Friday, July 23, 2010

Immortalist Diet: Some Notes

I wanted to share some thoughts about the role of diet in physical immortality. The reason for this writing is to support those who may be feeling of the truth of this kind of process but are having trouble transitioning into its fullness. I have found it interesting that, in my own process, I found the emotional processing more easy to do than the physical processes. There was a kind of passivity and habit force that needed to be overcome in order to do what was necessary on the physical level itself. Disciplines like Hatha Yoga and Chi Kung were less present in my life than doing Rebirthing Breathing. What I did was did them occasionally, while I have the purpose and intentionality to do Rebirthing Breathing daily for at least one hour a day. At one point in the process it became necessary to add more to this.

With diet, I did not know that going vegetarian was going to intersect the immortalist path. But after being vegetarian for two years, people began, for the first time in my life, to say that I had a glow of health about me. Before being vegetarian, I was eating lots of burgers and hot dogs, and had severe allergies. The allergies softened some when I became vegetarian. I had originally became vegetarian out of compassion for animals, but since I had to consciously construct a new diet for myself I ended up reading a lot of books on healthy eating. Most of the books did not really offer much of an improvement in my diet, except for inspiring some periodic water fasting. These were deeply cleansing experiences. I found that my own body started to make choices to move away from certain foods and towards other foods. My own body started to move toward being vegan in stages that took about 8 years to complete. It first gave up eggs. I loved having omelets but one day I just threw them up. My body had rejected them. During the last year, my only two exceptions to being vegan were yogurt and soy cheese which still had some casein from milk. One day I had noticed that I did not have either one of these for over three months and just decided to stay this way. A few weeks later I found that my allergies had gone almost completely away. They cleared up to almost nothing through some emotional processing and through megadoses of vitamin C. I still get a reaction during the peak of pollen seaon. My eyes itch some. If the pollens are particularly intense, then I sneeze a little and my eyes still get red. But when I was growing up, my right eye would get so swollen that it would push out of the socket, sinuses would clog, my eyes would be very red, I would have headaches, and I would feel really congested inside. Instead of a few days per a year, it would be all year round that I would be triggered by something, with winter being the least (depends on the smoke from chimneys).

Although for compassion for animals, it would be ethically very pure for us to immediately move into a pure vegan diet and tough through the changes required to adapt to this diet (imagine a parallel with a murderer saying he or she is going to cut down on killing people to just once a week for a while before quitting entirely). But in practice it seems that the body prefers moving stage by stage to a better diet. Even if a person decides to just reduce animal flesh food to one meal per a week, it will mean good changes for the animal kingdom. If enough people in our culture reduced their animal flesh intake to one meal a week, then thousands upon thousands of animals would not have to die. Changing a little slowly, too, would allow our economy to adapt to the shifting supply and demand equation that was happening and gradually shift the economic machinery to a more vegetarian culture. For me, the transition from eating animal flesh to being vegetarian took six months. I stopped buying animal flesh at grocery stores, then I stopped eating it when I was at restaurants, then I stopped eating it at houses of friends and family. This took three months. I then repeated the same thing with fish for another three months. For some reason, it seems easier to shift from "pesca-vegetarian" to vegetarian than from land animals to vegetarian. It may be the minerals or it may be something about our previous evolution. I was lacto-ovo vegetarian for about four years, then lacto-vegetarian for about four years, and have been vegan for over 27 years. I was raw food vegan for 1.25 years. I was guided internally to introduce rice and legumes back into my diet after this time. My present diet is a mix of herbal potions, hot soups, stir fries, raw salads, raw smoothies, and microclustered water. I do not do water fasts anymore, but find diluted fresh juices from raw veggies and fruit, plus herbal potions to be an easier fast which produces a deeper cleanse. I also do a semi-fast very often, where I only take herbal potions and microclustered water until about 1pm or 2pm. It is important to eat a decent meal relatively soon after this time, because eating very late in the evening too close to sleep time seems to help the body convert food into fat.

I do get that the food we eat is an important part of the immortalist path. As we mature in our longevity process, we are meant to eat less food in general. At some point, we must face our emotional addiction to food and overcome it. Then we eat only the food that we really need and nothing more than this. We need to look at how much we eat to feel better emotionally. Many of the health challenges for someone on the immortalist path have to do with an uncharted zone. Mortalists basically stay with their addictions, overeat, and die. We need less and less food as our energy system fine tunes itself. Young people eat a lot of food, partly to supply construction materials for building their body house, partly to rebuild their bodies from the bad habits that are hurting them, and partly to fuel their exuberant wasting of energy in all kinds of activities. Life gives the young a lot of experimental lattitude to do all this. But if we are learning from our experience, then we are fine tuning ourselves to our real needs and chopping down the unnecessary from our lives.

When we cross the 40 year marker, we ideally have some real wisdom about how to live. We do not have much real wisdom, but if we have even a small amount, then we can begin to reshape our lives accordingly and slowly attract the rest. We are meant to live this wisdom and attune our lives to this wisdom. When we have an addiction, it means that we have a behavior pattern that is not aligned with our wisdom. This keeps us stuck until we move beyond the habit.

When we have been pure vegetarian, eating no animal flesh, for two years, then our body chemistry changes drastically. There is a release of energy that unites with the ecosystem and merges with all the animals of nature. They feel like we are part of a greater life with them. We move into a deeper unity consciousness with them. When we become vegan, something similar happens. The difference between veganism and vegetarianism is that the former is about not stealing from animals and the latter is about not killing them. There is a release of energy that happens when shifting to veganism, but it is less significant, just as it is less karmaic to steal from someone than to kill them. There is also a different edge too. If you pull off a leaf from a plant and eat it, the plant will continue to grow new lieaves. It may even grow better if certain leaves are taken. If you chop off a limb from an animal to eat it, then animal always suffers and always loses permanently. Perhaps our science will reach a point where we can regenerate limbs for those poor animals, but we have not reached this point yet. Hopefully by then we will have all become vegans and we will only regenerate limbs torn off of animals and humans by accidents.

But when you take eggs and milk from various animals, it can have the context of stealing or the context of taking what they freely give. It is possible that our kinship with animals will be such that we can enter into agreements with them and may, under certain circumstances, take their eggs and dairy. The being that I have had the honor to channel, Sohra, comes from a world where they were in telepathic communion with their animals. In their evolutionary journey, all the animals were vegetarian and did regulate their own populations within certain bounds. It was not necessary for predators to emerge to reduce their populations back into balance. The humans of their world also did the same and followed a "one for one" rule about birth. They maintained a stable population of 500,000 beings that only fluctuated by about two or three at the most.

Sohra was an herbalist on her world and she said that the whole population was vegan, but that occasionally they would use milk in their medicines. It would not be a regular part of their diet, but when it was needed for healing they would ask the animals for some milk and the animals would usually gladly give it to them. The same would be true for eggs, though this was less necessary. It seems that Sujata gave Buddha rice boiled in sweet milk to nurse him back to health when he was meditating into supreme perfect enlightenment. According to one tradition, Sujata was Tara in disguise and did get milk that was karma free.

The bottom line is that we are not meant to take food that is intended for the children of another species and use it for our growth, especially when we are adults. But under certain healing conditions, a little milk and eggs may be useful. If we are conscientious, then we will find a source that is at least kind to the animals in question. Ideally we would find a human who raises them, lets them run truly free, telepathically communes with them, and gets permission from them. Or we could wander around and find a willing animal to share this gift with us when we need it. But in this world at this time in history, we might just choose the best circumstances that we can find and make do.

