Monday, June 18, 2012

Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh

I wanted to share some thought of encouragement to support the process that we are all moving through as we move through the 12/21/2012 time marker and beyond. In terms of a single thought, with only five words, this is the most positive and powerful one that I know of. "Om" is the universal frequency. When resounded we tune into the universal energy field that permeates all of creation. It is the unified field of Einstein manifesting as all that is and unifying all that is. It means that separation is an illusion and that we are always one with each other within this unified field. "Namo" means to invoke, to call upon, to entrust into, to surrender to and allow, to open up to and be changed by. "Amida Buddha" is the name for the Buddha of Infinite Love and LIght and also the name for the Buddha of Health, Physical Regeneration, Long Life, and even Physical Immortality. "Amida" is a fusion of these two aspects and therefore means a Grace and Blessing Energy that can heal life on Earth and transform it into a Pure Land. Amida Buddha is a Dhyani Buddha or Archetypal Buddha, beyond the genders of male and female, and both male and female at the same time. The female aspect is called Pandaravasini, or Queen of Fire, and represents the enlightened or subtle aspect of the fire element. The corresponding wisdom is called the "wisdom of pure perception" which is the capacity to see everything as it is, without the coloration of mental interpretation of any kind, seeing everything as a manifestation of primal luminosity. It is like removing all the colored windows of mental interpretation and looking directly at the light itself. Amida Buddha is sometimes designated as "he" because of Dharmakara, who was a Bodhisattva on another planet who made the 48 promises of what he would gift if people called upon him. He merged with Amida Buddha and became a Nirmanakaya emanation of its energy. He worked hard at transmuting energy for many vast numbers of lifetimes to create a "mercy seat", a place where all karma could be burned away completely and liberation easily attained. Because of his attitude of being gracious and his pure dedication, he merged with the aspect of our inner being that has the same attitude, the Amida Buddha within us, and brought this energy into dynamic aliveness so that by chanting the name "Amida Buddha" we can access this energy source and let us transform our lives completely and totally. "Hreeh" is the seed vibration of this energy family, represents "karma burning" and "the compassion that dissolves all karma completely". It is a symbol for an awakened conscience that understands karma very deeply. It is able to feel deep repentance and remorse so thoroughly that the root of karma is wiped out. It is able to forgive so totally that the karma of others is wiped out. When visualized and chanted, this single syllable becomes the whole mantra, and when vibrated into the cells of our body evolves our body into a light body. What is required from us is only a small amount of sincerity, since love is nonviolent and does not violate free choice ever. To the degree that we sincerely allow ourselves to be transformed is the degree that it is so. In the tradition, you chant long enough until the chant is sincere. When it is sincere, then we are transformed. We first attain mental peace and faith, then realization, and then even light body. It takes roughly one million repetitions to become enlightened and one billion to become a light body. Deep concentrated sincerity can accelerate this.