Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anthem to Primordial Consciousness

There are several versions of this Anthem that I have composed. Each is similar and slightly different. Each has several key themes that are the same and form the core of what wishes to be shared. It is meant to be recited to deepen understanding and to inspire the shift from thinking to being aware. Awakening to and resting in awareness is pure meditation. Realizing that we are awareness is enlightenment.

Anthem to Primordial Consciousness
through Tenabah (c2010, c2011)

I am not my thoughts,
thoughts come and go,
but I remain.

I am not my emotions,
emotions come and go,
but I remain.

I am not my sensations,
sensations come and go,
but I remain.

I am not my bodies,
bodies come and go,
but I remain.

I am a radiant awareness
thoughts, emotions, sensations,
and bodies
arise, abide, change,
and pass away.

Here and now,
I choose to abide
in awareness
as awareness.

Here and now,
I let thoughts, emotions,
sensations and bodies,
arise, abide, change,
and dissolve
without clinging,
or resistance.

Radiant awareness
is like the sun
illuminating all things
and allowing them
to be seen.

Radiant awareness
is like an ocean
where individual waves
arise, move, and dissolve
back into itself.

Each wave is
always one
with a vast ocean
yet different
from all other waves.

Radiant awareness
is like a mirror
reflecting everything
just as it is.

A mirror does not
cling to,
or distort
whatever is reflected.

Every reflection
inside a mirror
without any confusion
between itself
and its reflections.

Radiant awareness
is like the sky
with clouds of experience
peacefully floating
inside its vast space.

The clouds eventually
back into the sky itself.

Radiant awareness is love,
accepting everything as it is.

Radiant awareness is wisdom,
seeing all things as they are.

Radiant awareness is creativity,
manifesting everything as it is.

I no longer identify
with the thought constructed self,
and the thoughts, emotions,
and sensations
that compose it.

Deprived of my identification
and my faith in its existence,
a sensation of it dying arises,
yet there is no self
that is real enough to die.

A feeling of self
isolated, lonely, sad,
angry and afraid arises,
with its craving, grasping,
clinging, and resisting.

I let go of all its thoughts.
I let go of all its emotions.
I let go of all its sensations.

As I let go of everything
composing this self,
a sensation of dying
arises, abides, changes,
and dissolves
within radiant awareness.

The fever of this self
then vanishes
like mist
in the morning sun.

Agitated thoughts of self
into the silence
of deep sanity.

Tensions in the body
deeply relax

With every exhale
I let go

No longer anxious
for the future

I allow the body
to live or die
according to
its karmaic fate.

I let everybody
live and die
according to
their karmaic fate.

Letting go
of all attachment
to anything,
I become
completely free.

Letting go.
Letting go.
Letting go.

Releasing the most subtle thought
of subject and object,
becoming observation itself.

Without any observer
standing behind awareness,
thought is completely transcended
and peace, freedom, and clarity arise.

Concentrating attention
into a point of light,
descending into the crown chakra,
descending down the spine,
resting in the place
where the heart beats,
and thereby returning
to mind, heart, and body.

I choose to live in this world at peace,
serving others
through love, wisdom,
and creativity.

I choose to serve
the evolution of this world.

Moving from the place
where the heart beats,
mind, heart, and body,
ascending the spine,
exiting the crown chakra
expanding into infinity.

I then feel stars, planets,
and galaxies,
arise, abide, change,
and dissolve
within radiant awareness
and within
the vastness of space.

Being everywhere,
resting here,
naturally radiating compassion
to all sentient beings,
accepting this primal identity
as who and what I AM.

I AM pure presence,
the unity of knowing and being.

I then
manifest my life
an eternal light body
that is able to roam all worlds
at the speed of thought.

Beyond mortal bodies,
survival concerns dissolve,
resting in the eternal.

Beyond wounds,
healing concerns dissolve,
resting in space.

Embracing creativity,
evolution is spontaneous,
resting in faith.

Opening to creation,
celebrating cosmic life,
resting in joy.


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