I personally have not needed to do this. My belief is that there are vegan equivalents to everything that are equal or better than animal sources. I feel that we are meant to be vegan and life supports this. But as we are disentangling our karmaic past, there might be a transitional phase where some minor compromises may be needed. We might have been damaged in subtle ways from having been raised with animal flesh products, childhood illnesses, vaccinations, and processed foods. We might need to take some careful steps and give ourselves some room to shift into a more ideal diet.

I also feel that it is important to do our emotional process and to master breathing. No diet in the world is going to compensate for the ill effects of stuffing anger, fear, and sadness into our bodies. I do gather that animal flesh eating came into the world partly to compensate for the ill effects of stuffing anger, to partly rebuild the hormonal adrenal chemistry that chronic subconscious anger depletes, and that the craving or feeling of wanting animal flesh has to do with this emotional energy pattern. These things will need to be dealt with along the way.

I also feel that breath mastery can compensate for a lot of actual food. I do not recommend that people, unless they are called to do so, become breatharians overnight, but that we master the breath parallel to our dietary changes, so that one helps the other. If we do full lung breathing, then we can release more toxins on our exhale than usual. Breath mastery allows us to sustain the gains in consciousness that we touch upon in our evolution. These are deep subjects and beyond the scope of this writing. What intersects the focus of this writing is that I feel dietary evolution does need parallel growth in other areas of our life, including emotional integration and breath mastery. Without this support, our diet will never quite feel perfectly right.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rebirthing Breathing

The above diagram is a kind of mandala of the rebirthing breathing process. The core of the process is the infinity symbol embedded in the interlocking triangles. Leonard Orr described rebirthing breathing as "breathing from the breath itself". The key elements are removing the pauses between the inhale and the exhale so that you have one smooth continuous cycle of breathing and never forcing the exhale, never pushing the exhale out. The belly naturally relaxes on the exhale and the natural contraction of the belly, like a rubber band that you have already stretched, simply shrinks back to its usual size when you let go of the efforting to inhale. Jim Leonard later added an understanding to this process that he called "the five elements of rebirthing". He later on called his version of rebirthing by the name "Vivation".

Rebirthing started out as simply doing intense breathing in a hot tub until memory of the "birth trauma" surfaced. Diane Hinterman, during one of these early sessions, remarked, "Maybe its the breathing [rather than the intense hot water]". This observation later on caused Leonard Orr to experiment with "dry land rebirthing". Rebirthing came to be known as an "American Pranayama" (breathing technique), though there is some hint of the method in the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra (the 112 techniques of Shiva that may be the essence blueprint of all the meditation methods humans have ever used in all the religions). Techinique number 2 is "As breath turns from down to up, and again as breath turns from up to down, through both these turns, realize". The first nine methods of Shiva relate to breathing and mostly focus on the place where the in breath and the out breath change into each other. Some breathing meditations focus on noticing the pause and dropping into the space between the breaths to feel the eternal. Rebirthing focuses in generating pranayama through removing the pauses and staying within a continuous flow of breathing. There is a theme that I have shared in previous blogs that the phrase "holy spirit" is better translated as "holy breath" in various New Testament passages and may indicate a method similar to rebirthing was used: "rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks" (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18), "pray at all times in the on the alert with all peseverance" (Ephesians 6:18), "the breath also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray [in words] as we should, but the breath itself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words" (Romans 8:26), and "pray and not lose heart" (Luke 18:1). These are samplings of verses, scattered through out the NT, have these themes, "in the breath", "with rejoicing", "not losing heart", "with gratitude or thanks giving", "with alertness", and "with groanings too deep for words". It shows that there was a kind of wordless level of prayer that was "in the breath" and "at all times" (aka continuously). It is meant to persevere through a period where one is tempted to lose heart and give up. During this time, a person may deeply groan and move through some kind of emotional pain. When we break through this zone, then there is a rejoicing and gratitude that is also in each breath. There is a blissfulness that appears. It is very important that we are conscious of every breath, staying alert in the process.

I found later on that the inhale needed to be intentional, a choice to keep on living, to keep on experiencing. The inhale is intentional and the exhale relaxed. The inhale is receiving each new experience (with thanksgiving) and the exhale is letting go and surrendering (all attachments aka "sell all that you have and follow me"). The inhale and exhale flowing together has the feeling that receiving without resistance and letting go without clinging are really the same. They are about being in the flow of life (kingdom of god).

The place in the infinity symbol where the lines intersect (the middle "x") is the place where the switching from inhale to exhale and exhale to inhale happens. The infinity symbol is a good symbol for rebirthing, because it is meant to be continuous, always flowing, without pause, and yet it keeps gently and smoothly switching between inhale and exhale.

Although I like the formulas that both Leonard Orr and Jim Leonard both used to describe rebirthing (with Jim Leonard being more systematic). There is a living feeling when the breathing is done rightly. I have found that people spontaneously do this breathing when I have given a Reiki energy healing session to them and they are deeply feeling the energy flow within them. In this energy flow, emotions naturally surface, are gently processed, integrated, and released. The key to keep this process going is "not clinging and not resisting" which is a main theme in Buddhist meditation. You do not try to push the process too hard (resistance). You do not feel anger, fear, or sadness with the intention to get rid of them, but accept them and breathe through them until they are complete. If the emotions are fully felt without resistance, then they usually do not last very long. It is our resistance to feeling them that sustains them. If we can be grateful for the experiences that we are having when under "tribulation", then they integrate faster. The wordless petition is to ride through the difficulties in our process and not lose heart.

Rebirthing breathing is a pranayama method. It generates energy in our bodies. It draws in Divine Grace as atmospheric prana into our bodies, collects it, and circulates it. Every single cycle of one inhale and one exhale, is a complete circuit of pranic energy. Even 20 cycles can give us a significant amount of energy and healing. In rebirthing, they recommend that you do 10 sessions of approximately one hour to three hours each with less than one week between sessions, and with a "breath coach". Assistance is helpful, because, in the beginning, you will forget to breathe consciously and lapse into unconscious breathing, stop breathing altogether, or push on the exhale to avoid feeling an emotion. You will also be tempted to "lose heart" or go "sansho shima" (a Buddhist term for quitting the process). Usually we are tempted when we are about to move through something very big. Gurdjieff also called this experience "the second conscious shock". The first shock is simply going from thinking about breathing to actually breathing. The second shock is to continue when we want to bail out. There is a third shock, too, which is to continue even when in bliss. Gurdjieff did not talk about this, because few people needed to learn this. They were busy with the first two shocks. Gurdjieff did not like to give people more than what was practically needed at the time. I hope to write more about the third shock later on, though it does take a fair amount to do so, since the other two shocks must be covered from several angles to make sense of the third shock. The Uttara Tantra and the Anthem to Primordial Consciousness both imply the third shock within their teachings. The third shock is also lightly touched upon in THEORY OF CELESTIAL INFLUENCE by Rodney Collin (a student of Ouspensky who was a student of Gurdjieff). However, none of the sources above put the third shock in process terms and in relationship to each other. I found that one Sufi group that I attended had people discussing the issues of the third shock without their realizing it. They were asking "how to stay in bliss". They had made it completely through the second conscious shock a few times and reached the bliss on the other side. This attachment to bliss is a barrier that must be sacrificed to continue. The secret is to willingly go into more stuff, to invite the remaining repressed emotions to come up, to stay in the attitude of receiving and not resisting that brought up the pain and allowed us to move through it, to continue the process. Most people stop in the bliss and try to cling to it. Some even succeed for a while, but this subtle clinging misses an important point. In one Zen koan, Buddha is reported to have said, "Nirvana is the last nightmare". Although nirvana is ultimate piece, it is also the ultimate attachment, especially in the form of sublime sexual ecstasy and loving communion with a perfect tantric or romantic partner. There is a point where it must be released and let go of, in and through the breath. The key is to stay in the flow whether pain (dukkha) arises or bliss (sukkha) arises. Somewhere, staying in the flow becomes our refuge and we relax into the flow itself.

