's MRT Energizer II, which supposedly go in the GHz range, but haven't had much success with it. It's a non-contact device that reminds me of a gas lighter. It never really became popular, compared to the rest of his protocol for cancer.

    For your information, below is what the PSB manufacturer claims:

    "The PSB XII has 2 Internal Coils so that each electrode is both sending and receiving the electrical energy, rather than only one output electrode and one ground electrode. This means that there is not shocking with the glass applicators when skin contact is interrupted. The Photon Genie has "Flat Pac" attachments, one with 100 Mhz and one at 7.8 Hz. Our Flat Pac is most harmonically-rich frequency emitter of any technology available in our opinion. It has 2 quartz crystal Radio wave emitters in Phi Ratio which carry harmonically-rich Sound Frequencies Brain Wave Frequencies, and Rife Frequencies up to 10,000 Hz.

    The PSB XII has 12 frequency settings – cycles all of the major Rife and Brainwave frequencies (36 frequencies each pulsed 5 times). It also has 4 Universal Rife Frequencies, 5 classical cancer frequencies and 2 brainwave frequency settings.

    I'm glad to have found your blog. We share some common interests and I'll touch on the other subjects in another post.

    Many blessings.

  4. Dear Yan, thank you for your post. From what you describe, it seems the Sound Beam PBX XII has a lot of good features and is an improvement over some of the versions I was aware of. The Flat Pack attachments on the Photon Genie that I have are the parts that pulse the gigahertz frequencies and there are two of them each doing something different simultaneously. You may also wish to look at my youtube channel "Raku777" where I present some sound healing compositions with some healing videos. There are layered healing sounds with brainwave frequencies, harmonic fifths, and solfeggio tones embedded in them, along with overtone chanted Tibetan Buddhist bija mantras. I will look forward to your next post. Blessings, Will

  5. Dear Will,

    I finally received the Photon Genie and certainly enjoying it. My family & I takes turns to use the flat packs while sleeping. Sleeping an hour with the Genie feels better than a full night's sleep. I'm almost thinking about getting another Genie since it's always being used!

    I bought mine used - from what I understood, the current version has WHITE connectors going to the plasma tubes. The older ones were grey or red I think.

    While searching, I came across yet another knock off of Ed's invention. The Photon Biovibe:

    They don't have the flat pack, but provides an audio input where they select frequencies from specific CD's. I like the ability to choose our own frequencies, but think the CD is a poor medium as a frequency generator like the F165 would be far more versatile. I believe the PSB from also have the CD input.

  6. Yan, I was just using my unit today and feeling a deep regeneration from it. I have one white and one red plasma tube. Glad you are enjoying yours. I am still getting a lot of mileage from mine. I will take a look at the knock off some time soon and see what I think.

  7. Will, I contacted the Photon Biovibe manufacturer about the difference with the Photon Genie and this is what they said:

    "The Photon Biovibe has the same high voltage transformers as the Photon Genie driving 2 PLASMA TUBES.

    The Photon Genie has only 1 frequency driving the Plasma Tubes and has 2 Flat packs that are swept and very low power out as restricted by FCC Part 15 so are pretty much useless.

    The Photon Biovibe uses an internal computer with 727Hz, 787Hz and 880Hz and also has an external CD jack that can be used with a CD player, MP3 player or a Function Generator with the right adapter.

    It works from 10 Hz to 20 KHz"

    I'm not sure, but I think only the original Photon Sound Beam (when Ed was still involved) was driving a single frequency. I think they added more frequencies in the current Photon Genie.

    I don't agree with their comment about the flat packs. I've used them exclusively without the plasma and found to be very effective in giving a quality sleep.

    Price-wise, they sell it for the same price as the Genie - $2995:

    though I found someone selling a used unit for $600, which is an excellent deal. However, I've seen used Photon Genie's selling for $800. I'm tempted to try the Biovibe, but my gut feel is telling me to stick with the Genie :)

  8. Yan, I am quite sure that the Photon Genie cycles a wide range of healing frequencies, including the solfeggio scale, the universal Rife healing frequencies, and some new giga-hertz ones. I think the flat packs have a six foot range. They are a little subtle, but I feel them and appreciate them. I agree with you about the Photon Genie. I have used it the most of all the Rife devices I have had and that is quite a lot. Second place goes to the Violet Ray device. In any case, I think you will get a lot of mileage out of the Photon Genie...Thank you for posting all the information that you did.

  9. Will,

    You mentioned about accidentally getting a pulsating magnet frequency from Ed's earlier "flat pack". From the link below:

    It looks like this flat pack is known as the Sound Magi or "Harmonic Pulser" and looks like this:

    For a short while, SOTA (which makes products for the Beck protocol) was selling these Harmonic Pulsers. I didn't realise that it was Ed who designed them.

    I bought a used Harmonic Pulser together with some older SOTA products recently and excited to learn that it goes in the GHz range. In essence, it sounds like it's a Lakhovsky's MWO in a box!

    Prior to that, I thought that the only device that went into GHz frequencies is Norm Shealy's Sheli TENS or Shealy Pain Pro. His protocol to increase DHEA consists of applying that GHz TENS daily on specific acupoints which he refers as "sacred rings".

    I'm getting an Atelier Robin F165 frequency generator primarily to use with an ABPA A2 for distant frequency treatments. The F165 can also drive plasma devices like the EMEM, be used as a contact device and TENS. Patrick looked at the patents of the Sheli TENS precursor (the Electreat) and said the TENS can't generate GHz frequencies directly. Rather, it's the harmonics created from the violent discharge from the spark gap.

