Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Third Eye Breathing

Third Eye Breathing
through Tenabah, c2012

1. Place your inner attention at the Third Eye Point, the
space between the eyebrows and slightly upwards.

2. With a kind of peripheral awareness, notice your
inhale and exhale.

3. Gently intend and allow your inhale to become
deep, slow, and full, expanding the rib cage in the
front, the back, the sides, downwards towards the
belly, and upwards toward the shoulders, but never

4. Gently intend and allow your exhale to become soft,
slow, and smooth, gently deflating the expansion that
happened during the inhale.

5. Imagine and feel that the air is filled with luminous
energy and breathe this in on the inhale.

6. On the exhale, feel like you are giving permission to
the energy to heal you and change you.

7. Inhale receiving, exhale allowing.

8. Inhale accepting, exhale letting go.

9. Inhale flowing into exhale with no pauses.

10. On the exhale, feel the you are mentally directing
the energy gathered by the inhale into the Third Eye

11. Feel like you are gently pumping energy to this
Point and feeding this Point that energy it needs to
activate, open, and evolve.

12. Try to do at least 100 breaths at a time.

13. When doing Third Eye Breathing, do not dwell on
any negative thought.

14. Notice anything negative, angry, sad, or fearful,
and do not identify with it, instead see it as impersonal
phenomena arising inside you.

15. Instead of feeling "I am angry", for instance, feel
"Anger is arising within me".

16. Feel the difference between watching a
phenomena impersonally and identifying with the
phenomena personally, sourcing the phenomena in
your identity, owning it, and claiming it.

17. Nonidentification with thoughts, emotions, and
sensations that are negative, have the mark of
suffering, and are unpleasant or painful is very
important for Third Eye Breathing, because thought
energy has greater power to manifest in your lives
when we focus there.

18. Cultivate the feeling that ordinary life, the material
world, is an illusion, a dream, and/or a manifestation of
consciousness.  This is how life appears to a fully
awakened Third Eye.

19. If possible, look at a mandala of an enlightened
being and visualize a light going from Third Eye to
Third Eye with the enlightened being in the picture. 
Choose one that you feel affinity with.

20. It is also possible to simply do this completely
through visualization.

21. If possible, chant the mantra that invokes the
presence of this enlightened being and mentally chant
this.  This will also keep the mind from wandering into
negative thoughts.

22. Trust and allow the energies flowing into you to do
whatever healing, mentally, emotionally, and physically
that is needed.

23. Notice when the primary focus of attention has
fallen below the Third Eye and gently return it there. 
Keep everything else within the peripheral awareness
and allow it to be there without identifying with it.


  1. Thank you. Breathing with my eye makes it tingle and grow. What would a chart for 3rd eye vision testing look like?

  2. Humm...a third eye vision test chart would be a Mandala, especially the more geometric ones, of Tibetan Buddhism, like the Kalachakra mandala. You gently focus on the center of the mandala with the two eyes, then put the primary attention on the 3rd eye, the next attention on the breathing, and have passive eye attention with the other two eyes. There is a shift that happens, where the Mandala imprints into the visionary world inside us. Yet inside and outside seem part of one vivid dream. The colors become more vibrant. Everything feels "empty and transparent", like a hologram. Deeper than this, you can feel "flows" including time and see parts of the future. Some of it is fuzzy, because it is still in flux and some of it is very clear, because it is in the process of manifesting. It is like everyone has decided that the moment is constructed a certain way, though not everyone decides with clear awakened consciousness, most decide from a kind of dreamy hazy force of habit and reaction. It is also possible to alter the temporal flow and insert events into this stream, within certain karmaic limits. It is usually not wise to do this until one has mastered the ethical precepts very deeply, because it usually amplifies the karmas that one already has.


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