Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doha 2012

ancient starwinds gently seeding
newborn planets
emerging from hot fire birth
inside once pregnant suns

angels and archangels
chanting the primal syllable "ah"
to a harmonic fifth
hidden note emerging
from the union of D and A
birthing everything
within nebular gases
of shimmering lights

galactic cycles
sending out
evolution inspiring energy
in aeonic time intervals
unlocking latent genetic codes
and activating
the next stage

climbing up
the genetic ladder
step by step
over billions of years
following a blueprint
within the quantum field
held within
universal mind

mahadakini tara
more ancient
than the known universe
initiator of worlds
into eternal dharma
appearing in many bodies
in many galaxies

loving mother
of all sentient beings
guided by
time, place, and need
according to
universal law,
feeding love,
wisdom, and creativity
milk like nectar
from her heart

chaotic growth
of freewill beings
the six fevers of
and fighting
manifesting as
the sorrows
and dramas
of the samsaric worlds,
the original path
of simplicity, truth,
and love

dark kali yuga
intensifying the fevers
into a nightmare
even galactic wars
ravaging once peaceful worlds
even the beloved star sol
now having asteroids
where once glorious planets
had circled

arrogant advanced aliens
expanding an empire
of oppression across many planets
battling peaceful advanced civilizations
until the peaceful ones
finally won

sirian starships
sent to planet terra
on healing missions
to purify the dominator meme
and all its ill effects,
working in secret
so that terrans
can forge their own path
and not be crippled
by too much help

and more advanced aliens
from buddha worlds
and dakini fields
also come
traveling only in light bodies
through the power of their minds
and the movation
of unconditional love
appearing when conditions
are right
and when invoked
so that they have permission
and do not have to violate
sacred freewill

terrans gently moving
from first world
to second
to third
to fourth
and now into
the fifth world

ancient galactic appointment
2012 solstice
time markers decoded
from maya temples,
and memories
passed from
to generation

instructions given
within temple inscriptions
on how to prepare,
sometimes shared
by prophets, messiahs,
buddhas, avatars,
and jinas,
"love one another",
"bless those who curse you",
"pray for those who persecute you",
"do not condemn",
"turn the other cheek",
"walk the second mile",
"give more than what is asked",
"be grateful to be alive",
"let love cast out hatred",
"see everyone as part of you",
"do not choose separation",
"let go of all attachments",
"trust life completely",
"do what serves life",
"let go of what harms life",
"live one day at a time",
"nourish the divine seed within you",
"rest in enlightened mind"
"go beyond thought",
"breathe energy into your body",
"give what you wish to receive",
"live your highest ideals"
"enter fearlessness",
"find peace in all situations",
"remember your true self",
"make love your home".

birth pangs of
a collective awakening
even planet terra going forward
carrying her children
fed by the solar winds
auroras dancing
over seas of icy glass
sun singing to terra
and terra singing back,
planetary rumbles,
tidal waves,
powerful winds,
and volcanic eruptions,
heralding five elements
coming into balance
and alignment
with a new matrix
of energy,
both a new world
and the old world
made explicit,
a new jerusalem
descending to terra
and shambhala manifesting
from invisible ethers,
priest and priestess
no longer needed
as all see and all know,
everyone chanting
in harmony,
kindness now rules,
wisdom guides,
and creative joy
inspires and enlivens all,
time of struggle soon over
poverty, illness, aging,
and even death
start to fade away
from terran life

two new stars shine bright in sky,
sirian star brothers and sisters
once again land and welcome terrans
coming out from the shadows
of the prime directive
and acknowledging us as equals,
communing within
the one luminous consciousness
that unites us all

crossing the 2012 time marker
entering the last 500 years
the bodhisattvas and dakinis
of beloved terra appear
the harvest seeded by visionary sages
who saw glimpses into the future timescape
and saw that all things would be good

light surges appear in the seekers of truth
who hunger and thirst to grow further
trusting and resting in the process
that carries them

third eye opening wide
heart radiating only love
while serpent kundalini
uncoils from sacral sleep
and wiggles up the spine
chant after chant
we carry each other
supported by
the one who is all
moving the process forward
until finally done

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