    Getting back to sending our own chosen frequencies on the Photon Genie, if I understood correctly: I would use the FG as a contact device on the feet while holding the Photon Genie's tubes in the hands (with the sequence and precautions explained to avoid a shock), the frequencies from the FG would be emitted by the Photon Genie's plasma too, since they'll be transmitted through the body from the feet electrodes to the plasma tubes?

  10. Yan, wow, your research is very good and has covered a similar path to my own (and in many places you have found out more than I have). I had an EMEM and did drive it with an Atelier Robin F165! If it is the unit that I think it is, it is very programmable and I could design protocols and upload them into the unit from a computer. This was very handy. During a move, I sold the units at cost to a friend whose girl friend going through a serious illness (she is still alive). I talked with the designer of the EMEM and he redesigned the unit so that it had both the digital solid state accuracy and the hidden MWO support with a special spark gap. It worked very well this way and many people benefited from it. This kind of broadcast technology could do a whole room of people at the same time (I would program it for the universal Rife healing set and the solfeggio scale). Everyone could feel the technology working and it was a kind of meditation assistance.

    BTW as good as the digital solid state plus MWO was, I do not recommend it, not because it did not work, it worked better than the analogues and the digitals, with more broadcast power than either one for the same wattage and you could feel it very well. The main problem was not in its performance, but it could affect electronic equipment within a 40 foot range and even back-pulse through the power line. You would need to guard electronics with RF filters and make sure all the computers are off, and even unplugging them would help. Even then there is a minor risk of some wires inside them acting as antenna and drawing power into chips to fry them. I have sometimes thought of putting them in a EM protected room with the special RF shielding paint (expensive paint!) and have a separate line for the unit...Unless one is prepared to do this, the unit is too powerful in a good way that has the side effect of affecting electronics.

    SOTA is a company that I am connected with and they were the company authorized by Robert Beck for his protocols.

    Yes, in terms of using the Photon Genie as a carrier wave device for an FG unit, you hold the PG tubes with the hands and the put the FG contact pads on the feet. It is more like the skin conductance of the body mixes the frequencies together and then pushes them in deeper into the body with each pulse.

    Please keep in mind that this is an experimental hypothesis that I am sharing (and take note of some safety concerns and disclaimers mentioned above). I am quite sure it is working based a few treatments that did not work as well until both units were combined. When combined the results were deeper and smoother, and cleared a Lyme's brain fog quite consistently.

  11. Wow, so glad to find someone who walked a similar path. I'm grateful to have found your blog, without which I would have sold the Photon Genie without testing it, to get the PSB XII instead.

    I have an Inergetix Plasma Generator:

    which I plan to drive with the F165 as it's clumsy with both the Health Navigator, an external FG generator and a PC to drive it the Inergetix way.

    In fact, before Inergetix designed their own plasma generator, they were selling what looks like a standard EMEM that Travis sells for a few hundred dollars:

    I'm curious to know how they included a spark gap in your EMEM. Was it a custom job? I wasn't aware it could be included in the EMEM as I thought that it needed to be done from the Frequency Generator, though Patrick confirmed that his FG couldn't generate GHz signals as those are actually harmonics from the spark gap.

    I was really keen on getting a MWO, until I noticed both Forrester (Zephyr Technologies):

    and the author who tested several MWO's in the market:

    (from 3:40 to 4:40 in the video)

    came with the same conclusion that they don't recommend the MWO anymore, as they found the it wasn't the sparks that healed, but rather the ether created from it. Hence, they recommend a simpler orgone blanket instead. I'm gathering materials to make my own as per the instructions in the "Orgone Accummulator Handbook" now.

    I bought SOTA's MP5 and Lightworks this year and bought a used bundle consisting of the MPG2 magnetic pulser, ZBB3 Silver Pulser, Ed's Harmonic Pulser and BT6 Pro brain tuner. I checked the specs of the BT7 and found that the only improvement was checking whether the circuit was active. Is it worth upgrading to the BT7?

    I found the MP5 pulser effective - my sister in law has a severely sprained neck. She had 2 x 2 hr sessions on a heated jade mat, with Teslar's Light Beam Generator on her clavicles and the MP5 behind her neck. She could barely turn her neck when she came in, was much better after the first session and completely healed after the second session. Initially skeptic, she became a true believer after that experience!

    Before getting the MP5, I was in-between the SOTA and the Klemens Pulser:

    which claims to be much more effective the SOTA. Have you had any experience with it?

    Finally, I thought that the Photon Genie is more advanced than the Violet Ray and thus wouldn't have a need for it with the Photon Genie. Did you find this to be the case?

    Many blessings.

  12. Thank you for your post. I did burn out a notebook computer with a homemade MWO and since then I have been wary about using them. I have used the orgone blankets and find them very useful, especially if you weave a bio-circuit into them. I have made several of them and have given them to people to support their healing process. The most powerful one allowed me to feel waves of tingling and to super heat my body to activate the enzyme support for healing. But there was a person who was struggling with cancer that experienced such good effects from it that I gave it to her when she moved, so that she could continue with her healing process. The book you mention had the blueprint that I used (I contracted a person with a sewing machine who was really good to make it for me).

    I have tried the BT, BT3, BT5, BT6, and BT7, and found them to be really about equal. Some of the style and design improved, but the main wavepattern is the same in all and is what was most researched. The BT7 had some extra settings that functioned in a TENS unit manner and this extra function is both good and desirable, but the main effect is the same in all of them. I have one unit that is almost the same as the BT7, but never use the extra functions. I like the BT a lot and like its simplicity to use. I think it is one of the most powerful units that you can travel with easily and use quickly.

