Thursday, July 8, 2010

Immortalist Politics 2

This second sharing about immortalist politics is about what I would do if I were president of the United States, assuming more power than a president usually has and assuming some special interest group does not succeed in shooting me before my term is over. This is largely a hypothetical proposal, but it may indicate a certain kind of path which hopefully will eventually happen anyway, if it is still necessary given how causes and conditions unfold and if enough free choice, flowing with inner wisdom, and good karma allows.

(1) Terra forming. Actively creating government projects which would reforest the barren desert areas, rebuild damaged ecosystems, string solar panels across the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada to generate enough power to at least supply the energy needs of the southwest. Building desalinization plants to purify the ocean water and solar pump the water into canals to water the desert areas of eastern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, and to intentionally evolve the ecosystem evolutionary succession step by step into a viable near rain forest. Replenishing all the aquafirs of the entire planet. Letting the oceans shrink a little in the process so that slightly more land mass appears. Require oil companies to have terra forming plans for areas damaged by oil drilling, coal mining, and natural gas siphoning, with the land being given by groups like nature conservancy for stewardship. Rebuilding the aquatic ecosystems and requiring the harvesting of sea creatures to never go beyond 50 percent of replacement rate. Ending all environmentally damaging practices like using sonar equipment which makes ceteans deaf. Guiding farming areas to move from monoculture farming to biodiverse farming, with companion planting being used, crop rotation being used, and native plant philosophy guiding the choices of what to grow. Ending genetically modified planting and plant hybridization in favor of natural growing methods and the selection of strains for high quality food, sustainable growth with minimum human support, and ability with withstand natural challenges with a minimum of fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide, and preferably none at all. Organizing human villages and communities to dovetail with nature, rather than seriously and adversely impact nature. Ending massive clear cutting in favor of wise selective cutting, shipping log harvests to local mills that supply wood for local projects and local craft people and only exporting any small surplus if some is left over. Harvesting limbs rather than whole trees when possible. Using hemp to replace wood pulp in paper by 90 percent content and possibly finding natural binders like the pelicule of Kombucha to replace the remain 10 percent. Recycling post consumer wood pulp whenever possible. Shifting to magnetic rail trains to replace high polluting and fossil fuel using airplanes for intercontinental travel and to replace long truck travel with high probability of fatigue accidents and with high fossil fuel use and pollution output. Reconstruction all the highways into electric rail "car trains" with the ability to travel at least 250 mph in complete safe even with the "driver" falling asleep (automatic guidance once the car is locked into a car chain train). Eventual goal to shift completely to safe electrical car use to completely replace fossil fuel cars. Totally funding the implementation and mass production of solar panels and parabolic mirror solar tracking light focusing electrical generators to generate all the power that our culture needs to run all industrial processes possible at a zero pollution level (which could handle at least 300 percent of the energy needs of this culture if all the money that was invested into nuclear power plants and fossil fuel based plants were invested in this direction). Having a goal to retool beyond fossil fuel based technologies before a crisis requires emergency change, retooling when patience and planning can organize the new society and debug the technologies while the fossil fuel technologies can run parallel to them until they are not needed.

(2) Zero taxation government. Have the government charge a modest use fee to the American public for maintaining a near self sustaining high tech communications infrastructure and have government services and projects be funded by this use fee. Having all corporate holdings nationalized that have to do with infrastructure and end every monopoly of this kind. Have nationally needed resources like oil be under government control and regulation. Have these products regulated so that the government makes a profit to run all its functions and have this profit be subject to vote and direct ratification by the public. Have a "bill of economic rights" that the total amount that all levels of the government combined, city, state, and federal, all fees for all services, not exceed 25 percent of the total income of any individual. Have an amendment stating that the government cannot go into debt and cannot use the labor of its citizens as a resource to bargain for loans. The government can only fund projects in real time as its budget can afford to do so and that any emergency requiring going into debt must be subject to the direct vote of the public and must be a 75 percent majority. A government should be technologically advanced enough to not need taxation as a revenue source.

(3) Min-max theory applied. Given that wealth is partly based on individual achievement and social infrastructure support for a healthy market and given that wealth is also political power, the people shall define an upper and lower limit to wealth, that people cannot go below a certain level of poverty and must have a sustainable existence, unless the government cannot afford to provide this, and that people cannot go above a certain maximum limit and therefore not become too powerful compared to others, and also that wealth beyond a certain amount is usually gained by unnatural and corrupt means, or usual fortune and timely inventions that thrive in the market place within a well organized and just society. The upper limit will be generous enough so that the profiting individuals will still be set for life from their fortune and will not be taxed out of that wealth by a greedy government. The guarantee of a minimum level income safety net will reduce the temptation to resort to crime when desperate.