If rebirthing is done properly, you will feel tingling waves of energy in the body. This tingling later on becomes warm currents. It is good to keep the mind free from distracting thoughts and away from day dreams. If we lose ourselves in them, then we "fall asleep" in the process and actually have stopped our practice. It is a subtle resistance to practice that needs to be released along the way. If you do not feel tingling sensations, some kind of noticeable energy movement, in the first three sessions, then you are not breathing correctly or some block is limiting your process. With some people, what I am sharing in this and other articles will be enough help to actually do the process and ride it into and beyond bliss. With others, some unconscious pattern may block one from actually doing the process correctly. My suggestion is to find some breath coach to help walk you through the process enough times until you go "autonomous" and produce successful results on your own. This will save you a lot of time. When I was first doing this process, there were not as many breath coaches around. I read and reread the one article that Jim Leonard had written that is found in CELEBRATION OF BREATH by Sondra Ray and also the excellent article by Eve Jones about the physiology of rebirthing breathing. I kept correcting and refining my process through studying and practicing. Buddhist texts helped immensely to understand aspects of this process. The Buddhist texts and the teachings of Krishnamurti focused on the "mental attitude" (bodhicitta) needed to move through everything. I was later able to work with Reymundo Menchaca (30 hours) and Jim Leonard (100 hours) to check my understanding. Both of these people gave some valuable insights. I also found it fascinating that both of them were willing to learn even more about the breathing. They had the attitude of "only don't know" of Zen Buddhism, where you stay in beginners mind and keep on learning. They did not present themselves as "experts" in one sense. I did also dialogue with Leonard Orr for about a year in letters (pre-internet) and did glean some valuable things from these conversations.

The diagram shares my own understanding and summarization of the process. I do consider that rebirthing breathing, or "breath of water", is complimentary to "kundalini breath of fire", and that alternating them is more powerful than doing one or the other. There is also "breath of air" (ujjayi pranayama), breath of earth (breath retention with awareness), and breath of space (pure witness of breathing without any ego control at all). Many of these are woven into the Tumo Yoga of Tibetan Buddhism and linked with visualizations, mantras, and dakinis. The hollow body note on the diagram is from the Tumo Yoga preliminaries. If you click on the diagram, it will appear in a larger and easier to read format.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Sayings of the Bodhisattva Jesus

The Sayings of the Bodhisattva Jesus

I have put some sayings of Jesus in order of number of words and formed a kind of pyramid with them. I have listed them like commands and assertions. I have liked how Jesus taught in very potent one liners. I share them without commentary and only say that they make more sense when you meditate.

Judge not.
Die daily.
Fear not.
Come forth.
Peace be still.
Love your enemies.
Resist not evil.
Make friends quickly.
You are gods.
Abide in me.
Watch and pray.
Turn the other cheek.
Walk the second mile.
Be of good cheer.
Walk in the light.
Let your light shine.
Bless those who curse you.
Be you wise like serpents.
Be you innocent like doves.
Go into your inner closet.
Lose your life to find it.
Go and sin no more.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Ask and you will receive.
Believe you have received it.
Receive you the holy breath.
Worship god in breath and truth.
Love god with all your heart.
The gentle shall inherit the Earth.
Pray for those who persecute you.
Your faith has made you whole.
Pick up your cross and follow me.
You are the light of the world.
Greater works than these shall you do.
The greatest is the servant of all.
Love one another, as I have loved you.
Be in the world but not of it.
Sell all you have and follow me.
Into the hands of the divine, I release my breath.
Seek first the kingdom of god and its balance.
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.
I am with you always, even to the end of the aeon.
I pray that they may be one, just as we are.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anthem to Deep Karma Burning Forgiveness and Remorse

This anthem is about generating the feeling of deep remorse and deep forgiveness that burns away karma and ends the second poison of the mind which is anger, negativity, and condemnation. Because negativity is dependent upon craving, greed, and attachment on one side and delusion, denial, and projection on the other side, deeply ending this root karma severely weakens the force of the other two poisons in our mindstream and heartstream.

In the thousands upon thousands of lifetimes,
I have been both victim and abuser many times.
I have violated all the wise precepts
about how to behave so many times
that I cannot count them.
I have been unloving, insensitive, and unkind.
Mercifully, the small amount of loving acts
that I have done, has kept me from staying too long
in the painful bardos where I experience
what I have done to others.
I am sorry, deeply ashamed, and anguished
over my past deeds.
I am afraid of the karmas
my past deeds have set into motion
and are drawing towards me even now.
My own memories rise up as witness against me
as I meditate and no longer resist the mindflow
that purges and purifies my consciousness.
I no longer try to defend a self image
that I am kinder than I am.
I choose to no longer play innocent victim
of a harsh cosmos.
I own my part in setting into motion
the painful karmas that I presently experience.
Deeply feeling my own harsh and unkind energy,
I can easily forgive others
for the trivial crimes they visit upon me.
I open up to the purifying and loving energy
of Amida Buddha
that joins my deep remorse
and burns away the roots of my karmas
within the depths of my subconscious mind
and within the very feeling depths of my heart.
Because I no longer wish to be tormented
for my own past deeds,
I forgive everyone for any unkindness
that they have done to me
and no longer wish to return
harm for harm.
I accept that like has attracted like
within the field of universal law
and has played out all the karmas
that everyone has ever experienced.
I humbly bow down to the perfect justice
that is behind this panoramic display.
I humbly accept the small amount of pain
that life brings me as just and fair
within the largest vision of life
that is possible.
By experiencing deep remorse
and deep forgiveness for everyone,
I fully open myself up to the mercy
that purifies my mind and my heart,
and releases me from paths
of future sorrow.
At the same time, the remaining karmas
already set into motion,
already having enough force
to manifest in my life
and bring me pain,
I will humbly accept
and endure,
with the peaceful knowing
that they too will be finally done
very soon
and that the mercy
of Amida Buddha is even now
softening their effects upon me
and bringing enough healing
to raise me from the dead
once the karmaic storms
have blown over.
I feel deep remorse
and deep forgiveness,
because I am a loving being
bound to the wheel
of action and reaction,
and want to be free
to truly be myself
and release this love fully
to bless a world of sorrow.
You who once tormented me
and I who once tormented you,
are a sentient being who,
like me, deserves only love.
Here and now, I choose to meet you
in this loving energy
without the thought
of getting anything back from you.
I lay down my weopons,
my negative thoughts, judgments, and curses,
and lay down my shields,
my defensive thoughts, denials, and masks,
and meet you with innocence, kindness, and peace.
Let us, if we can, rise up together,
blessing instead of cursing,
and leave this tainted world completely,
building another one
from a vision of universal
and unconditional love.
Namaste. Svaha. Amen.

