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Tanran Reiki Breathing Community Symbol

The above is one of the Tanran Reiki symbols. Tanran Reiki is an gentle energy healing system that involves laying hands on someone and channeling universal loving energy to them from the source of all that is. A person becomes a Reiki practitioner through a ritual called "receiving an attunement". This is where the energy field of a person is aligned with a transmission of healing energy. It is parallel to how we dial in an FM radion station. A series of symbols are given in the attunement process and are implanted into the aura. They act like FM radio station presets, where by visualizing them the connection to the universal loving energy is activated. Just as the one light of the Sun can be broken down into a many colored rainbow, each color and vibration having a different purpose, Reiki has many symbols that focus the healing intent on different levels of healing. Cho Ku Rei is good for emotional issues where we need to become more assertive and set boundaries to claim our rightful space in the world. Sei He Ki is good for inner child healing and inflows into us the needs that we have had unfulfilled since childhood. As the ritual of the attunement is given, the energies flow into the person and start to work on all these things, to the degree that the person is willing, ready, and able to receive the healing.

The above symbol is part of the advanced levels of Tanran Reiki initiation. It seems, though, that, as we move toward the 2012 date, where the Mayan Calendar ends, and a galactic alignment happens between our solar system, the Sirian star system, and the Galactic Center (the middle of the spiral of this galaxy), new energies are impinging on humankind, inspiring it to evolve in new ways, and these energies are wanting to anchor into this Earth and into the growth processes of humans.

This symbol is being released so in order to assist in this activation at this time. The name of the symbol is "Seganah" (say-gah-nah). Its literal meaning is "choosing immerse in the wholeness of wisdom that comes naturally through direct experience". It is related to another word "Saganah" (sah-gah-nah) which is a synonym for enlightenment. Seganah has the meaning of "breathing community" and relates to feeling the "mahasangha". This is the living energy community of all the enlightened beings who have taught on Earth and who have helped uplift humanity to newer levels of compassion, wisdom, and creativity. If we visualize this symbol at our 3rd eye, ask the mahasangha or reiki guides to bless and energize this symbol, to use the symbol as a telepathic communion point to connect with us, and breathe as we are guided to breathe, then we are linked with this mahasangha and are able to be guided by them in our service of this world. After linking, we can imagine that we are being guided to breathe in a gentle, deep, and flowing manner and feel the connection from within us to the mahasangha.

In this essay, I can only give the broad brush strokes related to this energy initiation. In terms of Mahayana Buddhism, it is a taste of the 10th bhumi called "Dharma Megha Samadhi" which is the merging with the great truth cloud of wisdom which includes all the Cosmic Bodhisattvas and Dakinis (roughly equivalent of Angels). In Reiki, this linking allows all the Reiki practitioners to begin to function as a unified whole. The word "conspiracy" means "to breathe together" and originally refered to this kind of linking and unity (being "one in the breath" the word "pneuma" is usually translated as "spirit" rather than "breath", but there is a verse where it cannot be translated as spirit in the second to the last chapter of the Gospel according to Saint John, where Jesus breathes on his disciples and says, "Receive you the Holy Breath". With this he gives them the power to "forgive sin" (aka heal people by dissolving their root karmas on an energetic level). Real spirituality, which has always been about compassion and unconditional love, has been the oldest and most positive conspiracy. Somewhere in later history it got associated with more nefarious hidden organizations which seem based on greed for power, control, and wealth.

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  1. Footnote1: The term "mahasangha" means "great community" in Sanskrit. In traditional Buddhism, a person gets initiated into Buddhism when they take refuge in the "Three Jewels". These are (1) The Buddha, (2) The Dharma, and (3) The Sangha. The Buddha is the living example of enlightenment. He is the proof that ordinary sentient beings like ourselves can become fully realized, because Buddha was an ordinary sentient being who had become fully realized. In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha is understood to have never left the Earth, but exists in a light body and is still working through advanced Bodhisattvas and Dakinis to help liberate this Earth and even other worlds. Therefore, in Mahayana Buddhism, taking refuge in the Buddha also means putting oneself under the protection, blessing, and guidance of the Buddha. The second refuge is in the Dharma. Like the first refuge, this has more than one meaning. The first meaning is the Buddhist teachings, especially the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, The Practice of Meditation, and the Understanding of the 12 Nidanas. The second meaning is trusting in the Universal Law that regulates all events in our lives. It is trusting the natural order of the universe to be wise, just, and compassionate. It is this order that allows science to discover mathematically precise laws that regulate events. In terms of the New Testament, the word "Dharma" and the word "Logos" (which appears in the first chapter of the Gospel according to Saint John) are synonyms (for discussion of the meaning of the word "Logos" the key is in Plato's Timeaus which devotes a whole section to singing its praises and how it keeps the planets in their motions). The Buddhadharma is considered, in part, a reflection of this Universal Order and an understanding of how it operates. When we learn how to work with this law, then we can trust it to take care of us. The third meaning of dharma is the evolutionary purpose. There is a living force that evolves us that emerges from within life itself. It is also this energy, if we are attuned to, helps us to find our individual purpose and helps us to live within human social community with others, serving others and being served. Our individual purpose is related to the four purposes of life: survival, healing, growth, and celebration. Right Livelihood is about earning money through a profession or service that fulfills one or more of these purposes. The third refuge is in the Sangha or Buddhist community. For me, this does not meet literally joining a church. But joining in purpose with a community of meditators who are feeling the evolutionary call to mutate into the new species. They hear the voice of evolution and feed on teachings that help this process unfold (the NT word for church is "ekklesia" which means "called out" aka those called out of the world and on to the evolutionary path where they die to being homo sapiens and are reborn homo telepathicus). They are spiritual friends who support the growth of each other and are in communication with each other. They are a living organism which functions together to fully live a transformed life on Earth. The mahasangha are those members of the Sangha who have fully undergone the mutation process and are helping others to complete their mutation process. They are as enlightened as the Buddha in this regard. They are roughly equivalent of the "communion of saints" in Christianity. The mahasangha would include beings like Tara, Amida Buddha, Pandara, Aksobhya, Amogasiddhi, Mamaki, Unishavijaya, Ekajati, Mansjushri, Ratnasambhava, Padmasambhava, Mandarava, Machig Labron, Rahula, Sukhasiddhi, and Locana and more who are part of the Buddhist canon of higher beings, but would also include the enlightened beings at the heart of every viable religious tradition. It would also include the Reiki Guides of the Tanran Reiki system.


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