Thursday, July 1, 2010

Microclustered Water and Physical Immortality

I wanted to share a theory which I has been forming for a long while, derived from a number of studies, contemplations, experiments, and readings from various sources. From the Lemurian and Jewish Genesis accounts, it seems that there was some event that corresponded to the Flood. There are several flood stories that appear in the mythologies from various cultures. There is some suggestion, from those sources, that the Earth once had another layer of atmosphere than it did now, some kind of hydroxl-ion bubble which did a number of things. One was to produce a kind of greenhouse effect over the planet, where the polar ice caps did not exist. There were circulations of heat and cold in such a way that the climate was more balanced than it is now and that vegetation existed even at the north and south poles. The solar radiations were more filtered than they were now and the rays were less harmful to sensitive skin. When the rays impinged upon this layer, something like a subtle ambient music could be heard, something like the sounds that are heard by magnetic telescopes when they translate the electro-magnetic emanations from the sun into tones (and made one researcher say, "It is almost as if the sun is singing."). It seemed also amplify the emanations coming from the stars a little and made more stars visible to the naked eye. It seemed to allow a mist to moisten the plants in the morning. It is possible that rain did not happen or happened differently than it does now. The oceans were much smaller than they were now. Something made the bubble collapse and the hydroxl-ion layer alchemized into water and started raining down everywhere. Wooly mammoths in Siberia were flash frozen during this bubble collapse and the north and south poles suddenly became very cold. Since the collapse, life has been harsher and nature is much more wild. The massive oceans now periodically cause more tidal waves and severe storms. The plates are more unstable and cause more earthquakes.

In the biblical account, the lifespan of humans downgrades from the 900 years of Adam to a biblical generation of a mere 40 years. Part of this was the shift from being vegan to being eaters of animal flesh. But other causes are mentioned, like the human imagination dwelling on harm continually. A kind of fear based and conflict based consciousness appeared very strongly. This had to do with a cellular change. It seems like matter was identified with more strongly and was felt to be more solid and real than it is. Humans were identifying with their bodies in such a way that their bodies now felt denser. There was a fear emerging that believed that "if the bodies and then I die" and a kind of jungle survival awareness, a predator and prey dynamic started to appear. This kind of consciousness is still strong in this world.

It seems that the hydroxl-ion bubble also charged the water in such a way that all the water on the planet was microclustered. Every water molecule has a kind of weak magnetic bond, has a north and south magnetic polarity. It is not as strong as usual magnets, but it is still able to form bonds and have a certain kind of cohesion. Much of the water on the planet right now is "macroclustered" in that the individual water molecules join into a certain size cluster, a kind of bundle. Although it is hard to notice the difference on a macrolevel, the cluster is large by molecular standards. When water passes through certain kinds of magnetic fields or gets electrified in certain ways, then the cluster is broken up into smaller clusters. This microclustered water is more able to pass through the cell membrane and remove toxins from the body.

In longevity research, many researchers are concluding that the main cause of aging is the inability to keep on removing cellular debri from the body and that eventually the accumulated toxins jam the system and eventually cause genetic damage. Yet some researchers are puzzled as to why we are not able to cleanse our cells effectively. It may be the we were once able to do this very simply and naturally because the water was microclustered by the electromagnetic emanations of the hydroxl ion bubble charging the mists that became the water supply for the planet. It seems that two of the long lived cultures that have been studied, the Hunzas and the inhabitants of Valley of the Old Ones in Venezuela, both seemed to have water that is naturally microclustered by the it passes through geomagnetic regions. Both cultures seem to have many people who live to about 127 years. This fits into the Genesis account that says that the lifespan decreased from 900 years to 120 years (Genesis 6:3). The mention of the 120 year lifespan is curious, because the story of the Flood intervenes and then the lifespan gets reduced to 40 years. No one is mentioned as living this old. But it seems to be a kind of footnote about what the genetic potential is if the Flood did not happen. It is still getting reduced by other causes, like the human imagination dwelling too much on negativity, fear, and harm.

Microclustering water is not a hard process to do. Placing some magnets around a glass of water and stirring the water for about 5 minutes will do some significant microclustering. If you are observant, the surface tension of the water should be less thick as a result. I have seen a few people tape magnets to a blender to produce the microcluster effect. Nikken has an advanced microcluster unit that apparently "hexaclusters", makes the cluster so small that only six water molecules per a cluster exists, and this apparently has the ability to reduce the possibility of cancer. It seems that this might be the best microclustering effect possible, but it seems that any microclustering that allows the water molecules to more freely move through the cell membranes and remove toxins is good enough.