    I also have a jade mat and use this with the Photon Genie with a Nikken far infrared reflecting blanket. The jade pad regenerates far infrared and the nikken blanket bounces them back to the person for a deeper effect. I have to put an extra sheets on, because people will sweat more, especially if they are addicted to a substance, have a prescription with toxic side effects, or have something deep to purge. Skilling seems to be experimenting with fever level heat supporting the plasma pulses.

    The violet ray is something I use a lot. It is not as powerful as the Photon Genie, but it is more portable and is good for focusing on certain spots. Given how in expensive they are, they are very good for the dollar investment in them. I would say that if a person wanted to get some of the benefits of Rife plasma technology but was on a tight budget that the Violet Ray would be a good choice. I have an industrial strength unit that can go for hours. The cheaper units need to be turned off after 15 minutes. They are OK, but this limitation needs to be worked around.

    Again, thanks for posting and sharing. I hope to get to some of your other questions later on. It feels good to find people who are following this technology and seeing what it has to offer.

  13. Hi you two, I have just read all your posts and you blew me away with your knowledge which left me for dead. I just want to thank you for posting it. I am looking at the big photon genie that you sit in that sells for $25 - have you heard anything about it. You both sound remarkable. Blessings for a great day, Diane

  14. Diane,

    I presume you're referring to the Photon Genius. Their CEO, Warren Starnes, spoke about at length at the Tesla conference, which you can find at:

    I spoke to Warren about it - besides having longer and more powerful tubes, it also has Far Infra Red (which can be switched off if needed - since it's real calorie burner). It doesn't quite replace the Genie - it's more complementary.

    I have 2 Photon Genie's, but haven't used the Genius, so can't comment about its efficiency. For its size, I was expecting it to be a LOT more expensive and was happy to see it reasonably-priced.

    Lots of pseudo-health equipment like the Core Inergetix, which is more psychological than physical, sell for more than the Genius!

    If you're based in the US, you may want to try it at one of the health centers which carry it, before making the jump.

    NB: I have no commercial involvement with them, besides being a satisfied customer. We use the Photon Genie every day in the family.

    Hope this helps.

  15. Dear Diane, Thank you for your post and your kind thoughts. I noticed from your write up that you did Rebirthing breathing (and quite a few other things that I have also experienced and learned from). I assume that you did enough Rebirthing to have gone through a charge/discharge cycle with at one least one repressed emotion held within the body and breathed through to feel the waves of blissful tingling sensations shimmering through your body?

    In regard to your question, I assume you are asking about the Photon Genius (on the main page at I have not had direct experience with this technology, but liked what I read about it. I have tried to duplicate something of this tech, though, by artfully combining my Photon Genie with a Jade thermal mat (a blanket of small flat round stones that are heated so that they emanate far infrared frequencies), and a Nikken far infrared reflecting magnetic blanket (creating a far infrared "sandwich"). Although I have not tried to get to the exact 106 degrees that Ed Skilling recommends for healing, I have created a kind of "sweat cocoon" that seems to give the benefits of a sweat lodge. It seems that certain repair enzymes are heat activated and start to work on the body when they are in this kind of cocoon. This lower budget equivalent seems very good for healing, but does involve changing sheets often. It seems enhanced by taking high quality enzymes (like those from Enzymatica or organic pineapple and/or papaya) and some very pure water beforehand. I use well water that has been double filtered and then microclustered with a Vitalizer Plus unit. Doing the deep and slow Rebirthing breathing within this cocoon can also enhance the effect.

    I do try to measure my time within this kind of cocoon, as high heat is something to play with very carefully. My thermal mat has a timer on it and I usually go for one hour (it takes about 10 minutes to rev up) and put it on half of maximum heat (which is plenty for the "cocoon" since it conserves the heat inside it). I am a little bolder with myself, but when working with others I am cautious about whether or not a person can handle the heat cocoon. Generally speaking, if they can handle a sweat lodge or a hot tub Rebirthing session they would do fine. If a person was very toxic from substance abuse, it might be wise to drink some pure water, do Rebirthing breathing without the cocoon, and maybe some five minute sessions on the Photon Genie first (and maybe get some guidance on diet and herbal cleansing).

  16. Will,

    Thanks for sharing about the jade mat. I use one too and haven't tried the reflecting Nikken blanket.

    With regards to sweating in the cocoon, do you know if the FIR penetrates clothing? i.e. would putting a towel on the jade mat reduce the FIR benefits?

    Instead of using the Nikken blanket, do you think a standard aluminum-lined blanket (or even an orgone blanket) have the same effect?

    You also mention about charging water. I'm currently reading "Slim Spurling's Universe" which describes the Life Light tools that can be used to charge water amongst other things.

    Have you had any experience with Slim's tools?

    Many blessings.

  17. Dear Yan, Yes, I do feel that FIR penetrates clothing. When I had some FIR lamps, the doses were working on a rash through even a layer of blue jean pants. The effect of the mat is more ambient and less focused, but I feel it does penetrate a few layers. The jade stones get very hot and I use a blanket to insulate and diffuse the heat. I also use a think cotton sheet (high thread count) above and below myself or someone else to soak any sweat. So far, for the length of treatment, a thick cotton sheet has been enough. The Nikken FIR reflecting blanket enhances the effect a lot (it also has some strong magnets set inside it which seem to rapidly alkalize the body...there is a test where you suck on a lemon, notice the taste, and then put the blanket around one, suck the lemon again, and notice the difference in taste). I think that the effect of orgone blanket would be beneficial, but I suspect it would be different. I have used an orgone blanket cocoon and it is great to use (especially with a biocircuit inside), but it feels different from a FIR reflecting blanket. I think, however, that any blanket which helps hold in heat would produce a good cocoon for healing and probably keep some FIR accumulating inside. Above the Jade mat I have three layers, one quilt that is double folded as a heat protective layer, one sheet as a dirt cover for it, and then an extra thick cotton sheet when used in the cocoon. Between the person on the table and the Nikken FIR reflecting blanket is also a cotton sheet (or a large one folded into a cocoon which covers both sides). The FIR blanket does not like to get wet, so I am protective of it this way.

