Friday, May 27, 2011

Doha on the First Gatha of Breathing

First Gatha on Breathing Expanded
through Tenabah, copyright 2011

breathing in a long breath
gently thinking and intending
"i am breathing in a long breath"

breathing out a long breath
gently thinking and intending
"i am breathing out a long breath"

making the in breath
as long as possible
without any strain
without any effort
stopping before
strain and effort appear

expanding the belly
expanding the rib cage
making the inhale
deep and full

feeling a gentle push outwards
lungs expanding
sensitive to any strain
stopping if any straining is felt

making the out breath
as long as possible
without any strain
without any effort
stopping before
strain and effort appear

softening the belly
softening the rib cage
making the exhale
relaxed and smooth

feeling a gentle relaxing inwards
lungs relaxing back
sensitive to any hurry
slowing down if any hurry is felt

gently feeling
inhale becoming exhale
without pause or hesitation
smooth and unhurried

gently feeling
exhale becoming inhale
without pause or hesitation
smooth and unhurried

feeling long gentle inhale
feeling inhale gently becoming exhale
feeling long gentle exhale
feeling exhale gently becoming exhale
feeling one smooth continuous
circle of breathing
letting a relaxed rhythm form
feeling the heart gently beating inside

staying within this easeful breathing
letting go of thinking and analysis
letting go of
addictive craving and clinging
resisting and condemning negativity
dull and obscuring delusions

noticing how thought repeats its story
noticing how thought moves in time
noticing how thought conjures
a feeling of self

noticing how thought grabs
anger, fear, and sadness
and says to itself
"i am angry at this"
"i am angry at that"
"i am sad about this"
"i am sad about that"
"i am anxious about this"
"i am anxious about that"

noticing how thought adds
this feeling of self
to each and every emotion
how it attaches to
and keeps alive
the emotion

the feeling of self
conjuring and repeating
each emotion
across the span of time
lifetime after lifetime
through conditioned reflexes
activated by sensations

staying with the sensation
stopping thought
feeling the pain
without the thought story
and without the thought self
that lives in the story

breathing and feeling
the empty space
every thought, emotion,
and sensation
being larger than
whatever is arising

not shrinking down
into the little self
inside each emotion
not playing out
a bardo drama
in present life
or after life

moving outside
of action and reaction
moving outside
conditioned patterns
of listening, reacting,
and speaking to each other,
letting silence, peace,
and love
be there first

listening only to hear
speaking only what is
kind, honest, and useful

letting go of trying to get
anything from anyone
letting go of resisting
what anyone says

not going into a dull
unattentive haze,
where we are
lost in our own thoughts,
only seeing others
as stimuli
for our own thinking,
only seeing others
as objects to control,
to cling to,
or push away,
all within our own
internal theater,
but instead being sensitive
to what is arising,
without judgment or analysis,
without reacting
or even feeling a need to react
or to respond in any way,
and then letting
a silent, unpressured,
creative response
come from the silence itself

feeling the third eye gently tingling
with the nourishing energy
of the breath
feeling intuitive wisdom arise
naturally and easily
living in this flow
sustaining it with the breathing
feeling that every breath
is sacred,
every breath is life

Pine Cone Initiation

The pineal gland is found at the intersection between (1) a line drawn between the 3rd eye point, the space between the eyebrows and slightly above (.5 cm), and the occipital point (the cavity or notch where the spine joins the skull), and (2) a line drawn between the top of the spine and the soft spot at the top of the head (the projecting base for the crown chakra sphere). In the picture above, there is a blue and magenta radiant point where it is. The pineal gland looks like a pine cone.

The meditation that I wish to share is to visualize a small pine cone about .5 cm in size (a grain of rice). You want to visualize a radiant point of light in the middle of this pine cone and visualize it pulsing with each exhale.

