Friday, September 3, 2010

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Scientists at Nalanda University discovered today that there is an energy field that is infused with infinite love, infinite wisdom and infinite creativity. It seems that this field is the creative source of the entire material universe.

"The implications of the existence of this field are staggering," said one scientist, "It seems that we could solve all our problems, heal every illness, completely end poverty, and even end the need to age and die, just by tapping into this field."

When asked how we could tap into this energy field, the scientist smiled and said, "This is the strange thing. It seems that this field of energy WANTS to be tapped into, but is completely nonviolent, never imposing its will upon anything. It seems that by a simple THOUGHT INTENTION we can download this energy through a series of step down transformers called "chakras" that are already wired into the endocrine gland system of our bodies. The key is to consciously breathe while holding the intention to receive and allow this energy to operate in our lives."

Another scientist said, "What this means is that the whole idea of energy scarcity is really an illusion. The power struggle to fuel our whole civilization on the liquid ooze of long dead animals is completely unnecessary. The need to have battles to struggle for limited resources can now be seen as completely foolish."

When asked if this energy can be abused in any way, like creating an atomic bomb and blowing up a city, another scientist said, "It is not possible. This energy seems only able to support an intention that is truly harmless and truly positive. This energy does not support any wish for any kind of revenge, power domination of another being, animal or human or otherwise. We have found that the energy simply shuts down and does not flow when asked to support a hostile intention. We are calling this energy "nonpolar" as a result. It seems that entropy, aging, and death are the result of shifting to a polarity based energy system that can support hostile intentions. These intentions can latch on to existing stepped down energy sources and use them, but they also must exhaust themselves and run down to zero."

One reporter at a conference sarcastically asked, "But can this energy power our homes and cars? Can it put actual food on the table?" To which one of the scientists smiled and said an affirmative "yes".

"Not only can this energy provide for actual needs, but it is already doing so through step down transformer relays, like the galactic nebula, and all the suns, the atmosphere of the Earth, and all the plants in the biosphere," said the scientist, "But I believe it can also be done directly and could even be used to power "quantum engines" that can harness energy to power everything, provided that we have no intention to use the power to harm anyone. Strangely enough, it seems such a quantum engine already exists within our bodies."

"Why are we not aware of this loving energy field?" asked another reporter.

"This is an interesting question," replied another scientist on the panel, "It seems that this energy is so nonviolent that it does not force its presence to be known. But it seems that there is a process called "harmonization" which allows us to "attune to this field". The more loving we are, the more we let go any violent thought whatsoever, then the more we harmonize with the intention and wish of this energy, and the more we feel it pervade the universe."

"With such a powerful energy," asked another reporter, "then why is there any evil, war, disease, poverty, pain, and struggle in the world?"

"The answer is in understanding how this energy is completely nonviolent," said another scientist on the panel, "We are learning how to work with this energy. It requires us to be completely honest with our own intentions, because if our motive or intention is to harm in any way or impose our will on something, then it shuts down and does not do anything. If we have the slightest fear or resistance, then this also limits the action of this energy. There is a kind of faith, reliance, and trust in this energy that allows it to function optimally in our lives. We are still learning how to do this. The discovery has been very recent. It seems that our human species has been very used to a kind of "might is right" attitude."

Someone mentioned that Jesus talked about, "The meek, harmless, and humble shall inherit the Earth" in one of his sermons. One of the scientists nodded his head, "A lot of what Jesus reportedly said fits into the framework. Blessing those who curse us, praying good wishes upon everyone, turning the other cheek, loving everyone unconditionally, all this seems to be about "harmonization and attunement" to this energy. His choice to not retaliate but to let himself get crucified, resisting any temptation to abuse the power of this field, and trusting the field to overcome death itself, seems to be keys to why he may have shifted into a light body, another kind of body, which is totally harmonized with this field."

"We are still working all this out," said one scientist, "The discovery has been recent and immense, but it does seem to help us understand a lot of saints and even why they performed miracles. We are humbled by what we found, because it shows us that we need to change our way of seeing and doing things to harness it. More than any other energy that we have studied, this one seems to be sensitive to our thought intentions."


  1. Lovely comentary. xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx x xxxxx ooooooooo oooo oooooo lol xxxxx

  2. "The discovery has been recent and immense, but it..."
    Isn't this knowledge existant for centuries already? We have certainly forgotten about it, and are only now remembering..which could be the greatest thing to happen to our planet since the 'discovery' of the fact that we were not the center of the Universe.

  3. Dear Stan, Yes, I do feel that the knowledge has been around for a very long time, possibly even millenniums, and seems implied in many ancient texts and in the Reiki system of energy healing that I do. And yes, I do think there is something immense in this discovery or rediscovery when we collectively awaken to this and shift our society through this. Thank you for posting. Namaste, Will


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