(through Tenabah, copyright 2010)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Immortalist Politics 2

This second sharing about immortalist politics is about what I would do if I were president of the United States, assuming more power than a president usually has and assuming some special interest group does not succeed in shooting me before my term is over. This is largely a hypothetical proposal, but it may indicate a certain kind of path which hopefully will eventually happen anyway, if it is still necessary given how causes and conditions unfold and if enough free choice, flowing with inner wisdom, and good karma allows.

(1) Terra forming. Actively creating government projects which would reforest the barren desert areas, rebuild damaged ecosystems, string solar panels across the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada to generate enough power to at least supply the energy needs of the southwest. Building desalinization plants to purify the ocean water and solar pump the water into canals to water the desert areas of eastern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, and to intentionally evolve the ecosystem evolutionary succession step by step into a viable near rain forest. Replenishing all the aquafirs of the entire planet. Letting the oceans shrink a little in the process so that slightly more land mass appears. Require oil companies to have terra forming plans for areas damaged by oil drilling, coal mining, and natural gas siphoning, with the land being given by groups like nature conservancy for stewardship. Rebuilding the aquatic ecosystems and requiring the harvesting of sea creatures to never go beyond 50 percent of replacement rate. Ending all environmentally damaging practices like using sonar equipment which makes ceteans deaf. Guiding farming areas to move from monoculture farming to biodiverse farming, with companion planting being used, crop rotation being used, and native plant philosophy guiding the choices of what to grow. Ending genetically modified planting and plant hybridization in favor of natural growing methods and the selection of strains for high quality food, sustainable growth with minimum human support, and ability with withstand natural challenges with a minimum of fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide, and preferably none at all. Organizing human villages and communities to dovetail with nature, rather than seriously and adversely impact nature. Ending massive clear cutting in favor of wise selective cutting, shipping log harvests to local mills that supply wood for local projects and local craft people and only exporting any small surplus if some is left over. Harvesting limbs rather than whole trees when possible. Using hemp to replace wood pulp in paper by 90 percent content and possibly finding natural binders like the pelicule of Kombucha to replace the remain 10 percent. Recycling post consumer wood pulp whenever possible. Shifting to magnetic rail trains to replace high polluting and fossil fuel using airplanes for intercontinental travel and to replace long truck travel with high probability of fatigue accidents and with high fossil fuel use and pollution output. Reconstruction all the highways into electric rail "car trains" with the ability to travel at least 250 mph in complete safe even with the "driver" falling asleep (automatic guidance once the car is locked into a car chain train). Eventual goal to shift completely to safe electrical car use to completely replace fossil fuel cars. Totally funding the implementation and mass production of solar panels and parabolic mirror solar tracking light focusing electrical generators to generate all the power that our culture needs to run all industrial processes possible at a zero pollution level (which could handle at least 300 percent of the energy needs of this culture if all the money that was invested into nuclear power plants and fossil fuel based plants were invested in this direction). Having a goal to retool beyond fossil fuel based technologies before a crisis requires emergency change, retooling when patience and planning can organize the new society and debug the technologies while the fossil fuel technologies can run parallel to them until they are not needed.

(2) Zero taxation government. Have the government charge a modest use fee to the American public for maintaining a near self sustaining high tech communications infrastructure and have government services and projects be funded by this use fee. Having all corporate holdings nationalized that have to do with infrastructure and end every monopoly of this kind. Have nationally needed resources like oil be under government control and regulation. Have these products regulated so that the government makes a profit to run all its functions and have this profit be subject to vote and direct ratification by the public. Have a "bill of economic rights" that the total amount that all levels of the government combined, city, state, and federal, all fees for all services, not exceed 25 percent of the total income of any individual. Have an amendment stating that the government cannot go into debt and cannot use the labor of its citizens as a resource to bargain for loans. The government can only fund projects in real time as its budget can afford to do so and that any emergency requiring going into debt must be subject to the direct vote of the public and must be a 75 percent majority. A government should be technologically advanced enough to not need taxation as a revenue source.

(3) Min-max theory applied. Given that wealth is partly based on individual achievement and social infrastructure support for a healthy market and given that wealth is also political power, the people shall define an upper and lower limit to wealth, that people cannot go below a certain level of poverty and must have a sustainable existence, unless the government cannot afford to provide this, and that people cannot go above a certain maximum limit and therefore not become too powerful compared to others, and also that wealth beyond a certain amount is usually gained by unnatural and corrupt means, or usual fortune and timely inventions that thrive in the market place within a well organized and just society. The upper limit will be generous enough so that the profiting individuals will still be set for life from their fortune and will not be taxed out of that wealth by a greedy government. The guarantee of a minimum level income safety net will reduce the temptation to resort to crime when desperate.

(4) Population control through education. Generate conversation about only birthing slightly above replacement rate. Teach wise birth control measures, including astrologically based rhythm methods, use of condoms, and the use of specialized herbs and microbes that can regulate the birth process. Present the ideal that a couple must live together for at least two years harmoniously before having a child. Teach Tantric bindu mixing meditations so transmute hormone driven lust into peaceful sexual desire. Have high quality abortion and morning after birth control pills as a safety net for unplanned pregnancies, should all the other levels of safety fail. Have the ideal of only planned pregnancies, with trained parents, who have sufficient income and time to raise their children. Have children with rights not to be abused or physically punished, emotionally tormented, or severely neglected to the point of physical or emotional malnutrition.

(5) Initiatory Immigration policy. Have fluid boundaries with other cultures so that those who wish to enter this country go through an initiation and training process in exchange for terra forming labor or other government programs, including all the basic trainings that a regular citizen needs to be a viable member of society, including birth control measures, Tantric bindu mixing, and compasson training (to replace any prejudices and hatreds).

(6) Human rights based and compassion based foreign policy. Eliminating the support of militaristic governments that make virtual slaves of their people, that torture their people, terrorize their people, or support an unbalanced caste system where some human group is necessarily trapped and repressed by those in power. Trading only with free culture where there is an established standard of living which is high. Supporting the free evolution of cultures to the level of having populations of free individuals with guaranteed rights who have follow their life vision without living in fear. Not trading with miltaristic cultures which have not evolved to this level of individual rights and thereby using indirect pressure to get them to become an just society. Activate sending of educators and visionaries to inspire other cultures to evolve to their highest potential.

(7) Separation into bioregions. Dividing the US into the bioregions and ecosystems that are present so that certain terra forming projects are more comprehensive and more effective. Realizing that each bioregion has its own challenges and needs that differ from other bioregions and that state boundaries do not define these bioregions at all. Possible discussion to redefine state boundaries and merge states into bioregions states.

(8) Establishment of a fourth branch of government. This fourth branch of government would monitor the government and mainly watch out for corruption in the active government. The positions would be subject to the direct vote of the people. It would be interfaced with the judicial branch and could proactively bring to trial any corruption found.