This particular meditation requires exact placement. The intention to place the radiant point exactly in the center of the pine cone will eventually succeed. There is a part of us that can know and does know how to use our conscious intention to place the radiant visualized dot where it needs to go. However, touching the 3rd eye point on the forehead, feeling the exact place (there will be a sensation at that spot that will feel right) and simultaneously touching the occipital point at the indentation above the spine and below the back of the skull, visualizing a line connecting the two, taking time to feel this line, and then visualizing a line going down from the soft spot at the top of the head and down to the top of the spine, feeling where these two intersect, will help. Visualizing two lines drawn and intersecting, and then visualizing the dot of light right there will help.

The pine cone is very small. It will feel bigger when you visualize it, as if our visualization lens is like a microscope magnifying what it sees. The picture of the pine cone radiating light will help this process. Just gently staring at the picture will help induce a sensation in the pineal gland (remember to consciously breathe).

Once you feel that you have this visualization, then proceed to the next step. If you do not feel that you have it, then simply intend to have this visualization within you, imagine that you are imagining it, looking at the picture and just believing it is there activated within you. This will work. You are "making it up" and intending your made up pine cone to activate the actual gland. You can verify this ability by imagining that you are sucking on a sour lemon and noticing that it will salivate your mouth, by imagining having passionate love making sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend and noticing that physiological changes and arousals that happen, or by imagining some negative person who has made you angry or threatened you in your past and noticing what adrenal chemistry this activates in your system. In this meditation, you are merely taking charge of this unconscious mechanism and using it in a conscious way that serves you.

The next step is to intend that the pine cone shuts out the entire material and sensory universe. You can imagine that you are the commander of the starship pine cone and intend "force field up" and "shut out material world" (since you are preparing for "time dimensional drive"). Patanjali talks about "withdrawal of the senses from the material world and turning within". Jesus talks about "going into the inner closet" to pray (yes, the "inner closet" is a pine cone).

If you are sensitive, you can scan your "shut down activation" and see if you have perfected the "hermetic seal" (named after an alchemist). You can eventually be sensitive to "thought intrusions" coming from others and "asavas" (a Buddhist technical term for the energy flows out of us when we have an addictive craving and drains us of our energy, it is an energy that some vampiristic sexual beings know how to take from others, it is the main reason for "renouncing the world", to save or conserve this energy and direct it towards our inner evolution). You may wish to take time with this meditation to see if there is any attachment, craving, or asava (outflow) that needs to be renounced to deepen the seal. It is not important that the outflow be renounced permanently, for this meditation. It just needs to be through sincere intention and in the moment. Ideally, it needs to be permanent for our eventual evolutionary leap to completing the shift to homo telepathicus, but for right now we can taste the leap by a sneak preview fast forward into our future.

It is possible to become directly sensitive to asavas and eventually know how to seal them. In the beginning, it may take some time to notice these asavas. It is good, for now, to get an intellectual and experiential sense of our "weaknesses" and check them again and again as the meditation proceeds. At this point, do not worry about trying to get rid of them immediately and permanently. It is actually better to have ones that you know well enough to check on, than to have unknown ones that you cannot. If you can eventually visualize the pine cone perfectly and seal it perfectly, which is possible, then you have mastered something very significant. You can ask for Divine Grace, Blessing Energy, Baraka, or Tariki to help this process, invoking higher beings, guides, and masters to help you. They will, if your surrender and permission fully allows them to, visualize with you and for you, until you can move on your own. It can help enormously. It is like a parent holding a child who is making his or her first walking steps.

The next step is to consciously identify with this radiant point of light at the center of the pine cone, concentrating and feeling that this is who and what you are. If this is done properly, you will feel the tug of other identity and other identity thoughts that you have assumed. This is "shape shifting 101". You are assuming your "original face that you had before you were born". This visualized radiant point is an expression and symbol of who and what you truly are, but it is not quite exactly who and what you truly are, which is "primordial presence" or "pure consciousness" with no mental object whatsoever. This is who and what you are with a tiny thought seeds helping you to feel who you are in a way that a mirror functions to help you to see. This intermediate gear can help a lot, though, because through conscious identification with this thought idea of who and what you are you can feel into your reality and also shed all the other thought illusions of who and what you are.