    I have had a little bit of experience with an Slim Spurling device, but I do not own one. I could feel energy coming out of the device and I think it would be very good for charging water.

    Many Blessings.

  18. Hi, I'm new to frequency generator, which i planning to get one for my wife, she suffering cancer pain due to swelling of the tumor behind her nose... Can anyone tell me what is the different between Photon Genie with BCX Ultra? BCX Ultra claims that they are the best frequency generator in the market....? But Photon Genie didn't show any detail spec... tq

  19. Dear Mun Hui Choo, I think that you will find the notes on this blog will give you a good idea of the capabilities of the Photon Genie. Basically, it cycles through a series of universal healing frequencies, including key frequencies of the solfeggio healing musical scale, the Schumann resonances, the Rife universal healing frequency set, and some giga hertz frequencies that Rife was not able to discover because he was limited to the technological level of his time and the audio frequency range. Ed Skilling explored the giga hertz range following Rife's research method. That is my understanding of what his machine does and I am quite sure that it is fairly accurate, but not perfectly sure.

    The BCX Ultra and the BCX series in general is also a very good machine and is one that I have been tempted to buy. Both the Skilling machine and the BCX are a little spendy. I have not ever found a used BCX machine and suspect that the owners of the machine are very happy with it. The two machines are similar in terms of gas tube technology, but very different in terms of focus. The Skilling device is a set of very good frequencies in a kind of "one size fits all" way. The BCX is designed to do one frequency at a time and needs to have the frequencies input manually. It would be awkward to set up a cycle of frequencies. I do not remember if you can plug in a computer or programmable frequency generator (make sure you add an RF choke on the ine to make sure there is no electrical backlash that could fry the unit, they are at Radio Shack for a few bucks and fit on the cable that connects the unit to the BCX). But this feature would mean that you could simulate the frequencies of the Skilling device (only partly, it is rare for those generators to handle the giga hertz level, except maybe the very low end). I think, though, the BCX is usually used for just one frequency at a time and stopping between them to change them. If someone knows for sure, they are welcome to post here and update this.

    I was tempted to get the BCX to supplement the Skilling, because occasionally a programmable frequency specific device (gas tube, not contact device, and the range is only 6 feet, which means that the broadcast will not fry any nearby electronics, and the contact device do not penetrate as deep beyond the skin and are not as comprehensive in their effect on the body) can use frequencies from the "electro herbalism" site and the CAFL or NAFL lists of frequencies keyed into which symptoms and body parts. There is some call for this, but then you need to know what you are doing and know what precautions to take, and how long to expose yourself, both per a session and per a month). In short, the BCX is really for a practitioner who is used to studying and following a systematic protocol.

    I find in my healing work that I like the Photon Genie because it is "one size fits all". I know it will always help boost the healing, immune, and regenerative processes in anyone. It sometimes is enough to cure a person of what ails them. But it is designed to help everyone, but not heal anything specific. It works by boosting our body's ability to heal itself and does are great job. I have been using mine for about 8 years now and have not regretted getting it. Friends have used it and it has never harmed anyone.

  20. Hello Will,

    I also considered the BCX Ultra as well as a GB-4000. Eventually I settled on the Atelier Robin F-165 which can be used both as a contact device and to drive a Plasma Generator. I'm using an Inergetix Plasma Generator, but there are much cheaper alternatives (under $500) like the EMEM and you have a choice of tubes you can use.

    The F-165 can be programmed via USB with specific programs saved on the device. It's small and easily carried around. I first heard about it on Dr. Jeff Sutherland's frequency healing blog.

    What I do miss with the F-165 though is the hand held plasma wands, as used by the Photon Genie, Photon Sound Beam and BCX Ultra. I would love to be able to use such wands with the F-165.

    Any idea what is required to drive a hand held plasma wand?

  21. Dear Yan, I like the F-165 and had one drive an EMEM. I sold the set at cost to a friend who got it for his girl friend and it helped them cure strong illness (one that is considered incurable, I can't say more about it for confidentiality's sake). I did miss the F-165 and may get another one. The EMEM was specially designed in consultation with the inventor for me and was very powerful, had a 40 foot range. This is very effective and is comparable in power to the wands as far as the effect on the body. The only problem was that it can fry some of the electronics within a 20 foot range or more, including any neighborhood apartment dweller's stuff within this range. RF chokes can limit this, but some of the surges can move through the power line also, and need surge protectors and even line conditioners. The normal EMEM has a 20 to 25 foot range which is easier on the electronics.

    I did do an experiment that I felt was successful, but it is not proven. You use a "violet ray" wand, an old Edgar Cayce device (mentioned in a lot of his healing readings and which is used by cosmetics people for skin regeneration). You hold this in one hand and have electrodes from a frequency generator like the F-165 (which is ideal because it has a battery mode). The frequencies pulse across the skin surface and then are "driven" into the blood stream by the violet ray. The device is about 80 dollars to 250 dollars depending on the quality of the unit and the number of gas tubes. You want an Argon gas one. I would highly recommend the electrodes at the feet and the frequency generator be battery driven, so that you do not have a "complete circuit" with an outside electrical source. It would also be important that the violet ray power plug be properly grounded and not be used during an electrical storm. It is also important that the output of the F-165 be low, at minimum feeling threshold, this way the unit will not get fried by the slight increase in skin GSR electricity from the violet ray. I would also recommend that electrodes be attached to the feet, as far away from the F-165 attachment site as possible. The violet ray is also on minimum sensory threshold setting.

