Sunday, March 21, 2010

Detail of a Mandala

I tried to post this on my profile, but for some reason it did not come out large enough to see all the details. There are passages from the Anthem to Primordial Consciousness (which is on my Youtube Channel under Raku777) and from the Heart Sutra (Anthem to Intuitive Wisdom). Several mantras are written down and other key phrases, plus the two first sets of Tanran Reiki symbols, a ring of protection (Doh Yah Noh), and an invocation of energy (Cho Ku Rei), and three key Tibetan bija mantras that align with the chant: Om Namo Amida Buddha Hreeh. The mandala touches upon many things already discussed in the blog and just presents them in another more nonlinear way. If you click it, the picture expands to a larger and probably readable size (depending on your screen size). I suspect you can also print it out and duplicate in reverse my uploading process.

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