Friday, March 26, 2010

Telepathic Link Yoga III

The visualization of a vibrant neon red Hreeh symbol takes the place of visualizing a Red Buddha in a lotus posture, sitting on a lotus, surrounded by a bubble of white light. The visualization of a Red Buddha is part of Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice. There are reasons for their sequence of visualizations with their practice systems. I was guided to share a more symbolic version, because it would be easier to transmit and receive this form of connection with the Padma energy family. Just as we can connect to each other through the use of our names, we can connect to the Padma energy family through the seed syllable "hreeh".

The after doing the visualization to the point where you feel the heat moving through you, then you practice enlivening this feeling throughout the day by chanting "Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh". You want to chant this mantra at least 100,000 times before moving to the next phase. This chanting can be done verbally or mentally. It can be done anytime during the day or night. It is good to take some time to do blocks of 1,000 repetitions, making sure that each repetition counts, that each one carries an emotional feeling and presence with it. You do not want to merely repeat the mantra mechanically like a tired drone done out of duty or obligation. You do not want to hurry through the repetitions just to complete this assignment. Even if you just pause and concentrate on ten repetitions, it will be useful. You want to do at least this many every day and at least one round of 1,000 per a week. This kind of schedule should not strain anyone.

When doing the mantra mentally and inwardly, you want to inhale while mentally intoning "Om" and exhale while mentally intoning "Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh". You want to have the exhale be long enough to intone the whole phrase. This natural lengthening of the exhale will help soft and release the energy of fear. When we are afraid, we shorten or stop our exhale. It has to do with a previous evolutionary phase where saber tooth tigers and other predators were hunting us down. These predators had keen senses and could hear our breathing. We learned to freeze and hold our breath when they were near by. We also learned to withdraw our body heat into our core, away from all our limbs, in order for these predators to not feel our body heat when nearby. When we could no longer hold our breath, then we would make our breathing very thin and shallow instead. We would go into a kind of near death state so as to be less detectable. By inhaling deeply and fully, without straining, and then exhaling softly, smoothly, and for as long as we can without strain, we return to a more natural and fearless breathing. This helps us to let go and enter the energy stream of tariki.

At one point in this practice, you should feel certain signs of accomplishment. One is finding yourself repeating the mantra spontaneously in your dreams. Two is feeling tingling sensations or heat arise in your body. Three is feeling a luminous empty silence which is free from thought traffic. The third sign is feeling a taste of enlightenment and feeling something of our true nature. Inside the luminous emptiness many paranormal abilities may arise. You may find you can send loving energy to your evolutionary friends and have them benefit from this. The fourth sign is your conscience will awaken. The seed syllable "hreeh" is related to a Sanskrit word for conscience. This awakened conscience is the sensitivity of unconditional love arising inside us. It appears to purge our minds of all our unloving thoughts and cut a deep root of karma from within us.

In terms of the development of telepathy, there are two supports. One is to be aware of our own thoughts and what they mean. This will allow us to be aware of the thoughts of others and what they mean. Two is to learn to have thoughts worth sending. Right speech helps the second support to develop. The question, "What thoughts are worth sending?" is an interesting one. This thought, of itself, can purify our mind and release much of our habitual thought stream. There is a mass of collective thought that is not supporting our evolution into a higher and more mature state of being. Some of the thoughts are retro and will pull us back temporarily into lesser states of consciousness. Some thoughts will create adverse karma of us to get entangled in. Becoming sensitive to what thoughts are worth sending and releasing thoughts that are not worth sending will help us to evolve telepathically.

There is a kind of telepathic ethics that appears simultaneously with the ability to read the thoughts of others. We are not meant to invasively probe the mind of another person. We will still pick up the thoughts that people will unconsciously emanate to us. Most of the time it will appear like the traffic on an interstate and isolated thoughts will usually be hard to pick up. Some core repeated thoughts will get picked up. Some thoughts charged with intense emotional energy will get picked up. Paradoxically, telepathic humanity will have less thoughts flowing through their minds, but they will be more relevant. The thoughts will arise from the silence of consciousness and gently dissolve back when their usefulness is done.

You may also have vivid dreams of Sukhavati, the home world of Amida Buddha. It is a world that arose from within the meditation of a pure being. The planet Earth is a karma world. The causes of the creation of the Earth emerged from the past events that are still playing out. When a mind has transcended karma, there are no past events adversely affecting creation. This mind can then create events from a kind of purity of consciousness and these creations will have no adverse side effects. In some sense, Sukhavati and similar worlds are the future of the Earth. At some point we will emerge from our evolutionary infancy and become cosmic adults.

After the 100,000 repetitions is done, you simplify the practice down to one sound, the bija mantra or seed syllable, "hreeh". You mentally intone this one sound until it cleanses the entire subconscious mind of all adverse karmaic patterns. You let it ride the exhale. When you feel the energy moving through your body and notice it is blocked, you can visualize "hreeh" at the block and keep mentally intoning until the block opens up and energy flows.

When no block is present, you place the hreeh symbol at the third eye and just continue to breathe, letting the energy of tariki go to where it is needed by its own intelligence, compassion, and creativity. Placing the symbol at the third eye is the main telepathic link. It is the core telepathic yoga. We then live in guidance to what is received from this link and generally just allow the energy to heal and transform us. This energy will never control us. It needs our permission every step of the way. It will withdraw if we resist the guidance. This energy, too, will never ask us to do anything unethical. It will simply further our healing process and the healing process of our evolutionary friends.

The last phase is to "merge with hreeh" and become this energy presence, with the form of the Red Buddha becoming our form or if female the form of Pandara. The visualization of the form is (1) bija mantra, (2) energy geometry, and (3) appearance. When a picture of Amida Buddha is drawn, the bija mantra is drawn first, then the geometry of a tetrahedron, and then the appearance is drawn within the geometry. The energy geometry can also be visualized as a spiral vortex core and the tetrahedron elaborated to the star tetrahedron. This last phase is a little further down the road of this meditation process. I am including this here for the sake of thoroughness. The guidance on how to do this stage can come in through the third eye. If a person needs some outer help, he or she can contact me too.

There is one further stage and this is to dissolve the visualization and let it go back into the empty radiant luminousity that is the source of everything. This is the dharmakaya which the manifest universe is an aspect of. Plato one time said, "Time is the changing image of eternity". This roughly describes the relationship of the Dharmakaya with the manifest universe. The verse in the Heart Sutra that goes, "Form is emptiness and emptiness is form" also describes this. Feeling oneself awake and aware while dissolving everything back to this can activate a deep sense of enlightenment.

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