Monday, August 30, 2010

Brainwave Synchronizers

I wanted to share something that I have using and studying for over 20 years now. The technology is called "brainwave synchronizers". This technology uses a principle called FFR or "Frequency Following Response". The principle is similar to why we want to dance to a certain beat or at least tap our feet when presented with an appealing rhythm. When a frequency is input into the brain, either electrically, magnetically, sonically, and/or visually, the brain tends to mimic this frequency and go to the corresponding state of consciousness. These states are, approximately, 25+ ordinary waking beta consciousness, 15-25 day dreamy relaxed alpha consciousness, 15-9 light alpha hypnotic trance, 8-5 theta lucid dreaming and zen meditation, and 4-0 delta nondreaming sleep and enlightenment. There are some high frequency states above 25 hz that are also being studied, like the "gamma compassion" frequencies that some Tibetan Buddhist masters have in their brains, associated with beta wakefulness and compassion.

The earliest research was done by the Air Force when they found that the radar blip pulses were causing Radar Techs to fall asleep. They were pulsing at the delta wave and causing parallel waves in the brain which in turn shifted into the corresponding state of consciousness aka nondreaming sleep. Later on hypnotherapists used "shaped wave generators" to help induce trance. These early machines were expensive. During this time I made a crude sound and light synchronizer by wiring my electro-acupuncture device to my portable stereo boom box and then used headphones and the little LED light on my electro-acupuncture device to do my experiments. It eventually fried by stereo and burned out my electro-acupuncture device, but not after I got a lot of good experiences and some solid data. I even did a recording of the sound and mixed it with an ocean track that I made using some cheap microphones from Radio Shack and a trip to the ocean. This tape seemed to rapidly induce a deeply relaxed meditative state until it finally broke from much use.

What I found fascinating is that the brain was learning from these experiences. I later found that just remembering how the LED light pulses was enough for the brain to induce its own frequency shift. It seemed that the brain was learning to do something in its own language. It was possible, too, when the brainwaves reached "coherence" to induce others to make the shift with a kind of brain to brain frequency telepathy. When the brain produces coherent waves, the normally chaotic brainwave patterns are organized into high amplitude waves which can broadcast like radio waves. I have a feeling that this kind of activity happens a lot with many people all the time, but appears more powerful when our brain learns to produce its own coherent waves. I think that many angry people, for instance, stimulate an FFR response in people around them and bring forward any unresolved anger energy in those around them, unless those people are frequency aware and know how to neutralize this stimulus. In reverse, it is possible for "calm mind" to soothe and dissolve the anger EEG patterns in another person when the person is within their "mental aura".

The research that I had read was during pre-internet times and was hard to find. Some of it was buried in abstracts in library collections that Universities used to do preliminary research on a subject. Happily, I found two websites that summarize much of the research done during this time and even afterwards:

What was of deep interest to me with the use of the "hemi-sync" approach where two tones were input into the brain and the brain heard the combination. Thus 110 and 118 would produce a 8 hz beat. Since our ears tend to only hear, at best, 20 hz or higher, this allowed the low FFRs for the brain states to be done with sound. This kind of sonic induction can directly affect 50 percent of the brain, while light induction can affect 80 percent. Electrical frequencies tend to follow the path of least resistance in our electro-chemical brain environment but slowly do reach almost all the brain. While magnetic is a weaker stimulus, but affects 100 percent of the brain immediately. There were a few four channel synchronizers. I had bought one and used one for over a year. I gave to a friend who suffered epilepsy. This is usually contraindicated but my friend was willing to take the risk and see if it could heal his condition. He found that it was neutral to the epilepsy, but did stimulate some creative shifts in his brain, inspired his artwork immensely. He then passed it on. As far as I know, this machine is still making its rounds. The four channel seems to produce deep state. Although it had a dial to select a range of frequencies, I only used 7.83 hz. This is the Schumann resonance frequency. It seems to be a theta lucid dreaming zen enlightenment frequency where a person is "one with the Earth" literally pulsing with the magnetic field of the Earth itself. Kamiya found that Zen masters would produce a rhythmic theta train after 10 years of Zen meditation. A brainwave synchronizer can do this in 5 minutes! While Zen enlightenment is more than just getting this frequency, the very fact that a synchronizer can accelerate reaching this state of consciousness that fast is amazing. I do feel that it is a valuable tool to accelerate our meditational development. It seems to dissolve our background static thoughts very quickly.

From the early research, I have found that 7.83hz seems to be a key frequency. It is not the only one that matters, but if you had to master one frequency this is most likely the best one. Later brainwave synchronizers would evolve complex programs that acted like a brain gym. But I found that I would get the best results just using the brain sync to reground in 7.83hz.

I found that with the advent of hemi-sync, the use of a simple audio CD could rival some of the expensive sound and light machines. My theory is that when the brain reaches coherence that it generates its own electrical and magnetic waves which saturate the rest of the brain. I found, too, that just having audio was enough for me, because I usually do some specific visualizations in my Tumo meditation process and the light pulses sometimes slightly interfere.

I have been creating some ambient synthesizer compositions based on understanding harmonic fifths, harmonic fourths, brainwave sounds, and other frequencies to compose "soundscapes" conducive to various kinds of meditation processes. They do seem to accelerate and support, for instance, emotional processing and emotional healing. I hope to soon offer them in a more formal way, but have been giving them to clients so that they can support their healing process between sessions.

I do feel that this kind of tech can help physical immortality. It combines well with breathing meditation to help the body to regenerate itself. I would like to share more about this later on.

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