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About 12/21/2012

There has been a lot mentioned, pro and con, about the Winter Solstice of 2012 that is approximately on 12/21/2012 CE.  There are several positions about what is going to happen before, during, and after this day.  The positions range from the scientific materialist skeptical view that nothing in particular is going to happen on this day, and that it is just another day like any other day, to an apocalyptic and catastrophic end of the world with or without a possible rebirth into a better world.  Central to many views of the Winter Solstice as being special is the Mayan Calendar and the work of Jose Arguelles in decoding the Mayan Calendar to come up with this date.  Even on this level, there are even more possible positions, about the viability of his analysis of the Mayans and ancient history in general.  Some historians do come from a kind of modern view of ancient history that humans were more primitive, more barbaric, and less advanced than we are in the 21st century, even though some of the drone bombings, water board torturing, lashing ropes around enemies and pulling them around with trucks until they die, to scraping their skin off with surgical knives, to making toy butterflies that blow up children, to putting a whole race into ovens during World War II, dipping whole families in an acid pool where they are slowly and painfully digested for days, and making a whole church out of the bones of designated heretics would outdo any primitive barbarism that I have found in my historical studies.

My sense is that the extreme apocalyptic view and the scientific materialism view somehow play off of each other.  The former pushes a perception of the future that is so extreme that it is easier to debunk by the other extreme.  My feeling is more of the kind that "there is usually something historical and real to the myths and traditions of the ancient world".  It may not be a complete validation of everything that they believe as they believed it, but it is usually a validation that something happened that was interpreted within the framework of their beliefs, myths, and histories.

To set a few things straight, Jose Arguelles did not merely study the Mayan Calendar, but a very wide range of ancient time markers, including the Hindu Yuga system, the Buddhist Kalachakra system, the Incan calendar, the Taoist I Ching Calendar, and very possibly the Druid Celtic Stonehenge Calendar.  With the possible exception of the last calendar, I seemed have been within two years of every location that Jose Arguelles studied in his quest to understand the ancient calendars and what they could mean.  I did see some of the very same ruins and do especially remember the Mayan ones when I was in Yucatan.  I remember my 

Spanish teacher in the 4th and 5th grade talking about the ruins and even organizing a field trip to visit the Aztec ones that were nearby.  She shared a story about how modern archeologists found a Mayan mural that showed a lot of stars.  Their comment was "look at these primitive ignorant people, making up stars that do not exist", but then were shocked when a more advanced telescope was invented and found the very stars that the Mayans put on the mural and which could not be seen with the naked eye.  Then there was the archeologist who found an Anastazi calendar of spirals which recorded a wide number of celestial events with elegant simplicity.  The archeologist was dismissed by her professional association because, "If they were able to make the calendar that you assume that they did, they would have had to have known calculus, but they were too stupid for this and therefore they could not have done this."  I could go on and on with stories like this, where some possible fairly advanced technology, whether calendar building or acid based batteries in Egypt, or even sonic levitation using chanting and sacred geometry in Tibet (sketched with notes in a journal of a British visitor to Tibet in the early 19th century), there is evidence of cultures which were very advanced (or the remnants of highly advanced cultures in artifacts left in other cultures that remembered them) and not as primitive as modern archeology imagines.

I found when I was studying Taoism that this religion was based on 4 of 5 books that came from Lemuria, and that the further back in time you went the more advanced the knowledge was.  It seemed to have downspiralled over time.  I found later on that this was a common process in history when an advanced culture is destroyed and the immigrants from this culture only partially save what they can take with them.  Because the new culture does not have the infrastructure to sustain the same level of knowledge, much later on dies with the first immigrants, only a small portion gets sustained from generation to generation, with some of the knowledge lost with each succeeding generation until the advanced knowledge and the infrastructure of the new culture find a level that matches (then social evolution goes forward again in the usual way).  The books of Lemuria become the basis of the I Ching, the Tai Chi, acupuncture, geomancy, and herbalism (Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM).  It becomes the foundation for Chinese science which evolved gunpowder, the compass, ships capable of trans-ocean travel, and spaghetti.  The fifth book that was lost, arrived in Hawaii, was called "the book of surgery", and is now woven into the shamanic healing traditions of the Kahuna.  It was apparently about a form of surgery that did not involve cutting people open, but used chanting, splints, and herbs.  I got a chance to study and share a little with one of the healers of this tradition.  This person did validate my own healing path and did confirm my deductions from Chinese history.  John Blofeld, a British scholar who eventually became a Buddhist, found that the the Taoist calendar with its predictions was very accurate when it came to weather and the farmers in the village he stayed in used it in their planting and harvesting.  He commented that it was so accurate that it was almost as if the weather obeyed the calendar.