I have been placing a glass of mildly filtered water between two high voltage electrical poles of a solid state Tesla device and letting the little lightning bolts dance around the glass. The water generates a certain amount of beneficial ozone too. The ionized plasma emanating from the Tesla device feels nourishing to the energy field too. One caution: I am simply experimenting at this stage. Although I am getting good benefits, like the water really carrying out more toxins as evidenced by darker urine (with no food taken to explain this), I cannot be responsible for how others use the information I am sharing right now. These are definitely explorers notes. If you want a very safe microclustering unit, stick to magnets taped on a blender or get the Nikken unit (and there are other brands too). I got my Tesla solid state high voltage machine off of Ebay from a company in Canada and only spent about $120. Some of the microcluster machines out there are somewhere between 400 and 2,000 dollars. Some add special filters and/or ways of remineralizing the water to a more natural mineral content. All these ideas seem very good and I have tried them, but I like the effect of this device more. High voltage electricity, however, is something that requires safety protocols learned to be used wisely and carefully (and should be kept away from curious children), and this is especially more so when mixing electricity and water together. If you do not know what you are doing, there is a small probability that you could kill yourself and a high probability of getting some nasty skin burning shocks.

My brother, who has been dealing with a debilitating acute sinusitis (sometimes appearing as chronic and intense headaches), found that drinking one glass of this ionized water significantly reduced his headache and later on his urine was dark yellow, as if his body was now able to release a lot of toxins. We had found Cardamom Tea to also be very helpful, and then later on Fenugreek, and later on Feverfew. I have been exploring herbs a lot and feel that this is also a significant source of nutrition and healing. Herbal knowledge could evolve a lot in modern times and has been partly eclipsed by pharmaceutical drugs. Oddly enough, many of these drugs have their active ingredients derived from herbs. In terms of esoteric herbal alchemy, there are three types of useful herbal energies, active, passive, and balancing. Merely extracting the active ingredient may not be fully wise and may explain the rampant number of side effects of many drugs. I plan to do some experiments and see if some of the herbal teas may be more potent if they are brewed in microclustered water.


  1. Footnote1: First experiment making a Cardamom, High Mountain Oolong, and Astragalus tea, with a few drops of Stevia extract to sweeten, and with a half teaspoon (to four cups of water) of lemon juice (alkalizing agent), made with microclustered water. Much to my surprise, there was an immediate difference noticed, the brew was a lot darker than usual, as if the microclustered water was extracting more of the herbal potencies from the herbs. I am not sure if the heat is partly neutralizing the microclustered water, so I added the water in stages, only heating up one cup of mc water, let it brew, then adding another cup, and then another, up to a four cups total. This addition in stages is an old method of herbal brewing (and stirring after each addition). Subjectively, the tea felt different and my eyes felt as if toxins were being removed from them (I get a similar effect from eating blue berries which have known antioxidants beneficial to the eyes). Again, these are explorers notes and are not meant to be taken as a kind of proof of anything (yet). If I notice anything more, I will add a footnote later on.

  2. Footnote2: FYI High Mountain Oolong has a certain amount of GABA (Gamma Amino Benzoic Acid). Japanese researchers found that by curing Green Tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis) in a high nitrogen environment (high mountain leaves are exposed to an atmosphere with greater nitrogen) that the amount of GABA increased significantly, along with two other acidic compounds in the tea leaf also transformed into beneficial nutrients (note: I have some high GABA organic Oolong tea to sell, if someone wants to experiment with this kind of tea. I got it in bulk from Asia directly because the price in the US seemed unusually high. Just send me an email via my webpage mentioned in the introduction or post a comment here [I will delete the comment so that it does not show up on the blog] stating your interest, we can make an informal deal through paypal, I have them in vacuum sealed packs of 100 grams each). GABA is, according to research in the book THE EDGE EFFECT, one of the four main brain chemicals that we need to be balanced and sane and functions like the "earth element" for the brain. Astragalus may have an ingredient (telemerase) to repair the telemeres that are ripped when cellular mitosis happens and thus may help cells to replace themselves for a longer period of time. Garlic seems to inhibit telemerase and weaken this aspect of cellular regeneration, though it seems to boost the immune system in when fighting certain illnesses, and inhibits the "telemeres gone wild" aspect of cancer (and hence may be useful to resist the spread of cancer). We can conclude from this that Astragalus is best taken when you are not taking Garlic (this might explain the Tantric Buddhist and Hindu Kundalini advice to not take Garlic). I have, however, not established what is the ideal time interval to wait when switching between these two. I am personally experimenting with an interval of about 6 hours (though if you are fighting an illness that thrives on telemere boosting, you may wish to delay using Astragalus at all until the battle is over). I have found an excellent source IMHO of Astragalus and other herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs in Eugene, Oregon (they are online). Cardamom seems to have all the healing properties of Ginger (same plant family) and a few more. We make the tea by grinding the seeds fresh, while the essential oils are most potent, and use the grinded herb right away. The healing benefits of Cardamom is multiple and I hope to post them more comprehensively on my newer blog:


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