(9) Time limits on bills that have passed. This would limit the amount of record keeping and would automatically eliminate obsolete legislation. The time limit could be as large as 10 years. Bills would not be allowed to have riders or be subject to bargaining. Every bill would need to pass on its own merits. Some restructuring of government so that it is represented by a wide variety of professions, including scientists, artists, engineers, farmers, teachers, and crafts people, rather than predominantly only accountants and lawyers.

(10) Constitutional convention. States would each vote members so that 100 representatives can convene and discuss a possible constitutional amendment, and then vote on it to ratify it by a 75 percent majority. This would streamline the current method where an amendment must pass by individual state processes where the ratification of one state could expire before the last state agrees. The ERA would have passed if it were done by constitutional convention.

(11) Shift from Imperial Military to National Defense. The current military is really a system of defending a planetary economic empire than the boundaries of a relatively small nation. Reducing the size and purpose of the military would bring the budget back to something very afford. The goal would be to create an small but super trained specialist army. This army would be considered a last resort with cleaning up all politcal karma and lack of ethical idealism with regard to other nations as a primary method of self defense.

(12) Voucher system supported free education and medical care. If affordable to create a free and open system where people can freely choose the kind of medical care that they wish to have. The education institutions would need to prepare the students to pass standardized tests that show a minimum standard of education is guaranteed through their training. Health options would need to show a testable level of care is possible through a similar monitoring to eliminate scams. Testimonies, participant reviews, and statiscal studies would count towards validating a healing modality. Experimental modalities can still be used without voucher support until validated. The educational goal would be to have the internet and learning resources widely available and to teach people how to self educate with those resources, with tutoring, monitored individual studies, learning tasks and learning projects, and small classes. The value of continuous education across the entire lifespan will be held as an ideal. This would empower people to help organize society and terra forming so that all poverty, disease, starvation, and wars can end, and everyone is living a healthy, happy, loving, wise, and creative life.

The exact details of this orientation is less crucial than the overall general vision. Many specific items could become obsolete when and if better research, better methods, and better technologies replaces them. It would be a culture evolving and organizing itself through compassion, justice, science, healthy feedback systems, and learning from experience.

I have not mentioned the values like vegan diet, animal rights, mastery of breathing, and conquering aging, ending natural disasters, balancing the four elements, ending accidents, ending death, and invocation of and cooperation with the mahasangha. It may be possible for conventional society to embrace these ideals, but it seems that this might be too much of a leap all at once, that the above ideals, radical as they might sound, could be an intermediate step in this direction and make it easier for immortals to achieve their goals.

Immortalist Politics I

I wanted to share something of immortalist politics. I wanted to outline some aspects of immortalist politics before going into some details about it what it might mean.

(1) Immortalist politics is keyed into evolution. It will mean different things at different times and in different situations. Much depends on what is needed at different stages of this process. There is a living understanding that grows in each individual. When a life committed person has lived 500 years or more, something inside him or her has formed that is hard for people who die before attaining 100 years of age to even imagine. It would be like a child trying to imagine what it would be like to be an adult. You also start to communicate differently. You have seen generations of humans come and go. You have seen these humans get caught in all kinds of intellectual and politic fads, noticed how strongly these fads have gripped the mind, and you have seen other generations of humans completely forget these fads. You begin to wonder what is even worth sharing, what is worth remembering, and what is worth living across a very long lifespan. One example is Babaji, who decided to release the idea of physical immortality back into mass consciousness in the 1960s. He has been immortal since 800 CE. What made him decide that the 1960s was different than all the previous 100 year periods he had experienced. What has he been doing all this time? He was focused in some way on the long term patterns of human evolution. I think that some feeling for what was going through his mind can be approximated by recovering large amounts of memories from previous lifetimes and by the study of high quality historical writings, especially the study of religious, artistic, and scientific history (more than merely memorizing the dates for all the wars and key conventional political events than are mainly mammalian power dramas).

(2) The political perspective, the evaluation of historical processes, is going to be different for an immortal, even a young immortal (one who is committed to devote life energies to living a long, healthy, and happy lifespan on planet Earth in his or her physical body). It is going to be different from people who do not realize that they dogmatically believe in aging and death being inevitable, who expect to die before they reach 127 years of age, and who buy into a religious view that asserts that their real life begins in some heaven (where they oddly enough have immortal bodies, happiness, health, and do not even have to work for it). There is a greater valuing of life in the human phyiscal body, and therefore all biological life on Earth and the ecosystem of this planet. The spiritual and biological are fused together. People who believe that they are going to die and go to a better place than the Earth may not be as devoted to making life on Earth work. They might be more OK with trashing the planet, exploiting and exhausting its resources, only caring about short term results, and only caring about immediate improvement in the quality of life and short term economic success. They would be less interested in developing high quality sustainable social systems which would harmonize with having nature flourish while advancing technology to its highest level. Even humans who would at least believe that they will reincarnate back on this planet would probably care more for the Earth than those who believe that they can rape this planet of its resources and still make it to heaven after they die.

(3) Because democracy is relatively new in human history, many spiritual writings about the future still think in terms of monarchies. Perhaps it is part of being a human that we think it terms of some political process that creates leaders who are meant to serve and govern our world. In the past, these leaders appeared first by military might, then by bloodlines, then by the vote and support of other leaders, and then by the vote of the people. In a democracy, leaders operate within a structure of laws which limit, diffuse, and balance power so that no one human can have too much power to dominate and enforce his or her agenda on others. Also part of a democracy is some charter of rights, beliefs, values, and processes where individual life is respected and individual free choice is honored. A person has a right to decide what their own life is about and choose to live the way he or she wants to live. The ethics of a democracy about about letting people do this, provided that they respect the equal right of others to do the same. In other words, we are limited in how we choose to live when it comes to us limiting how others choose to live.

(4) There is a higher form of government than democracy, which I call "dreamtime consensus". Some Sufis and Quakers can understand this. The Quakers are operating through a consensus system of government which is done in waking life, through meditating together, discussing until everyone freely agrees, and then electing one person to represent the consensus within a higher circle of meditators. This process is repeated both upwards and downwards within a network of circles of humans, numbering from about 6 to 60 people, until everyone agrees and acts as unified whole for the sake of evoluton. The dreamtime version requires a kind of maturity where you can tune into the collective wisdom field that exists within humanity, emanate the essence of your understanding, pool your wisdom energies with others, allow blending to take place, and express this deep unity when you return to your focus on ordinary human life. It is perhaps the highest meaning of the phrase, "Think globally, act locally."

(5) Just as people sitting around discussing and voting does not look like government at all for apes who solve everything with clubs, guns, and weopons on the battlefield, so too does lying down and meditating, linking with the awakened sangha in dreamtime, dialoguing in pure light pulses, and flowing within intuitive wisdom in daily life not feel like government to those nontelepathic humans who think in terms of democratic processes of voting, arguing, and bargaining. Paradoxically, all these levels of government exist on the planet at this time. The deepest one is the dreamtime consensus government. This is the oldest, most successful, and most compassionate conspiracy group that has ever existed. It is the only one which deserves the real meaning and label "conspiracy," since the root meaning is "to breathe together".