Then I found a Tibetan text that mentions the parathyroid gland long before western civilization discovered it.  Another person found that there were special Tibetan singing bowls, usually in pairs, that were brought out for specific healings and for specific glands.  When one European researcher amplified the sounds of different body organs, the ones that were used for healing the specific gland matched the healthy sound of the organ.  They were helping heal those organs by a sophisticated rhythm entrainment process that a few cutting edge sound healers are just beginning to emulate.

The Hopi and other tribes carry what are called the "memories".  They are considered a sacred trust and are passed down from generation to generation.  They talk about us being in the 4th world and are in transition into the 5th world.  They talk about the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd worlds, what happened to them, and why they collapsed.  In one of the previous worlds, there are descriptions of saucer like flying ships and visitors from the stars.  African tribes have a similar transmission of memories, often passed from shaman to shaman, and talk about visitors from the "dog star" (Sirius) teaching the first shaman in their lineage.

I found that one particular author named Graham Hancock to have cataloged much of this information.  He started out as an investigative journalist and keeps this discipline in his study of ancient cultures, tries to document everything well, and together with his wife and professional photographer travels the world and does his own research, while at the same time studying whatever research others have done.  What he finds is that all these little bits that I have bumped into my whole life add up to a large picture.

It seems that a vast number of these cultures marked a vast array of celestial events with great precision, and marked many events that would be useless merely for navigating the oceans or planting and harvesting.  What he found was that many of them charted a great cycle that was related to the Earth/Sun traveling across the entire galaxy and came approximately back to the same point.  This would usually be marked with an alignment of Earth, the Sun, Sirius, and Galactic Center.  It also seemed to be related to some kind of wave emanation energy that would radiate from Galactic Center and do a kind of quantum-genetic download of information that would help the next phase of evolution.  The calendars seem to key into events within this larger time cycle.  It is like a galactic astrology.  Like regular astrology, the "prophecies" are not rigid and fatalistic.  They give an awareness of the energies shaping the events and what our choices could be to use these energies well.  There is a difference between unconsciously reacting to these energies and consciously working with these energies.

It seemed that at the heart of the spiritual life of many civilizations is how consciously working with these energies was very key to keep the civilization in alignment with an optimal path of growth and that not all these civilizations were able to sustain this level indefinitely.  They met challenges that led to their own eventual demise.  Some of them apparently saw this was going to happen and left traces of their knowledge that could survive for thousands of years and be decoded when another civilization reached a sufficient level to understand what they left behind.