    I would add that this is from my own personal research and is very experimental. I do not have scientific validation and, although I am very cautious with electricity, I cannot guarantee that it is entirely safe. You would have to assume any risk and responsibility. I am just giving my best information regarding my own exploration. Having said this, I have had some good results with this kind of set up. The only problem that I found was that it does take some time and care to set it up.

    (continued next post)

  22. (continued from last post)

    I would also try adding an in line circuit breaker, the kind that is built into bathroom electrical wall sockets and hair driers. They have a plug in version that fits between the walls and the unit, as an extra safety. I am not sure, though, it the micro back surges from the unit back into the wall socket may trigger too many shut offs. But all in all, I like to add as many levels of safety when I work with high voltage ionized plasma tubes.

    My sense is that this set up is similar to what fancy units do, only the "mixing" happens at the skin surface, rather than inside the electronics of the unit. The natural frequencies of the violet ray would act as a "carrier wave".

    I got the idea from accidentally having a magnetic pulse frequency "ride" a fixed frequency broadcast device. I made a simple magnetic pulser by stripping an old speaker, keeping the electro-magnetic coil intact, so it pulsed waves rather than sound (about 2 to 3 inches only). I put the device over a broadcaster that had a 1/4 mile range and found it did piggy back this signal. Even though it was not wired to the unit, the magnetic field permeated the unit and "mixed" in the broadcast part of the circuitry, I suspect near the antenna. It did, however, scramble my wifi and I had to reboot my entire computer system (that is how I found out it worked).

    I should add that there is a minor risk on frying the F-165 too. I did not with mine, but I cannot rule it out.

    Hope this helps. Happy to share with a fellow explorer of this kind of healing technology.

    Blessings, Will

  23. Dear Will,

    I finally get my PG! I'm so happy with it... May I know, is there any protocol for healing certain kind of body condition? It will be nice if you can share your experiences. Thanks!


  24. Dear Mun Hui Choo,

    Happy for you that you have one of these units too.

    This thread has a lot of notes on how to use the PG. The main thing is that I need to share a caveat. I cannot really prescribe use or give medical advice for anything and cannot take responsibility for what people do with their units or even with any advice they derive from my comments. It is a legal thing. I agree with the intent of this. I have taken responsibility for my own health and I find others have done the same. I am happy to share what I have found as long as it is understood in this context. They are more the report of a pioneer than any proof.

    The PG is really not illness specific, but boosts overall health. It oxygenates the blood, alkalizes the blood, cleanses the lymphatic system, recharges cells to their normal electrical potential (which then repels junk proteins and causes more detox), and weakens pathogens to the level where our own immune system can handle them better. I find that drinking very pure water before a treatment helps the detox process. I also take Ionic Fizz, which is the best tasting of the ionic mineral supplements that I have found (they all work, but this one tastes good). This helps the body hold its bio-electric recharge. I do slow rebirthing breathing (a form of pranayama) to help the process.

    I have found that this basic use can be intensified by use of a biomat, a mat with jade or amethyst disks that when heated generate far infrared frequencies. I put a blanket over me so that it creates a sauna effect. I place absorbent sheets on both sides to soak the sweat. You to be careful with when mixing high voltage electricity with a saline solution (sweat, a good conductor). The main danger is if you let go of one electrode. This creates a charge in the air that wants to ground. So you never want to let go of both electrodes until you turn off the unit. I have also added some essential oils to the back and neck (do not touch the eyes after application). I have used mainly lavender, clove, and peppermint, sometimes tea tree oil, cypress, and spearmint. You would need to learn to safety protocols for their use, make sure they are therapeutic grade, and test for any allergic reaction. Combined, these technologies work very well, but you do need to be cautious and know what you are doing. You would need to review their safety protocols separately, from the manuals that usually come with the products, and then some of the new ones that come from combination (mainly from sweat being an electrical conductor).

    I have been able to cure infections more rapidly, accelerate the recovery time, get rid of headaches due to food poisoning (very fast), and just feel energized, relaxed, and renewed by spending time with the PG. I have been using it for years. My only regret is that I should spend more time than I do with it and need to make more time with it.

    I have done sessions ranging for five minutes to four hours on them. I listen to ambient peaceful music that is conducive to meditation while doing it. I have actually composed some music that works well. It is on my youtube channel (Raku777) or for download from "" under the musician name "Ambient Dharma" (Solar Wind 528 is one example). The other compositions by the other artists are also worth trying out.

    Sincerely, Will

  25. Dear Will,

    I'm trying to help my wife to reduce her cancer's pain on her head, face, left nose, eyes, gum, and her lymph nodes which are swollen. I have try for 3 days, few times a day, but no significant help. She will pain until crying and shouting.May i know is there anyway to help her? Thanks!

    Mun Hui

  26. Dear Mun Hui, I can empathize with your wish and love of your wife. I am sure that there are processes that can help your wife either heal or at least feel better. It is very tricky to advise remotely, though, especially with the limited information given. Cancer, in particular, can be very complex and requires a lot of moment to moment awareness of what is happening. It would be wise to find a local health professional. I am legally bound to not give any diagnosis or prescription.

    I have worked with people who have undergone conventional medical treatment of cancer as support. The conventional treatment can be very rough and can leave the regeneration and immune system in a weakened condition afterwards. The idea of the procedure is that our cells are stronger than the cancer cells and will survive the onslaught better than the cancer cells, which hopefully die off completely. But in the friends that I know of, one doctor misdiagnosed one cancer which was contained in a tumor, when the tumor was cut out, it released some cancer cells from the containment and they spread through the whole body and killed her, another died after "round three" of chemo and surgery, another died after "round two".