(6) This consensus is deep enough so that people who are attuned to the conspiracy can speak for each other, since they are always breathing together and functioning as one organism. The illusion of a separate self has ended in each of them and they take their rightful place within the totality of the "corpus christi", the body of the Christ, the organic unity of the species of homo telepathicus. Because everyone is part of everyone, forming in one sense a single self, war will end, and even aging and death. The single organism taking care of itself and healing itself. There will be no "us" versus "them" within this organism. This transcending of "separate competing selves politics" is one of the massive mutational shifts that will happen as evolution continues. This is why the Buddha simply voiced truths and was simply heard. He spoke within the unity of the higher organism that is wishing to awaken in everyone. This is the deepest level of meaning in the Heart Sutra. It is flowing in the intuitive wisdom that Buddha spoke from, rather than attaching to any form of the teaching, to any dogmatized fossil relic of a wisdom current that is still alive and new in the here and now.

(6) In the dreamtime consensus government, there are sometimes leaders that appear. But these are more like functional roles, like diversified cells within our human body. All the cells serve each other and do not dominate each other. They do what is necessary according to wisdom. Jesus talks of this and very clearly says that the evolutionary leaders do not rule by dominance. They do not "lord it over" other people, but that "the greatest is the servant of all". There is no mammalian status pecking order and no slaves or virtual slaves in this government. The Buddha voices the dharma and we understand, because we are tuned to the wisdom field that validates what the Buddha says. We are really following "the Buddha within" or "Christ in you the hope of glory". But it is not the obediance of one separate self submitting to another, even internally. It is us flowing within wisdom that is shared by all, and even generated by all, pooled together, and lived out individually. Jesus at one point says to his disciples, "I shall not call you servants anymore...I shall call you friends." A servant hears and obeys, but does not understand. A friend understands and freely lives in the shared understanding. When Jesus talks about abiding like branches of the same vine or walking in the light, it is this flowing in intuitive wisdom.

From this perspective, you and I are political leaders. We are the government of this world. Unlike ape politics, I do not need to buy a club and beat down enemies to be a ruler. Unlike human politics, I do not need to campaign, make promises, and sway masses with my words, or get voted into office. The fact that I am breathing and I am part of this world is enough. I serve my function, live more role, and walk in my dharma. You do also if you are attuned to this living wisdom, feel it even in and through these words. It may take time for you to learn how to be grounded in this wisdom, how to meditatively abide in this wisdom, and live in this wisdom, but as your mutation into homo telepathicus continues, this will happen naturally. There are many initiations to help accelerate this process, Tanran Reiki is one of these.

In this political perspective, our votes are not merely ballots and dollars. Every thought that we think is a vote, how we devote our energy is a vote, our values are votes, and pool together to shape our world. This energy eventually trickles down to the democrate nontelepathic human level and even the militaristic ape level. When Buddha wandered around the world, many rulers dedicated their armies to him. The ape instincts within the rulers knew to submit to the Buddha. They were still caught in separation and dualism, but instinctly bowed to the wisdom inside the Buddha, feeling it inside themselves but not knowing it was coming from a telepathic unity that dominates no one, honors everyone, and wants no one to submit. It just wants to include everyone and unite everyone. In the ape brain, this translates as submission to a higher power.

Because there is no dominance, either through might or through massing votes and pushing agendas, merely voicing and living our truth is enough. We do not have the play the political game, but simply assume our place on Earth and live it consciously. It might mean becoming an conventional politician if this is the calling, if this is the dharma function that is needed to heal the sangha and to heal this world.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Luke Chapter 17: The Second Coming

I wanted to do a commentary on the Gospel according to Saint Luke, Chapter 17, verses 20 to 37. This section is about the coming of the "kingdom of god". The Pharisees, who are representatives of the orthodox spiritual traditions of the time, ask Jesus when the kingdom of god is coming. Jesus says to them, "The kingdom of god is not coming with visible signs, they will not say, "here it is" or "there it is", but behold, the kingdom of god IS within you and around you." The Pharisees ask a question about when, about the future, and Jesus answers in the present tense. The Aramaic word that is used in this passage is sometimes translated as "within" and sometimes translated as "in your midst" (aka around you). I have taken the approach of the Amplified Bible where all relevant multiple meanings are included. In Aramaic and sometimes in Greek, a word can have multiple simultaneous meanings. In English, even when a word has multiple possible meanings, usually only one of them is relevant within each individual context. Some authors, however, using irony and puns, sometimes have an English word have multiple meanings in the same context, but this is stretching the language further rather than normal use.

When Jesus talks about the kingdom of god, it is almost always in the present tense. The one exception is when he talks about the "son of man coming into his kingdom". My belief is that this verse refers to the near future, the very next event in the story, where Jesus transfigures his physical body into a light body. The kingdom of god is a kingdom of light. On this level or dimension of existence, there is no war, no famine, no aging, no death, no poverty, no injustice, no disease, no accidents, and no natural disasters. This dimension is already here and already now. We can get in touch with this dimension within us and it always surrounds us.

By saying what Jesus says, he negates all the apocalyptic doom prophecies that have been shared in his past, were being talked about during more recent times, and which are being talked about even now. The Pharisees were expecting it and hoping for it. Christians later on also expected it and hoped for it. Every 40 years for the last 2,000 years, Christianity has had apocalyptic movements. The new age has taken this over and created more of their own. Other religions, like Islam, have also done the same.

Jesus goes on further and talks about people "longing for the days of the son of man" and talks about how prophets will comes and say, "look here it is" and "look there it is". He sees in the future time when there will be a lull, where no obvious homo telepathicus being will appear and interact with homo sapiens. Beings like Jesus and Buddha are few compared to the number of homo sapiens. There are more homo telepathicus beings. They have mainly learned to hide and work in secret, carrying on the great work of transformation, gently uplifting the planet and gently guiding it. They cannot stop all wars from happening, but they have stopped many wars from happening. They have reduced the effects of wars, built healing centers when possible, taken most advanced artists and scientists of homo sapiens and lead them away from harm, and helped them to continue their work. They have been advisors to rulers when possible and helped to restrain them from generating bad karma for their sake and the sake of all others. But only rarely, when it is important that some spiritual and evolutionary teachings be released to the public, to the masses, do they teach. They often get crucified if they hang out too long in public. Jesus does get crucified. Devadatta tries to kill Buddha three times. Orthodox Hinduism tries to humiliate him in a three debates. Both fail and Buddha teaches the dharma for over 40 years. This was a rare event. People miss the climate that such higher beings create around themselves. They can feel the peace around such beings that the world will eventually feel all the time, when the age of barbarism is over. I personally have seen that humans will eventually arrive, will overcome the three poisons of the mind (craving, negativity, and delusion), will realize their true nature, and will establish a lasting peace on Earth, and then eventually translate their physical bodies into light bodies.

Jesus tells people to not go after these prophets or follow them. He wants people in the future to not get caught in apocalyptic second coming stories. He does not want people to lose their focus in the inner work and manifesting the light body which is the real access to a kingdom of light that is already here and already now.

He goes further. Having established that the prophecies all miss the point and having established that the core reality that is worth seeking is already within us and around us, he does point to a future, another kind of second coming, where it will be "like lightning flashing across the sky" and says, "so shall the son of man be in his day". What he means by this is that when the day comes when homo telepathicus is the dominant species on this planet, it will be everywhere, illuminating everything, and will be visible everywhere. Everyone will have gone through the mutation and awakened to this level of life. It will be like a flash of lightning and illuminate the entire landscape. The dimension of light will be revealed within everyone and around everyone.