In the Buddhist Kalachakra system, there is a similar calendar that has been passed down through the Gelupa sect (the sect of the Dalai Lama) and which has been a hidden and secret tradition for a long time.  The current Dalai Lama has now initiated many people of different cultures into its practice.  Although it is not core to my own work in this lifetime, the bindu system, visualizing points of light in the body and chanting certain seed syllables (in order to move energies and shift hormonal chemistry) are similar to the Tumo practice that I do.  The Kalachakra system is actually a little more complex than the bindu mixing that I was trained in.  Part of this path is that the energies of the cosmos, recorded in a kind of esoteric astrology, affect the bindus and, in their turn, the bindus help us to be more directly sensitive to their energies, more able to use them, and even conduct them to others for their own healing and growth.  It is about "using the physical body as a basis for enlightenment".  It seems that there are echoes of similar practices in other traditions, like the ancient Egyptian ones that were later transmitted to the Greek Mystery schools, one of which Plato belonged to, and chronicles in his writing called Timaeus (and some in Critas).  When you add the writings of Plato with that of Plotinus and Pythagoras, you get a very advanced system of meditation.  There is also the Jewish Qabalah which has a similar set of correspondences.  I prefer the Buddhist system for a few reasons, one is that the knowledge seems to have arrived in modern times relatively intact.  The other systems have more spinning around them.  Some of them even have "blinds" false statements placed in them to confuse people who are not initiated properly into the mysteries.  There is apparently a code that helps one to know which statements to remove.  Some of the other traditions, too, were so persecuted by orthodox religions that very little of what they may have actually taught survives.  When viewed from the Buddhist Kalachakra teachings, it seems there is enough left to acknowledge there was once a system of similar meditation training within those traditions, but there is sometimes not enough of some systems left to actually follow.  Occasionally I have found some enclaves that have reconstructed and enlivened these traditions into a viable practice that gets results.

Jose Arguelles focused on the Mayan calendar but also integrated the other calendars that he studied.  I think that he did a good job of this.  There are a number of scholars, both mystical and materialist, that have questioned his analysis.  But I believe his analysis because he was able to predict the "harmonic convergence" with his analysis, an event which already has passed.  I could feel, during that day, a cool energy move into my crown chakra, and did notice that after this event that people's experiences were more synchronized.  For instance, I found that for over one week, everyone who came in had somehow hurt their right shoulder and it had a partly physical synchronicity cause and an emotional cause, with the latter being key to process for healing.  On an inspiration, I called a healer I knew on the other coast of the US and asked her if she had a lot of people with right shoulder issues, and she was shocked and said, "How did you know?".  What I found interesting is that this collective synchronous sense has been stronger since that convergence day, and now it is woven into, "background awareness".  It seems a precursor to a greater level of harmony among people that wants to manifest.  The backlash of this is that interpersonal tension is also felt more acutely.  It is part of a law about how emotional process works.  I call it the "law of opposites" that when something wants to happen, then all the opposite energies rise up to oppose it.  These energies rise up to be cleared or we can get stuck in them.  If we process what arises, then we can manifest the desired outcome.  Every change has a resisting force, a kind of inertia, to be overcome.  This same inertia is what makes the new pattern establish itself and in a sense become resistance to what will wants to appear next.

Part of the Mayan calendar is to map out cycles of 13 days that form a kind of growth cycle.  There are several interlocking cycles behind the calendar.  This is different from what Arguelles called the "time is money" calendars of the modern world.  It seems many ancient calendars were into cycles and patterns of growth, and that astrology is really about this kind of awareness too.  This is an interesting and big subject, but I can only touch upon this here and mention it in passing to other subjects.

In the Kalachakra teachings, there are two calculations that dominate, one where the key year is 2024 and the other is 2027.  When I was doing my own studies, I found that by assuming and correcting them to 2012, they line up very well with the Mayan Calendar, and also by correcting THE HOLY SCIENCE by Yukteswar from 1800 to 1812, this also aligns the Hindu yuga system with the Mayan calendar (to be fair, Yukteswar's 1800s number was a general figure that was expressly less precise than 1812).  When these three calendars are in alignment, then an interesting timescape is mapped.