    My colonic irrigation teacher successfully eliminated cancer with a very alkaline diet with lots of raw food, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and daily colonics (a process which washes the colon clean with pure water). She also did careful belly massage (if you do it wrong, you can create spastic colon) to help the body release its toxic load. There is a procedure called "lymphatic drainage massage" which is helpful too. But dealing with cancer can be very complex. Sometimes very healthy food can also feed the cancer cells and make them thrive. One patient that I was helping feel better during her chemo could not eat certain healthy foods, her doctor felt they would strength the cancer at the same time they helped the physical body. I found that essential oils gave her some strength while not feeding the cancer, in particular external application of clove, lavender, and peppermint, which have a small amount of absorbable nutrient as part of their overall healing effect. Clove oil has also been known as a pain reducer. Turmeric tea can help reduce inflammation from the inside out. I heard fresh garlic juice or Kyolic also helps.


  27. (continued from last one)

    I do find it curious the places you describe that are swollen. They seem to be around the sinus cavities and inner ear. They might suggest an infection there. If I had these symptoms, I might try a neti pot and flush the sinuses out with pure water mixed with a small amount of baking soda, sea salt, and the amount of peppermint oil that would be put into the pot from dipping a toothpick tip 1/4 inch into the oil and then dipping it into the neti pot. I would also put a few drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (a few drops) into the ears to flush out any dirty wax. There are some other things that I would do for myself it I had some of the symptoms that you mention. But I honestly do not know enough of what your wife is going through to know what would work or help her with any confidence or whether such innocent processes may have unknown side effects. Cancer can be complex to work with.

    I do highly advise finding a good healer and/or health practitioner nearby to help you with this. It seems that some comprehensive treatment plan would need to be designed for her and also would require regular monitoring.

    I would also recommend chanting a mantra "Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh" to help your wife. If you wish, I can chant for her.

    I think that the PG is a very good tool and a very good support for nearly any illness recovery process. It probably will not hurt at all. But it does sound you need more than this too.

    You are welcome to message me through my youtube channel (Raku777) and send me your email address. If you have Skype we can talk on the VOIP phone. It might be more private this way. This thread is a public forum and is really not designed for sharing the details of serious illness struggle.

    Sincerely and Blessings, Will

  28. Hi Will,

    The GB4000 was mentioned mentioned here once. What is your feeling and experience with this machine?

    J. W. Hu

  29. Dear J.W. Hu,

    I have not had any experience on the GB4000 and therefore cannot say anything personal experience. If I remember right, from when I was shopping around and researching the rife machines, it is a "contact rife" machine, meaning you hold non-gas electrodes, metal ones, and that you use built in frequency options for certain diseases. There are two limits of these kinds of machines. One is that, unless you can update the machine data base or go on a manual setting where you can input your own frequencies, you are limited to the options and research behind the company. Two is that contact rife machines conduct mainly along the surface of the skin and only penetrate the body to a certain extent. Gas rife or magnetic rife machines will go through the entire body. Contact rife can be stronger where it goes and can be complementary to the gas tube rife machines. But by itself it may have some limits. It can still sometimes heal, since sometimes it can cause enough good for the human immune system to get the upper hand. But if the disease is a "good hider", it may find a place where the rife machine cannot reach it and occasionally come back when the immune system is weak or under stress. Contact rife machines also differ in range, wobble, and accuracy. Some use the audio frequency band, and some go far into the gigahertz level. Some are, oddly enough, too precise, and lock into one frequency. It seems that it is better to have some wobble, where if, let's say, the frequency is at 8 hz, that it wobbles between 7 hz and 9 hz. This is because the resonance frequency of a living pathogen will not be the same from cell to cell, and some wobble may wipe out the adaptive mutations.

    Unfortunately, most advertisements do not give the level of information to really compare rife units with each other, but sometimes you can write and ask.

    In terms of contact rife, I did try the F-165, also mentioned above by someone else, and was very happy with this. I eventually sold it below my cost to a friend (along with a gas EMEM rife) whose girl friend was dying of AIDS. She is essentially cured, according to my friend. I cannot verify his story (in terms of documentation and something akin to scientific proof), but he is happy and she is still alive. I have been tempted to get another one of each...

    Blessings, Will

  30. Thanx for your reply, I used the GB on Lyme and feel much better but a recent time spent on a Core showed some residual but it could be tissue memory. Lyme's design means it can certainly hide.

  31. Part of the protocol for Lyme's that I heard about is to do treatments one a day for one month. Lyme's may be a colony of six different organisms and each would need their own resonance frequencies, and each different phase of their life cycle would also have different resonances. It seems that cycling through each of the key frequencies every day for at least a month is being cautious.

    I am reading a book called HERBAL ANTIBIOTICS by Stephen Buhner. He also has another book devoted solely to Lyme's. I have thought that combining herbal treatments with rife technology would be a good idea. If so, though, some researchers seem to caution to keep the treatments separate, because of "electro-poration" (where the electricity opens up the cell membrane more and lets potentially toxic antibiotic herbs deeper into the cells, this may or may not be a good thing...with detox herbs it might be good, but the cautious recommend just keeping the treatments spaced apart from each other). The different approaches may smoke out more the hiding places. I feel that using essential oils and DMSO (there are safety protocols to use DMSO wisely, as what is put with it is carried through the skin and if it is toxic can hurt definitely want to research this before using and consult with a health practitioner that is skilled in its use). DMSO (you only want to use about 5 drops at a time or per an area) is like a "liquid needle" that does not pierce the skin, but can carry herbal tinctures and essential oils to challenge some of the hiding places that Lymes can go. The trickiest places to get to are the ones that get into the brain. I imagine a gas rife and/or a magnetic rife might address this, but I have no data if it goes deep enough and strong enough to wipe out Lymes there.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. When enough testimonies validate a protocol, it adds up to something significant being discovered. I know several people who have Lyme's.

