Thursday, July 8, 2010

Immortalist Politics I

I wanted to share something of immortalist politics. I wanted to outline some aspects of immortalist politics before going into some details about it what it might mean.

(1) Immortalist politics is keyed into evolution. It will mean different things at different times and in different situations. Much depends on what is needed at different stages of this process. There is a living understanding that grows in each individual. When a life committed person has lived 500 years or more, something inside him or her has formed that is hard for people who die before attaining 100 years of age to even imagine. It would be like a child trying to imagine what it would be like to be an adult. You also start to communicate differently. You have seen generations of humans come and go. You have seen these humans get caught in all kinds of intellectual and politic fads, noticed how strongly these fads have gripped the mind, and you have seen other generations of humans completely forget these fads. You begin to wonder what is even worth sharing, what is worth remembering, and what is worth living across a very long lifespan. One example is Babaji, who decided to release the idea of physical immortality back into mass consciousness in the 1960s. He has been immortal since 800 CE. What made him decide that the 1960s was different than all the previous 100 year periods he had experienced. What has he been doing all this time? He was focused in some way on the long term patterns of human evolution. I think that some feeling for what was going through his mind can be approximated by recovering large amounts of memories from previous lifetimes and by the study of high quality historical writings, especially the study of religious, artistic, and scientific history (more than merely memorizing the dates for all the wars and key conventional political events than are mainly mammalian power dramas).

(2) The political perspective, the evaluation of historical processes, is going to be different for an immortal, even a young immortal (one who is committed to devote life energies to living a long, healthy, and happy lifespan on planet Earth in his or her physical body). It is going to be different from people who do not realize that they dogmatically believe in aging and death being inevitable, who expect to die before they reach 127 years of age, and who buy into a religious view that asserts that their real life begins in some heaven (where they oddly enough have immortal bodies, happiness, health, and do not even have to work for it). There is a greater valuing of life in the human phyiscal body, and therefore all biological life on Earth and the ecosystem of this planet. The spiritual and biological are fused together. People who believe that they are going to die and go to a better place than the Earth may not be as devoted to making life on Earth work. They might be more OK with trashing the planet, exploiting and exhausting its resources, only caring about short term results, and only caring about immediate improvement in the quality of life and short term economic success. They would be less interested in developing high quality sustainable social systems which would harmonize with having nature flourish while advancing technology to its highest level. Even humans who would at least believe that they will reincarnate back on this planet would probably care more for the Earth than those who believe that they can rape this planet of its resources and still make it to heaven after they die.

(3) Because democracy is relatively new in human history, many spiritual writings about the future still think in terms of monarchies. Perhaps it is part of being a human that we think it terms of some political process that creates leaders who are meant to serve and govern our world. In the past, these leaders appeared first by military might, then by bloodlines, then by the vote and support of other leaders, and then by the vote of the people. In a democracy, leaders operate within a structure of laws which limit, diffuse, and balance power so that no one human can have too much power to dominate and enforce his or her agenda on others. Also part of a democracy is some charter of rights, beliefs, values, and processes where individual life is respected and individual free choice is honored. A person has a right to decide what their own life is about and choose to live the way he or she wants to live. The ethics of a democracy about about letting people do this, provided that they respect the equal right of others to do the same. In other words, we are limited in how we choose to live when it comes to us limiting how others choose to live.

(4) There is a higher form of government than democracy, which I call "dreamtime consensus". Some Sufis and Quakers can understand this. The Quakers are operating through a consensus system of government which is done in waking life, through meditating together, discussing until everyone freely agrees, and then electing one person to represent the consensus within a higher circle of meditators. This process is repeated both upwards and downwards within a network of circles of humans, numbering from about 6 to 60 people, until everyone agrees and acts as unified whole for the sake of evoluton. The dreamtime version requires a kind of maturity where you can tune into the collective wisdom field that exists within humanity, emanate the essence of your understanding, pool your wisdom energies with others, allow blending to take place, and express this deep unity when you return to your focus on ordinary human life. It is perhaps the highest meaning of the phrase, "Think globally, act locally."