There is a phrase in English called "having your day". It is usually refers to birthdays, but it also refers to any day where everything is going your own way. Homo telepathicus has not had its day yet. The world is still dominated by homo sapiens. This species is an intelligent ape species. They are the clever apes who learned to make better weopons that the primitive clubs of his ape rivals. But humans still have ape territory battles, still have alpha leaders and pecking orders, still have jealousy and competition, still have tribes dominating tribes, and still have prejudices. The third brain, the cortical brain, has still not been integrated with the two more primitive brains. Without this event happening, a certain kind of evolutionary change cannot yet happen.

Jesus talks about homo telepathicus suffering many things and being rejected by the present generation (species) of humans. Right now, homo telepathicus humans are the misfits, those that do not fit in, who are rejected, considered softies and weakies. They are naive people who think that love is more powerful than guns and bombs. They think honesty is more important than cunning and deception. They think that "turning the other cheek" is better than wanting revenge and retaliation. Yet "the meek, the gentle, and the humble will inherit the Earth".

Jesus further shares how the world will be until this day happens. Everything will be as it always has been with homo sapiens. They are eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage. They are buying, selling, planting, and building. He could have added, too, other activities, like fighting each other, lying, cheating, stealing, and other things. In Mark 13:7 and Matthew 24:6, Jesus talks about "wars and rumors of wars" (and tells followers, "do not be troubled," because everything is happening as it should in the unfoldment process). Luke 21:9 says the same thing with some variation, as if the same speech of Jesus was remembered differently. The context of all this is that homo sapiens does not transcend its usual way of doing things. Wars and rumors of wars is how homo sapiens has always been. We are having them even now. In terms of the current oil spill, this is how homo sapiens has dealt with things. It is still fighting for resources. They first battled for water holes, killing rival tribes for access to the resources it needed, and assumed a might makes right attitude. Buddha gets distressed at this tendency when two kings fight for a river and gets them to share the river. He uses reason to have them think through what they are doing and to stop.

Jesus shares for those undergoing the mutation to not get upset when homo sapiens acts like homo sapiens. Do what you can for your world, keep staying focused on the mutation process, adapt to the changes that happen, but expect this kind of activity to happen and do not worry. The law of karma will balance things. Its mechanisms may be crude when the imbalances are very large, but they will happen and bring things back into alignment.

Jesus then gives some more cryptic metaphors after speaking rather easily and plainly. He talks about remembering how Lots wife turned back and turned into a pillar of salt. He talks about if you are on your housetop to not go back inside to get the goods that are there. Literally, being on a housetop exposed to an apocalyptic event is not a wise thing. But the advice has to do with the last stages of the mutation process. You do not want to get caught in primate fears and primate attachments. You do not want to go back to illusory primate security in money, oil, gold, social status, and even relationships. You will turn into a pillar of salt (in stark terror) if you do. This because you will have evolved enough to see through their illusory security and will have not evolved enough to find a deeper security of the dimension of light.

Jesus expresses the principle next, "whoever seeks to keep his life shall lose it, whoever loses his life will preserve it alive". This is the core Buddhist theme of letting go of "self clinging" in order to find inner peace. This self clinging is the root sorrow that must be uprooted in order to find inner peace. When we are going deeper into the process, first the three poisons arise, then sensual craving and arrogance, and then, finally, the self clinging behind all of them. At the very end, the deepest root is revealed. Jesus undergoes crucifixion in order to release this last root.

Jesus goes further with more cryptic advice. He talks of two men in one bed, one is taken and one is left behind, two women grinding in the same place, one taken and one left behind, and in some versions, two men in one field, one is taken and one left behind. Some evangelicals take this as an event called the rapture, where some people are taken up to heaven to later come with Jesus when he descends, where they disappear from the Earth. Yet what is a righteous homophobic Christian male doing in bed with another male? In any case, the meaning behind this is similar to a passage in the Upanishads, where there are two birds in one tree. One bird is "the watcher" and the other bird is the "empirical self". The one that is taken is the empirical self, which disappears when identification with thought ends. The one that is left is the real self, which is radiant awareness. Practicing watching, watching, and watching eventually reveals this. It is the key meditation practice that allows this mutation to happen. It is the dawning of the fourth element that unifies the three brains together into a harmonious whole. It is why Jesus says, "watch and pray", not just pray, and also why the most repeated phrase in the New Testament is about having "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" (awareness).

The Pharisees are puzzled why Jesus gives those cryptic sayings. They really only have meaning to one who is meditating, to one who is involved in the process. They ask him "where" the one taken is, and Jesus replies a little cryptically, "where the body is, there also will vultures by gathered". He points to letting go of attachment to the body and its survival, and gives a visualization of a dead body with vultures circling around it. By visualizing this, like the visualization that the Buddha gives of seeing your body on a funeral pyre and being burned to ashes, if you are sensitive, it will help you to let go of the root attachment (to body survival) that keeps self clinging and fear alive. He also points to the truth that the empirical self merely vanishes away, like life from a corpse. It is an illusion that is held together by identification and by attachments. When this identification ends, it disappears, it does not go anywhere.

The discussion Jesus has with the Pharisees closes with the cryptic body and vulture sentences. I found this whole section to be very simple and clear. It is different from the apocalyptic focus of much of modern Christianity which has, to me, moved away from the focus Jesus gives to the "kingdom of god". When Jesus starts teachings, he first words were, "Move beyond ordinary consciousness, because kingdom of god is within your reach." It is usually translated as "Repent, for the kingdom of god is at hand." But "within your reach" is what "at hand" means. Once again, it is in the present tense. It does not say, "it will be at hand", but that it is at hand now. The word that is translated as "repent" is "metanoia" in Greek. "Meta" means above and "noia" means consciousness. It is a more profound change that what the usual meaning of "repent" implies. It means lifting oneself totally above a certain kind of consciousness (being on the roof top, rather than being in the house, in the cryptic metaphors that Jesus uses in Luke 17).

In terms of traditional preaching, when a teacher taught something, they would do something called "sounding the doh note". They would state the theme that they would develop throughout their whole teaching. The first discourse or sentence would be a summary of everything else that they would say. For Jesus, this was the kingdom of god. It is not heaven. It is not about making a reservation in heaven and avoiding hell. It is about connecting with something right here and right now that changes everything, even the very cells of this physical body. It is not about some strange god who visits plagues and more terror on a humankind that is already sowing and reaping enough karma to perpetually terrify itself. Jesus is really very practical, straight to the point, and scientific about the needs for transformation. He gives a lot of powerful one liners that can really only be understood by those who are involved in the mutation process, to those who are dying and being reborn into a new being, who "die daily". It is about learning to love, learning to love so deeply and so strongly that you bless those who curse you, pray for those who persecute you, turn the other cheek when struck by another rather than retaliating back, being gentle with the Earth rather than raping it for all its resources, loving all enemies rather than hating them, being a loving neighbor all all races of people, letting go of status and privilege, not judging or condemning anyone for being who they are, and forgiving everyone until even the last trace of resentment ends. He focused on this kind of love, because it went beyond primate love which barely can love its partners and children, which can be jealous, vengeful, possessive, controlling, and petty. He spoke some challenging sayings in order to point out what this deep love really requires, and wanted people to not be miserly with this love, but to go the second mile, even giving more than what was asked of us.