(4) Population control through education. Generate conversation about only birthing slightly above replacement rate. Teach wise birth control measures, including astrologically based rhythm methods, use of condoms, and the use of specialized herbs and microbes that can regulate the birth process. Present the ideal that a couple must live together for at least two years harmoniously before having a child. Teach Tantric bindu mixing meditations so transmute hormone driven lust into peaceful sexual desire. Have high quality abortion and morning after birth control pills as a safety net for unplanned pregnancies, should all the other levels of safety fail. Have the ideal of only planned pregnancies, with trained parents, who have sufficient income and time to raise their children. Have children with rights not to be abused or physically punished, emotionally tormented, or severely neglected to the point of physical or emotional malnutrition.

(5) Initiatory Immigration policy. Have fluid boundaries with other cultures so that those who wish to enter this country go through an initiation and training process in exchange for terra forming labor or other government programs, including all the basic trainings that a regular citizen needs to be a viable member of society, including birth control measures, Tantric bindu mixing, and compasson training (to replace any prejudices and hatreds).

(6) Human rights based and compassion based foreign policy. Eliminating the support of militaristic governments that make virtual slaves of their people, that torture their people, terrorize their people, or support an unbalanced caste system where some human group is necessarily trapped and repressed by those in power. Trading only with free culture where there is an established standard of living which is high. Supporting the free evolution of cultures to the level of having populations of free individuals with guaranteed rights who have follow their life vision without living in fear. Not trading with miltaristic cultures which have not evolved to this level of individual rights and thereby using indirect pressure to get them to become an just society. Activate sending of educators and visionaries to inspire other cultures to evolve to their highest potential.

(7) Separation into bioregions. Dividing the US into the bioregions and ecosystems that are present so that certain terra forming projects are more comprehensive and more effective. Realizing that each bioregion has its own challenges and needs that differ from other bioregions and that state boundaries do not define these bioregions at all. Possible discussion to redefine state boundaries and merge states into bioregions states.

(8) Establishment of a fourth branch of government. This fourth branch of government would monitor the government and mainly watch out for corruption in the active government. The positions would be subject to the direct vote of the people. It would be interfaced with the judicial branch and could proactively bring to trial any corruption found.

(9) Time limits on bills that have passed. This would limit the amount of record keeping and would automatically eliminate obsolete legislation. The time limit could be as large as 10 years. Bills would not be allowed to have riders or be subject to bargaining. Every bill would need to pass on its own merits. Some restructuring of government so that it is represented by a wide variety of professions, including scientists, artists, engineers, farmers, teachers, and crafts people, rather than predominantly only accountants and lawyers.

(10) Constitutional convention. States would each vote members so that 100 representatives can convene and discuss a possible constitutional amendment, and then vote on it to ratify it by a 75 percent majority. This would streamline the current method where an amendment must pass by individual state processes where the ratification of one state could expire before the last state agrees. The ERA would have passed if it were done by constitutional convention.

(11) Shift from Imperial Military to National Defense. The current military is really a system of defending a planetary economic empire than the boundaries of a relatively small nation. Reducing the size and purpose of the military would bring the budget back to something very afford. The goal would be to create an small but super trained specialist army. This army would be considered a last resort with cleaning up all politcal karma and lack of ethical idealism with regard to other nations as a primary method of self defense.

(12) Voucher system supported free education and medical care. If affordable to create a free and open system where people can freely choose the kind of medical care that they wish to have. The education institutions would need to prepare the students to pass standardized tests that show a minimum standard of education is guaranteed through their training. Health options would need to show a testable level of care is possible through a similar monitoring to eliminate scams. Testimonies, participant reviews, and statiscal studies would count towards validating a healing modality. Experimental modalities can still be used without voucher support until validated. The educational goal would be to have the internet and learning resources widely available and to teach people how to self educate with those resources, with tutoring, monitored individual studies, learning tasks and learning projects, and small classes. The value of continuous education across the entire lifespan will be held as an ideal. This would empower people to help organize society and terra forming so that all poverty, disease, starvation, and wars can end, and everyone is living a healthy, happy, loving, wise, and creative life.

The exact details of this orientation is less crucial than the overall general vision. Many specific items could become obsolete when and if better research, better methods, and better technologies replaces them. It would be a culture evolving and organizing itself through compassion, justice, science, healthy feedback systems, and learning from experience.

I have not mentioned the values like vegan diet, animal rights, mastery of breathing, and conquering aging, ending natural disasters, balancing the four elements, ending accidents, ending death, and invocation of and cooperation with the mahasangha. It may be possible for conventional society to embrace these ideals, but it seems that this might be too much of a leap all at once, that the above ideals, radical as they might sound, could be an intermediate step in this direction and make it easier for immortals to achieve their goals.

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  1. Footnote1: Terra forming is a term used in both science and science fiction. It is used to describe a process of creating a life sustaining biosphere on a planet that was previously unable to support life. The process is to intentionally introduce factors to direct an evolutionary process through a succession of stages leading up to a biosphere capable of supporting human life. At one point in the process, life itself begins to cooperate and build its own atmosphere and support around itself. Scientists in the NASA programs have studied Earth environments in order to get a sense of how this could be done. The information may be useful for the possible colonization of other worlds. The same knowledge, too, may be useful in more deeply understanding our own ecosystem and in rebuilding it.


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