Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anthem to Intuitive Wisdom

understanding the literal teachings of the Buddha
feeling the truth of the four noble truths
feeling the truth of the path with eight branches
feeling the truth of twelve interdependent causes of sorrow
an intuitive wisdom arises

seeing how all thoughts, emotions, sensations, and forms
are always changing, never substantial, never isolated,
not capable of giving lasting peace,
and always interconnected with everything else all the time
an intuitive wisdom arises
to let things change without clinging or resistance
to let things simply and unfold within their natural change
and finding peace in the moment by resting in the flow

seeing how all thoughts, emotions, sensations, and forms
arise from empty centerless luminosity
and return back to empty centerless luminosity
and always abide in empty centerless luminosity
seeing nothing as graspable,
everything like trying to hold water in a fist
relaxing into this nongraspability
knowing nothing needs to be grasped
or needs to be done
resting in not doing
and yet doing when it feels right
without strain and without attachment to results
simply being spontaneous and free

nothing to grasp
nothing to resist
nothing to identify with
nothing even to conceptualize
no rules to follow
nothing to rebel against
nothing to think
simply being loose, natural, and free
simply flowing in this wisdom
we are at peace

this wisdom is
beyond analytical thought
and directly sees into
the process of sorrow
seeing its root clinging,
its root resistance,
and its root delusion,
cutting through at the root
and even seeing the root
is empty, transitory, and centerless
all sorrow immediately ends

this wisdom is
the natural flow of consciousness
clinging to nothing
resisting nothing
identifying with nothing
not getting caught in any words
not getting entangled within desires
not getting attached to any possessions
not clinging or resisting any beliefs
not needing to define itself through concepts
always remaining beyond and above thoughts
yet able to use thoughts and metaphors
to share its understanding with others

within openness and generosity
intuitive wisdom inspires us
to be open and vulnerable
to be generous with material gifts
with help when needed
and with curious energy flowing
and supporting the evolution
of those around us

within patience, endurance,
and humility,
intuitive wisdom claims nothing,
does not know anything
through conceptual grasping,
but can patiently listen to others,
be present for them,
hearing them into existence,
and merging with them
exploring with them
releasing the ego clinging
that binds them
to the wheel of sorrow

within energy and devotion
intuitive wisdom stays fully present,
being alert, vital, and clear,
cutting through the knots of thought
smoothly and directly,
by seeing them as empty of problems
waking from the fantasies
of their dilemas
and claiming a freedom
never really lost

within dedication, ethical idealism,
and discipline,
intuitive wisdom effortlessly
adapts to each moment
responding authentically,
sincerely, without strategic calculation,
within trustful simplicity,
being compassionate, concerned,
and sympathetic to those around
giving what the situation needs

within meditation practice
intuitive wisdom rests in itself
letting thoughts flow
letting emotions flow
letting impulses to do flow
letting body states flow
letting attention flow
all returning back to its source
and dissolving in its radiant ocean
feeling peace, contentment, and love
radiate effortlessly towards all

from the luminous empty silence
from which thoughts, emotions,
sensation, actions, attention,
and bodies arise from, abide, change,
and pass away,
a mantra arises from silence
to return sentient beings
back to silence:

let go, let go,
really let go,
totally let go,

gently chanting the mantra
trusting it is deeply understood
without straining to know
not clinging to anything
not even clinging to its wisdom
not even clinging
to the path with eight branches
or the four noble truths
we naturally transcend all our pain
cut through every kind of pain
and awaken to a life without pain
rejoicing in life

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