  32. Will,

    Dr. Jeff Sutherland has a huge following of very sick people, primarily from Lyme. His setup consists of sending frequencies (contact me offline for details) programmed on the F-165 and sent through either the ABPA A2 or SG-1.

    I haven't had to use it for Lyme, but 3 weeks ago my son got chickenpox just before his school play. As soon as the first blister and a dozen spots appeared, I put him on the jade mat and I blasted him the chickenpox using the F-165 as a contact device (My Inergetix Plasma Generator use an RG-9 connector while the F-165 uses coaxial, so I couldn't use plasma).

    I also ordered additional frequencies from Charlene Boehm (dnafrequencies dot com) and left the contact device running throughout the night.

    In the morning, the first blister dried out and the other spots didn't become blisters. Much to our relief, he no longer had any signs of chickenpox and could participate in his school play. It was the mildest and quickest attack of chickenpox I've ever seen.

  33. Dear Yan, Thanks for sharing your last post. Sorry I did not comment sooner. The holiday season was more demanding on my time than usual. I use a jade mat too and it works very well with my Photon Genie for deep healing. For myself, when I feel I really need help I take a super hot bath, turn on the jade mat, cover myself with a far infrared reflecting blanket, rub lavender, clove, and peppermint oil on key spots on my body (I love to have it rubbed all over the entire spine, but that is hard to do for myself), hold the Photon Genie electrodes set on the middle setting, drink pure ph balanced microclustered water, and do conscious circular breathing (deep and slow Rebirthing breathing). This has always helped me. There were a few infections that needed some special herbal brews in addition to this, but this has always helped.

    I will take up your offer to get the lyme's protocol details.

    The sharing that you gave from your experience fits what I would like to see in these posts, that we all share our experience and learn from each other together on this frontier.

    Blessings, Will

  34. PS Yan, I tried to see if your profile had an email, but did not find it. One of the previous posts has my youtube channel name and you can message me there and we can start an offline communication. Blessings.

    1. Hello Will,

      I only found this note now. Besides the Photon and F-165, I've added a Quantum Resonance System (PEMF) mat and a Mora Super+ to my arsenal of tools.

      I haven't found the PEMF as effective as other protocols I used. On acute cases (e.g. a 210 blood pressure), I've seen on amazing results on the Mora, normalizing it to 150 within 20 minutes while conventional drugs couldn't.

      I'll message you on youtube channel and we can talk more offline.

      Many blessings.

  35. Hi People, I finally clicked on a site where some owners of the Photon Genie reside. Skilling doesn't really have a comments or testimonial page on the instrument. I know they have sold dozens of the machines and there must be some feedback somewhere on the research results. I have some but no forum exists to compare results with other researchers that I have found. I purchased one in October 2011 and quite satisfied with the results. However, having previously studied Royal rife before purchasing one of those machines for my father, I felt it necessary to further understand the work of Lakhovsky and Tesla.

    The Photon genie certainly worked for my Deep Vein Thrombosis. The Aneurysm they found in the process has stopped growing. I think Skilling was a genious, but the MWO should have been included.

    Bob Beck was featured in the Psychotronics conference in the 80's and stated that in his capacity to research and review and report on all the miriad of machines to the State of California, he found the Lakhovsky MWO was one that really worked. He generated his own paper on his version that was published on the web.

    The descriptions of the miraculous recovery of patients using the MWO were stunning. The PG has not achieved that level yet but i think it can.

  36. Dear Leo, Thanks for your sharing. I have several of Bob Beck's devices, including a very mini-MWO that I like a lot. It is like a very small Tesla coil and emits a multi-wave ionized plasma. It is a very small affected zone and it is mainly for acupuncture points. It seems that Ed Skilling was more forthright at one time, but kept quiet when too many people tried to copy him. I did call his organization and the person I talked with was a little guarded. He seemed under instructions not to share much. I did find more about the PG from reading a lot of info online.

    I built a few MWO machines and had one built for me. There are problems with this technology. The one that I had custom made was twice as powerful as the unit was before the customizations (an extra gas tube and a spark plug that induces MWO). Meaning that any electronics within a 40 foot range can get fried. One of my devices fried my laptop computer. It seems there is such a signal rich frequency soup coming from an MWO that it finds and electrifies various microchip parts and can fry chips. Even when I put some RF chokes on all the main wires, there was still a risk. It was an MWO based on a krypton gas tube that fried my computer.

    I did run across some groups that felt the MWO while usually good, question whether all the frequencies in the soup are benign and occasionally mentioned electro sensitive people that are adversely affected by them. But my experience with them, other than the electronics frying, has also been good with them.

    I actually like my PG better than the MWO, because the treatment feels "smoother". The MWO felt both stronger, more intense, and a little harsher. For regular use, I like the former. But if the MWO gas tube broadcast units did not have the risk of frying my electronics or my neighbours, I would probably get another one to experiment with. I sold my MWO at cost to a friend who had a girl friend that he said was dying of AIDS. Her girl friend is still alive and feels cured. I do not any documentation to prove anything here, but my friend and his girl friend are very happy. He is hoping to set it up in a Faraday cage so it does not fry any electronics.

    Again, thanks for sharing your experience. I am grateful to everyone who has added to this thread.