The yuga of science (dwarpara yuga) starts in 1812, with most of the scientists in known history being born after this time.  The "shadow" or "orb" of the dark (kali) yuga is cast for 200 years and ends in 2012.  After the solstice of 2012 is crossed, the period of time called "the Bodhisattvas and Dakinis of the Earth" happens (Lotus Sutra).  This is where more and more people on Earth awaken to enlightenment in a kind of general collective awakening.  It will be similar to the Great Dakini period in Tibetan Buddhism where more females got enlightened near the same time than in any other time period (about 1,000 years ago), thanks to White Tara incarnating as Machig Labron, thanks to Yeshe Tsogyal, Mandarava, Sukhasiddhi, Vajrayogini, and many others.  While the Great Dakini period was more localized, the "Earth period" will be more grass roots, global, and collective.  The Earth period is a transitional time period between the Pisces Era and Aquarian Era, the interzone between these ages (In a Nova PBS special called "Magnetic Storm", there is a small segment covering the interzones between the ages and how the magnetism is in a kind of flux before a pole shift, the magnetic field of the Earth is undergoing a fair amount of change as we speak, with one airport realigning its runway to match the new magnetic north).  This period is roughly 500 years long.  In the Kalachakra teachings it is divided into 5 periods of 100 years each.  Each period has its own challenges.  The first one is entitled "the war of all against all".  This is where humankind divides itself into all kinds of competing factions and struggles against itself.  Behind all these factions is the separative logic of the ego that is secretly at war with anything that is not itself.  In that time, what is shared is that the secret of giving humankind the best chance of growth and healing is to see the "other" as an manifestation of Buddha nature, rather than as an enemy or stranger, to meet in love and compassion, to realize it is worth the risk to do so, and trust the process of healing the disease of separateness.  The last 100 year period has a dogmatic religious prophet representing an authoritarian god, as a kind of synthesis of all dogmatic religions, and who gets the arrogance to attack Shamballah, the spiritual crown chakra of the Earth.  A battle happens and this being is defeated, and then on the Winter Solstice of 2512 CE, world peace begins to appear on Earth, at last.

The Kalachakra predictions are mainly symbolic and allegorical.  The leader who invades Shamballah is probably not literal, but probably represents the dogmatic religions of this time period or any time period.  It is a symbol of any spirituality that is not based on direct personal experience, but which obeys an external authority and is willing to kill, convert, and repress others in the name of this religion.  The crown chakra represents the wisdom of enlightenment itself and how, because it is based on direct experience, is very real and able to withstand and overcome the forces of literal external dogma.

The intermediate 300 years are phases where there is a mixture of processes happening.  These parallel the natural awakenings that happen in meditation practice within each person, and relate to overcoming the three poisons of the mind of addictive craving, judgmental negativity, and obscuring delusion.  The last 100 years is about the subtle ego sense itself that holds the three poisons together.  The first 100 years is about the outer effects of the ego in terms of karmas, earthquakes, wars, poverty, disease, tidal waves, political power struggles, and misery.  The natural disasters have to do with the five elements of earth, fire, air, water, and space being out of balance.  As the energies of life work on the Earth, they will try to bring the biosphere back into alignment and will cause periodic earthquakes and tidal waves.  While none of these natural disasters are necessary and there is not a fatalistic prophecy that any of them have to happen, there is a generalized probability sense that many kinds of disasters will happen and, indeed, have already happened.  If you took the last 10 years of news and wrote a summary of all the wars, famines, plagues, tidal waves, earthquakes, disease outbreaks, and political power struggles, it would sound very apocalyptic.  It is about as good and as bad as it gets in this transitional time.  Humankind has not yet evolved to the point where it can notice and take responsibility for how it has imbalanced the biosphere.  When it does, it can reshape and heal the world back into a viable system where earthquakes and tidal waves will be rarer.  The balancing gestures of life will not need to be as drastic.

