Monday, April 4, 2011

Small Picture Gallery

The first one from the bottom upwards is my favorite Amida Buddha statue in front of my desktop wallpaper (which I composed on my gimp image editing software on Linux Mint 9 and software is open source, free to use and supported by unsolicited donations and just by people sharing their talents without thought of reward other than the creative drive itself).

The second one from the bottom is a picture of the same statue. There is no gimping done to it and the photo is not altered in any way, though I did take advantage of a light reflection off of my Shingon Buddhist Mandala.

The third one from the bottom is of Unishavijaya from a Thangka that I got at a gem store in Minneapolis. I consider the synchronicities that brought me to this store to get it to be auspicious and to be part of recovering something I owned in a previous life. There are time markers that appear on the tapestry that date it to about 700 years ago. The tapestry represents the Trinity of Physical Immortality that was taught by Machig Drupijalmo (Mother Queen of Accomplishment). She was 500 years old when she healed Rechungpa of a karma that would have caused an early death. Rechungpa was the main student of Milarepa who is one of the enlightened beings of the Kagyu lineage. She existed from approximately 500 CE to 1000 CE and beyond, living roughly the same timespan as Padmasambhava, another immortal, did. Immortals seem to live timespans of about 300 to 2000 years before either choosing to lay their body down and do what is called "the Great Transfer". It is like shifting into a "rainbow body", "light body", or "hologram body". When this is done, then it is sometimes harder to experience them as a "physical presence". My main teacher, Sohra, insists that she has a physical body, but that it is vibrating at a very high rate and therefore cannot be easily experienced, except under certain conditions, which has happened about 5 times in my life, where she did "materialize" (intersect vibrations with frequencies common to our physical senses). So much energy was emanating from her body that I was gently pushed against the wall behind me. She said that she had materialized by 90 percent. She did materialize 10 percent to a gathering on the Oregon coast, 25 percent to a friend, and 50 percent to another friend. The last one saw a lot of light streaming out of a point and saw her start to manifest in her hallway, but her knees started to shake and Sohra withdrew. There is a kind of law of love that A COURSE IN MIRACLES states as, "The Holy Spirit will not add to your fear". There is a kind of primate reflex that runs deeper than people think and which responds to a massive reality paradigm shift with fear. In some of the Old Testament meetings with Angels, the humans fall flat on their faces, unless held by the Angel. There is sometimes a feeling of "sin" and "impurity" that also comes from meeting such beings, because their radiance, innocence, love, and purity is so beautiful and majestic that we feel our karmas as dense energies within us more acutely by comparison. There are reasons why such beings do not "prove that they exist" to people, but sometimes consent to demonstrations when the timing is right, when cosmic law allows them, and when it can do more than merely entertain us or intellectually prove something. It needs to be relevant to our evolution.

There are time markers on the Thangka that do not appear in the part photographed here that date it to what I call "the Great Dakini" period. One is that White Tara is the central figure, rather than Amitayus. The other is that White Tara has a tiara of 3 ornaments, rather than the later time period 5 tiara which dominates the meditation systems now (and has for a very long time). This meant that there were three core alchemies rather than 5 core alchemies (both systems are very good). The third is the Lama in the picture who is dated to about 700 years ago. The Thangka is very old and has a new frame around it. The colors are actually a little faded, but the digital camera seems to have enhanced it.

The last two pictures are a support for meditating on Unishavijaya. Her role is to eradicate deep core karmas that cause aging, accidents, and death. She is a kind of specialist Dakini. The final picture has the Amritayana Mantra (above) for her as well as one of the traditional ones (below). Mentally chanting the mantra on the exhale, while breathing in the energies she sends is one simple practice to hook into her energy.

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