In terms of primate psychology, what Jesus says is impractical and stupid, counter to primate common sense, where might is right and you never give up power willingly, that you battle to possess and keep valuable resources, hoard them and not share them, and kill anyone who tries to mess with your possessions. Primate politics is what is creating this mess that the planet is in, greed, negativity, and delusion do run a lot of what is seen. The whole world is, as Buddha said, "burning with the fire of craving, burning with the fire of negativity, and burning with the fire of delusion." There are also the more wholesome activities of primates of buying, selling, building, and planting (unless, of course, it harms the Earth in the process or has greed and stealing behind it). This is why the "son of man" must be rejected by this species of humans. But there are those who will hear and understand this voice, who will let themselves be called out of this whole world (the ekklesia) and live differently and eventually join together to create communities of light around this world, and then let the glory of the primate age gently fade away.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Microclustered Water and Physical Immortality

I wanted to share a theory which I has been forming for a long while, derived from a number of studies, contemplations, experiments, and readings from various sources. From the Lemurian and Jewish Genesis accounts, it seems that there was some event that corresponded to the Flood. There are several flood stories that appear in the mythologies from various cultures. There is some suggestion, from those sources, that the Earth once had another layer of atmosphere than it did now, some kind of hydroxl-ion bubble which did a number of things. One was to produce a kind of greenhouse effect over the planet, where the polar ice caps did not exist. There were circulations of heat and cold in such a way that the climate was more balanced than it is now and that vegetation existed even at the north and south poles. The solar radiations were more filtered than they were now and the rays were less harmful to sensitive skin. When the rays impinged upon this layer, something like a subtle ambient music could be heard, something like the sounds that are heard by magnetic telescopes when they translate the electro-magnetic emanations from the sun into tones (and made one researcher say, "It is almost as if the sun is singing."). It seemed also amplify the emanations coming from the stars a little and made more stars visible to the naked eye. It seemed to allow a mist to moisten the plants in the morning. It is possible that rain did not happen or happened differently than it does now. The oceans were much smaller than they were now. Something made the bubble collapse and the hydroxl-ion layer alchemized into water and started raining down everywhere. Wooly mammoths in Siberia were flash frozen during this bubble collapse and the north and south poles suddenly became very cold. Since the collapse, life has been harsher and nature is much more wild. The massive oceans now periodically cause more tidal waves and severe storms. The plates are more unstable and cause more earthquakes.

In the biblical account, the lifespan of humans downgrades from the 900 years of Adam to a biblical generation of a mere 40 years. Part of this was the shift from being vegan to being eaters of animal flesh. But other causes are mentioned, like the human imagination dwelling on harm continually. A kind of fear based and conflict based consciousness appeared very strongly. This had to do with a cellular change. It seems like matter was identified with more strongly and was felt to be more solid and real than it is. Humans were identifying with their bodies in such a way that their bodies now felt denser. There was a fear emerging that believed that "if the bodies and then I die" and a kind of jungle survival awareness, a predator and prey dynamic started to appear. This kind of consciousness is still strong in this world.

It seems that the hydroxl-ion bubble also charged the water in such a way that all the water on the planet was microclustered. Every water molecule has a kind of weak magnetic bond, has a north and south magnetic polarity. It is not as strong as usual magnets, but it is still able to form bonds and have a certain kind of cohesion. Much of the water on the planet right now is "macroclustered" in that the individual water molecules join into a certain size cluster, a kind of bundle. Although it is hard to notice the difference on a macrolevel, the cluster is large by molecular standards. When water passes through certain kinds of magnetic fields or gets electrified in certain ways, then the cluster is broken up into smaller clusters. This microclustered water is more able to pass through the cell membrane and remove toxins from the body.

In longevity research, many researchers are concluding that the main cause of aging is the inability to keep on removing cellular debri from the body and that eventually the accumulated toxins jam the system and eventually cause genetic damage. Yet some researchers are puzzled as to why we are not able to cleanse our cells effectively. It may be the we were once able to do this very simply and naturally because the water was microclustered by the electromagnetic emanations of the hydroxl ion bubble charging the mists that became the water supply for the planet. It seems that two of the long lived cultures that have been studied, the Hunzas and the inhabitants of Valley of the Old Ones in Venezuela, both seemed to have water that is naturally microclustered by the it passes through geomagnetic regions. Both cultures seem to have many people who live to about 127 years. This fits into the Genesis account that says that the lifespan decreased from 900 years to 120 years (Genesis 6:3). The mention of the 120 year lifespan is curious, because the story of the Flood intervenes and then the lifespan gets reduced to 40 years. No one is mentioned as living this old. But it seems to be a kind of footnote about what the genetic potential is if the Flood did not happen. It is still getting reduced by other causes, like the human imagination dwelling too much on negativity, fear, and harm.

Microclustering water is not a hard process to do. Placing some magnets around a glass of water and stirring the water for about 5 minutes will do some significant microclustering. If you are observant, the surface tension of the water should be less thick as a result. I have seen a few people tape magnets to a blender to produce the microcluster effect. Nikken has an advanced microcluster unit that apparently "hexaclusters", makes the cluster so small that only six water molecules per a cluster exists, and this apparently has the ability to reduce the possibility of cancer. It seems that this might be the best microclustering effect possible, but it seems that any microclustering that allows the water molecules to more freely move through the cell membranes and remove toxins is good enough.

I have been placing a glass of mildly filtered water between two high voltage electrical poles of a solid state Tesla device and letting the little lightning bolts dance around the glass. The water generates a certain amount of beneficial ozone too. The ionized plasma emanating from the Tesla device feels nourishing to the energy field too. One caution: I am simply experimenting at this stage. Although I am getting good benefits, like the water really carrying out more toxins as evidenced by darker urine (with no food taken to explain this), I cannot be responsible for how others use the information I am sharing right now. These are definitely explorers notes. If you want a very safe microclustering unit, stick to magnets taped on a blender or get the Nikken unit (and there are other brands too). I got my Tesla solid state high voltage machine off of Ebay from a company in Canada and only spent about $120. Some of the microcluster machines out there are somewhere between 400 and 2,000 dollars. Some add special filters and/or ways of remineralizing the water to a more natural mineral content. All these ideas seem very good and I have tried them, but I like the effect of this device more. High voltage electricity, however, is something that requires safety protocols learned to be used wisely and carefully (and should be kept away from curious children), and this is especially more so when mixing electricity and water together. If you do not know what you are doing, there is a small probability that you could kill yourself and a high probability of getting some nasty skin burning shocks.

My brother, who has been dealing with a debilitating acute sinusitis (sometimes appearing as chronic and intense headaches), found that drinking one glass of this ionized water significantly reduced his headache and later on his urine was dark yellow, as if his body was now able to release a lot of toxins. We had found Cardamom Tea to also be very helpful, and then later on Fenugreek, and later on Feverfew. I have been exploring herbs a lot and feel that this is also a significant source of nutrition and healing. Herbal knowledge could evolve a lot in modern times and has been partly eclipsed by pharmaceutical drugs. Oddly enough, many of these drugs have their active ingredients derived from herbs. In terms of esoteric herbal alchemy, there are three types of useful herbal energies, active, passive, and balancing. Merely extracting the active ingredient may not be fully wise and may explain the rampant number of side effects of many drugs. I plan to do some experiments and see if some of the herbal teas may be more potent if they are brewed in microclustered water.