This radiant point in the pine cone is your own merkaba, starship, or tardis ("time and relative dimensions in space," the name of the time machine from the TV series "Doctor Who "). You can travel through and with this visualization. It can become an alternate body to operate in, just in case your physical body undergoes accidental death. You can also do a version of phowa (ejection of consciousness from the physical body) through this.

By conscious thought intention, you can launch this pine cone out through the soft spot at the top of the head. You are actually launching the "etheric holographic pine cone" that overlays the physical pineal gland. In the beginning, you are in "dual consciousness" where you can see through your pine cone spacetime ship or through the senses of your physical body. It is important that the physical body be passive, that the sensory stimuli does not draw you back into "physical focus", that you do not fidget your physical body and thus re-invoke your physical focus, or that you do not tense your forehead or jaw when you concentrate. Learning how to relax all your muscles in Shivasana (corpse pose) helps to learn how to make the physical body passive. Again, this is an advanced meditation and it may take some time to master. Each of the steps is a meditation process in and of itself. Taking time with any part of the meditation that needs to be strengthened will help us to evolve over time. You want to "make haste slowly" giving whatever time each aspect really needs and at the same time not wasting time.

Once you are out of your body, feel yourself alternate between feeling your physical senses and your "eyes of the imagination". Do not worry if what you see with the latter or "real" or "unreal". Give yourself a chance to have some experience before you judge it. Do not judge or analyze during the experience itself. When you judge or analyze, for good or for bad, it will re-invoke your older consciousness. The best attitude is of silent impartiality, with the feeling that you do not know, and are just going to hang out until experience reveals itself. It is the silent impartiality of the "wise child" that can look at a flower and be utterly fascinated, curious, and not bored with staring at the flower for a very long time. It is called "beginners mind" in Zen. It is also found in Taoism as "infant consciousness". It is also the mental attitude that the Buddha finally achieved in regard to looking at sorrow and which allowed him to totally see its entire structure and break free it of it in 40 days of 24 hours at day of meditation (you conserve so much energy through this kind of inquiry, no asavas, and therefore you do not need to sleep, he was also getting serotonin from figs and from rice boiled in sweet milk). The motive of this kind of mind is humble not knowing with an innocent curiosity that just wants to know for the sake of knowing with no ulterior motive. It took Buddha seven years of struggle to finally have no ulterior motive before he could sit, look, and do this. Thanks to him, though, we can do this by conscious intention and by his tariki. You could say that his attitude is now "in the field" and we can draw upon it and invoke it in our energy field. He had to stumble across it through exhausting all the ulterior motivations and move through a crisis where they almost killed him. It was all his struggle with all the old traditional paths before he found "the truth of the middle way". It is between indulging in sense pleasures and depriving yourself of them. It is between resistance and clinging. It is between dogmatic belief and skeptical nihilism. The radiant point in the center of the pine cone glows in the middle of the middle way. It is neither too loose or too tight. It is found between straining and laziness. When we find it, our desires do not become addictive cravings, but we can still have them and do not need to wipe them out.

Once you are outside, look at the Earth from outer space. Feel the quiet infinity of outer space and let the feeling purify your energy. Allow yourself to feel "free floating in infinite space" and taste the freedom that permeates it. The Taoists call this "living a floating life", anchored nowhere, being a gypsy, being a Hotai with a small sack of possessions traveling the world, trusting life to take care of us, taking only what we need and needing very little. Jesus talked about "the son of man has no where to lay his head" and wandered freely across this world. The Buddha carried a begging bowl, taught the dharma, and took whatever people freely gave and no more, and felt that this would be enough. Early hippies, awakening again to the living dharma, followed this same attitude and many still do.