(5) Just as people sitting around discussing and voting does not look like government at all for apes who solve everything with clubs, guns, and weopons on the battlefield, so too does lying down and meditating, linking with the awakened sangha in dreamtime, dialoguing in pure light pulses, and flowing within intuitive wisdom in daily life not feel like government to those nontelepathic humans who think in terms of democratic processes of voting, arguing, and bargaining. Paradoxically, all these levels of government exist on the planet at this time. The deepest one is the dreamtime consensus government. This is the oldest, most successful, and most compassionate conspiracy group that has ever existed. It is the only one which deserves the real meaning and label "conspiracy," since the root meaning is "to breathe together".

(6) This consensus is deep enough so that people who are attuned to the conspiracy can speak for each other, since they are always breathing together and functioning as one organism. The illusion of a separate self has ended in each of them and they take their rightful place within the totality of the "corpus christi", the body of the Christ, the organic unity of the species of homo telepathicus. Because everyone is part of everyone, forming in one sense a single self, war will end, and even aging and death. The single organism taking care of itself and healing itself. There will be no "us" versus "them" within this organism. This transcending of "separate competing selves politics" is one of the massive mutational shifts that will happen as evolution continues. This is why the Buddha simply voiced truths and was simply heard. He spoke within the unity of the higher organism that is wishing to awaken in everyone. This is the deepest level of meaning in the Heart Sutra. It is flowing in the intuitive wisdom that Buddha spoke from, rather than attaching to any form of the teaching, to any dogmatized fossil relic of a wisdom current that is still alive and new in the here and now.

(6) In the dreamtime consensus government, there are sometimes leaders that appear. But these are more like functional roles, like diversified cells within our human body. All the cells serve each other and do not dominate each other. They do what is necessary according to wisdom. Jesus talks of this and very clearly says that the evolutionary leaders do not rule by dominance. They do not "lord it over" other people, but that "the greatest is the servant of all". There is no mammalian status pecking order and no slaves or virtual slaves in this government. The Buddha voices the dharma and we understand, because we are tuned to the wisdom field that validates what the Buddha says. We are really following "the Buddha within" or "Christ in you the hope of glory". But it is not the obediance of one separate self submitting to another, even internally. It is us flowing within wisdom that is shared by all, and even generated by all, pooled together, and lived out individually. Jesus at one point says to his disciples, "I shall not call you servants anymore...I shall call you friends." A servant hears and obeys, but does not understand. A friend understands and freely lives in the shared understanding. When Jesus talks about abiding like branches of the same vine or walking in the light, it is this flowing in intuitive wisdom.

From this perspective, you and I are political leaders. We are the government of this world. Unlike ape politics, I do not need to buy a club and beat down enemies to be a ruler. Unlike human politics, I do not need to campaign, make promises, and sway masses with my words, or get voted into office. The fact that I am breathing and I am part of this world is enough. I serve my function, live more role, and walk in my dharma. You do also if you are attuned to this living wisdom, feel it even in and through these words. It may take time for you to learn how to be grounded in this wisdom, how to meditatively abide in this wisdom, and live in this wisdom, but as your mutation into homo telepathicus continues, this will happen naturally. There are many initiations to help accelerate this process, Tanran Reiki is one of these.

In this political perspective, our votes are not merely ballots and dollars. Every thought that we think is a vote, how we devote our energy is a vote, our values are votes, and pool together to shape our world. This energy eventually trickles down to the democrate nontelepathic human level and even the militaristic ape level. When Buddha wandered around the world, many rulers dedicated their armies to him. The ape instincts within the rulers knew to submit to the Buddha. They were still caught in separation and dualism, but instinctly bowed to the wisdom inside the Buddha, feeling it inside themselves but not knowing it was coming from a telepathic unity that dominates no one, honors everyone, and wants no one to submit. It just wants to include everyone and unite everyone. In the ape brain, this translates as submission to a higher power.

Because there is no dominance, either through might or through massing votes and pushing agendas, merely voicing and living our truth is enough. We do not have the play the political game, but simply assume our place on Earth and live it consciously. It might mean becoming an conventional politician if this is the calling, if this is the dharma function that is needed to heal the sangha and to heal this world.

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