    Sincerely, Will

  37. Urgent! Help a novice here;
    Can a photon genie help with stage 4 cancer?

  38. Dear Steve, I would encourage you to read all the posts in this thread. There are some very good people sharing their thoughts and their experience with the Photon Genie. What this thread is not able to do, though, is be a substitute for conventional medical treatment or conventional medical diagnosis. You will notice, at many intervals, that I repeat a disclaimer and must encourage a person to seek a health professional when it comes to a serious illness.

    Having said this, I have found the Photon Genie seems to boost health and has helped me with a very wide range of ailments. It has not always been enough, by itself, to cure me (though somtimes it has), but it has always felt like it was helping. One time I ate some toxic food at restaurant that gave me a migraine level headache. I drank some very pure filtered and microclustered water, laid down on my healing table, hooked myself up to the Photon Genie, and breathed in deep and slow Rebirthing style. I could feel toxins get neutralized and alkalized. Within one hour my migraine went away. My urine afterwards was a little on the dark side, as if my body had purged and excreted the toxins.

    You are welcome to share whatever you wish on this thread or to email me and share your story if you want, if you need some privacy. If you want to email me, you will find what you need to contact me if you read all the posts in this thread carefully. I have a feeling that you will glean some important understandings from doing so.

    Good wishes with your healing process, Will

  39. Thanks Will.

    Is there a way to email or call you?


  40. Dear Steve, I mention my youtube channel in one of the posts above. You can send a message to me through this. The compositions on the site are for healing and you might also find them interesting. Blessings, Will

  41. Thanks Will.
    I had it bookmarked already.

  42. ola pessoas nao entendo muito sobre este aparelho mais pelo pouco que li é muito bom maravilhoso, eu moro em sao paulo brasil tenho cancer linfatico sou muito pobre no momento, nao posso comprar um,se alguem quiser fazer uma caridade e doar um serei eternamente grata espero com fé.sueli m.souza

  43. Querido Sueli, Isto pode ser difícil de realizar. Você pode desejar considerar uma máquina de Violet Ray, que é muito mais disponível. Edgar Cayce recomendou-lhes em mais de 900 sessões se curam. Quando habilmente usado eles podem ser úteis em um processo de cura. Você ainda terá provavelmente de trabalhar com um curandeiro experimentado ou profissional de saúde para ter um programa completo. Você tem a Voz Google conectável na sua página de gmail (Ele permitiria que nós falássemos pelo telefone)? Contudo, não conheço o português. Digo o inglês e alguns espanhol básicos. Bênçãos, Will (translated by computer)

  44. What was translated:
    Dear Sueli, This may be difficult to achieve. You may wish to consider a Violet Ray machine, which is much more affordable. Edgar Cayce recommended them in over 900 healing sessions. When skillfully used they can be helpful in a healing process. You will probably still need to work with a skilled healer or health professional to have a complete program. Do you have the Google Voice plug in on your gmail page (It would allow us to talk on the phone)? However, I do not know Portuguese. I speak English and some basic Spanish. Blessings, Will

  45. Hello.

    I recently bought a photon genius and have yet to hook it up as it runs on 220v. Im know interested in supplementing it with a genius. From what I gather basically the Photon Genie is the best healing device instrument. In terms of its overall specs, the harmonics, noble gas plasma, and giga hertz capability it seems it is the best one.

  46. Thank you for sharing. If I remember right, the Photon Genius is that very expensive one that you stand in front of? If so, I found I could simulate some of its effect combining a Photon Genie with a Jade Stone Biomat (you have to put a thick cover over the mat and another cover over oneself, with sheets over them to absorb the sweating one will do. The thick comforters also make sure the saline in the sweat does not complete a circuit with the biomat and the high voltage electricity of the Photon Genie by soaking all the way through to the mat. I do not use this set up often, but found it did activate a regeneration effect. It seems to engage some heat activated regenerative enzymes in the body. However, although I am cautious and never even got electrically zapped, I am still unsure how safe the combo is. There is only a small gap to prevent completing the circuit. I try to not have two electrical units working on the same body plugged in at the same time when one is high voltage based. I am sometimes extra cautious and will even put two comforters and large towel between me and the mat. I mention this warning as a caveat for anyone who is exploring this and am only reporting my experience. I cannot wholeheartedly endorse this method, but can only say that I have not had any actual problems. I think what might save the Photon Genie from doing high voltage completion of the circuit is that it is very low in its amps, which seems to be in the micro-amp range. This is very wise of its design.

    Please feel free to share what you experience here and many blessings on your discovery process.

  47. so in conclusion what is the strongest PG or PSB?
    whats the best for your buck?

  48. In terms of what I have experienced for myself, the Photon Genie I have felt like a smoother and finer current than the Sound Beam (at least I think it was this one), but it was also 3x more expensive. It is actually a harder question to answer than it first appears, because I get that the models may be evolving over time and getting a little better, and the prices may be changing as well. All of these, including the Violet Ray (which can be as affordable as 50 bucks, instead of 3,400 bucks and 700 bucks) will do a lot in common. I like the Photon Genie the best of these, because it cycles through the Rife universal healing frequency set and the Solfeggio frequencies, and a few gigahertz healing frequencies that Skilling had discovered. If you can find a clone that does this cheaper, then it might be worth it. As far as healing power for your money, the Violet Ray may actually be the best and the most affordable, but it is the most manual and will require skill to use and to not shock yourself.

  49. where do I buy the volet ray from?

  50. They are often on Ebay with some of the ones from China very inexpensive to get. However, you want to make sure there is a good return policy for the unit, as many break during transport. You also want to make sure, for the purposes mentioned above, an Argon (violet color) gas tube. Many of them are Neon, and it seems this gas is often used for facials. Neon runs hotter than Argon and is a little more intense to use. I would recommend querying the supplier before ordering and to double check which gas is being used. You also want to get the unit from a source with a good seller rating.


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