Friday, March 26, 2010

Process Doha I

A doha is a spontaneous song or poem about the nature of enlightenment. Dohas can sometimes say something that more analytical essays cannot. They are not quite like a poem or a song in the sense that they are not crafted and reworked. They simply arise in the moment something is felt. The Itanami call these dohas by the word "senka". This word literally means "choosing to experience the sacred space of wisdom". This word is also their word for "mantra". It is a larger and less specific word, though, because it could also be translated as "prophecy" in the ecstatic sense, in the sense of saying the words that the divine puts in our mouth to share. Senkas are any communication that is alive in the moment and brings a person back to themselves, back to their true nature. Although mantras originally were all senkas, if they are spoken merely out of obligation or duty, or become a dull repetitive habit, then they lose their potency some and cease to be senkas.


awareness resting in itself
i am able to allow
thoughts to flow
without clinging or resistance
staying naturally alert and sensitive

tapestries of interwoven experience
gently flowing by
warm rivers pouring
into a vast ocean
of luminous silence
deeply healing
as all sense of separation
fully dissolves

ancient songs of sorrow
dissolving into the hum
of deep overtone bija mantras
which in their turn
dissolve into a radiant silence

gently inhaling and exhaling
the soft whisper of natural breathing
being a subtle vibrational mantra
echoing the primordial sound "ah"
containing all sounds inside itself
and all the noble qualities of compassion
within the ripples of its vibration

slowly waking up from being lost
in the dramas of space, time, and matter
yet still feeling wonder
at the vast beauty of creation
and still feeling the ongoing celebration
of life enjoying itself
in the vast multiplicity
of endless experiences

no longer shrinking from
the natural flow of emotions
willing to fully savor each emotion
and let it go once exhausted and complete
not clinging to the bliss of any emotion
nor resisting the pain of any emotion

feeling the subtle sweetness of each emotion
as a nectar that allows my being to deeply grow
into a maturity of a buddha and dakini

the sweetness of sadness is medicine
for the pain of sorrow

in the embrace of awareness
anger becomes
clarity, creativity, boundaries, and ethical idealism
reaching understanding, agreements, and respect
sadness becomes
compassion, appreciation, sensitivity,
and gratitude,
a stready love caring for all sentient beings,
jealousy becomes
evolution, celebration, concentration, and sharing,
joyfully feeling others rather than being envious
of what they have,
arrogance becomes
humility, patience, devotion, and endurance,
feeling true nature in oneself and others,
fear becomes
wisdom, initiation, responsiveness, and telepathy,
calm knowingness resting in deep trust of life,
through them
the dull colors of our world
become a rainbow of transmuted energy
the innate virtues behind them shining forth
their confusion manifests a wisdom aspect
and this sensitivity
touches, blesses, and transforms
our world
making it into a pure land
a buddha dakini dream manifesting
which wishes deep happiness for all

the medicine of no self
dissolving the fever of ego
returning us to primordial presence
a joyful community of waves arising
from the same ocean of knowing
feeling oneness with each other
and codreaming the adventure of life together
even karma itself is transmuted
into conscious cocreation of life

triple energies
of love, creativity, and wisdom
playing upon the landscape
of luminous emptiness
birthing worlds of experience
free indeed

primordial presence
returning to having a body and mind
walking upon a dusty world
with high tech lights and manicured parks
asphalt cities surrounded by wild plants,
plundered mountains, stale air and polluted rivers
yet still loving life and finding beauty even in this
being part of the patient life force
of Dakini Gaia which wishes
to regenerate her domain

i embrace my fragile physical body
as a manifestation of my enlightenment
my hands are able to touch others
my voice to share with others
my legs to walk upon the surface of a goddess
who loving holds me in her embrace
and causes flowers to bloom around me
my eyes seeing the beauty of her wild form
and my ears listening to the natural mantras
of her gurgling springs, stormy oceans,
whispering winds, gentle rains,
rustling trees, and wandering rivers

closing my eyes at night
i feel her larger dreams
and wishes that those upon her back be healed
and i become an agent of peace
towards whatever beings i meet
and freely wander across the dakini worlds
living in wonder within
the great expanse of the dharmakaya
i am at home everywhere


  1. will, this is beautiful, & of course we experience the synchronicity... Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem...
    Grace Mantle

  2. Footnote1: Thank you Grace, just so people reading this know: Grace posted this on her facebook page at about the same time, not knowing what I wrote and visa versa:

    Wow- last night with Mama Earth was intense. It ended up being a healing session for her. She's working hard to move into the new frequencies .. please send your love to her as much as possible now! Simple ways to do this- say "thank you Gaia" as you pour a bit of water on the ground, appreciate a flower, touch a tree ...with gratitude, love an animal, imagine Gaia as a woman and give her a hug and say thank you...

  3. Thank you William Your words paint such a beautiful place to be. I want to smile, swoorling, dance and send peaceful love to all on our lovely planet. Hugs deb


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