The next step is aiding by "training films" disguised as entertaining sci fi TV shows and movies. You can time travel either by "travel through a worm hole", a corridor of light, or by seeing the Earth rotate forwards (future) or backwards (past) very fast. The key is our intention. You can "ride the time line". Time is not quite linear, though, because there is more than one probable future. When a future is hazy, it means the creative forces shaping it are not yet congealed, not yet clear. The clearer the image is, but manifesting force it has, until it becomes a practical certainty or what Buddha called "merited karma". Even this kind of manifestation can sometimes be changed, but more intention and collective consciousness shifting (repentance) is needed. Sometimes there are "time junctures" or "time branches" where multiple possible futures appear. These are sometimes called "difference engines". These are places where time travel can make a difference in outcome. There are also "convergence engines", forces that absorb many different kinds of choices and neutralize what they do, make us move in the same basic time line. For instance, if I choose to have tea or juice one morning, this is a small choice and does not affect my time line very much. Sometimes it does, sometimes a new time line gathers force from a seemingly small event. I may end up telling a friend about what I drank in the morning for breakfast and it may be about herbal tea. My friend may read and study about herbal tea and then later on use a remedy to save a family member who in turn becomes a war hero who saves many people, including maybe a scientist who invents a zero point energy device which solves the energy crisis. In those time lines, many choices need to build on each other in order to shift the future. A difference engine unites all those choices to make a shift, while a convergence engine unites choices to keep things moving on a pre-determined track. Sometimes the two clash and we can a few fuzzy futures that have probabilities rather than certainties of manifesting. These clashes create junctures where our "will" can step in and shift things in one direction or another.

I would like for you to intend to move to December 20th, 2012, the day before the Winter Solstice that ends the time tracking of the Mayan Calendar. Forget in a creative sense everything that you heard about what might help during this day, from any prophecy whatsoever, for good or for bad. Find the middle point, learn from your own experience, stay in humble and curious not knowing, stay agnostic until gnostic flashes happen across your pure and receptive consciousness. Do not worry about the quality of your visualizations, do not worry whether or not it is "only your imagination". Take it as a mental exercise, do not analyze, simply do and record what happens like an anthropologist. Do not even feel you have to make an assumptions or even tentative opinions or even feel that what you see even makes sense or has to make sense. If you try to analyze, you will invoke your past mind, accommodate to what you know, and project what you think you know or should know. You may still not do this exercise perfectly, but you will get better with practice. You will eventually feel "old stuff", thought intrusions, enter the pine cone. You will then need to stop and filter them out by reaffirming the force field, withdrawing your energy, and renouncing the outside world. What is helpful is that the pine cone activates a genetic code inside you that makes this easy and natural. You will eventually see that you can trust this pine cone as genetic index to activate the right sequence within you. It does, however, need a little help from us. We need to learn how to work with the activation. These instructions are intending to help this.

I am not going to mention what has happened when others have done this. I do not want to preload your own experience or implant what you are supposed to see through "cue-ing" (lead you on with overloaded suggestions that railroad you to pre-ordained conclusion). Some of the future is still in motion and cannot be firmly pinned down anyway and some of the future may require personal mastery and shifts in consciousness to feel. Do not try to force anything to happen. Give yourself a few tries. There is a power and support behind these instructions that will help you simply be your intending to allow the support to help you, relaxing and trusting this support, and keeping it flowing by breathing and pulsing the light point.

When you feel ready, then jump to December 21st, 2012, at approximately 1pm PST. When you are done with the exploration, then simply intend to return back by concentrating on the thought "return back" and/or visualizing the Earth spinning backwards and back to present time. Trust that there is a part of us that knows how to do it and only needs our intention, just as I do not know how I actually move by arms, hands, and fingers, but something that knows follows what I intend to do when I reach out intending to shake someone's hand in welcome or types these words.