There are three other things worth mentioning about 12/21/2012.  One is that, in the larger timescape, there are extraterrestrials, very advanced beings from other worlds, that are part of this history and who have been a part of this history.  They were responsible for the Mayan murals have stars that are invisible to the eye and for much shamanic knowledge.  They are mentioned in ancient texts often.  With the Mayans describing their teacher as having fallen down from the sky.  Even in Buddhism, the Buddha himself comes from the Tushita star system and incarnates to teach humankind the dharma.  More than one sacred text or tribal memory lineage mentions them.  Millions of humans have seen them, tried to photograph them with all kinds of cameras.  Crop circles are drawn by the ETs and contain messages that align with these calendars and their messages.  Government military people got "lucky" and shot some out of the sky.  Some of the technologies we have were reverse engineered from a few shot down craft, including, I suspect, the gyroscopic mechanisms in the cell phones and ipads (which have way more capability than what they are used for).  I think there is more about them, like zero point energy power sources, that could eventually help humankind out of this barbaric time period.  It seems that there is something like the Star Trek prime directive, but instead of meeting only civilizations that achieve warp drive, it is about whether or not zero point energy is attained.  We have already done so, but the governments are blocking its implementation.  Their power base is founded on fossil fuel resource control and zpe would end this completely.  Part of how this time period is designed is that humans will need to link collectively with each other, forming a kind of direct democracy, or consensus nonviolent anarchy, and create a world without oppressive rulers.  It is partly this stimulus, this social evolution pressure, that makes the Bodhisattvas and Dakinis of the Earth appear and gently take over the guidance of the species.  At one point, and not for the first time, ET and human interaction will be re-established.  If people are wondering why it does not happen now, it is simply not quite the right time.  The ETs that really matter are not interested in the norepresentative governments of the Earth, but in the regular people and their lives.  They do not want to get shot down again and dissected.  They are making small incursions into history when it is useful.  They do not want to stop our own self empowerment by taking over.  They are working with a lot more beings below the usual social radar, even as we speak.

Two is that we are already in the alignment of the 12/21/2012 Winter Solstice, inside its orb.  The energies are already present and will move into deeper and deeper alignment as it approaches this day.  It is actually 3.5 days starting around noon of 12/20/2012 and ending in 12/23/2012.  The sky will look a little bluer.  Some prophecies talk about 3 days of darkness.  I do not think it is literal, except for maybe a wobble in the very high northern latitudes (and the southern equivalent).  There will be a feeling of fresh energy like the feeling after a good cleansing rain.  The energy will feel a little lighter.  There will still be many of the challenges that are happening for humans now, but they will feel more workable.

The energies, being "sung by the Sun to the Earth" (the other messages from Sirius and Galactic Center are being sung through the Sun, related to how magnetic waves use each other as carrier waves) to stimulate quantum, genetic, and consciousness shifts.  There are things that we can do to receive these inputs more deeply, that have to with visualizing a radiant dot of white light at the third eye point and doing deep, slow, connected, and full breathing without strain while gently and mentally intoning "Om" (this is the simplest and will give a feeling of what is possible, there are a number of other bindu exercises that are part of a system of teachings).  It is also worthwhile to become vegan in terms of diet and to do some herbal detoxing so that the interstitial fluids that the cells float in is clean enough for an even deeper detox.  It is also important so that the hormone system works in a less confused way through the body.  Although it seems that there are powerful hallucinogens or entheogens that seem to temporarily boost one to this level, mainly serotonin flooders, they may be too imbalancing to be useful in the long run or on a regular basis.  It seems that it takes about 3 to 6 months for the serotonin to normalize after their use, assuming one is at a certain level of health.  There are other brain chemicals which also are affected.  I would recommend tonic herbs, like Ginseng, that when embedded in a healing process can bring the brain chemistry to a new level of functioning that can be sustained.  There are some new challenges related to all this because of environmental pollution, but you do the best you can.

Three is that nothing I have written here has to happen and what I share is not dogma.  Life is always greater than our extrapolations and premonitions.  In the Kalachakra teachings, the prophecies are given with ways to avoid all of them happening and even compressing time so that the challenges are met with and dealt with earlier.  The only thing that I believe with absolute certainty is that me and everyone is Buddha nature, because that is my ongoing direct experience of everyone.  When what I share is written down, it is just words, one view among many.  I am writing so that people can feel at peace with the unfold of life and this time period.  I do feel that crossing the 12/21/2012 marker is significant, but not catastrophic.  We will still need to master meditation, learn what it means to truly love each other, and open up to the wonder of being alive.  Having shared this, my sense is that all the changes are proceeding as the general predictions expected, with the exception that there is more sorrow, disease, and poverty than was expected at this time juncture.  There is a saying in the Pure Land sect, one the sects that chants to call down the healing and blessing power of Amida Buddha, that goes, "The greater the karma, the greater the grace that comes to heal it."

Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh.

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